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50 Best Blue Black Hair Color Combinations For Deep And Vibrant Looks

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Hair with blue-black hair color can be a dark and bold choice for women who enjoy playing with a variety of fascinating and unique shades, and experiment with different shades. Although these color variations are trendy nowadays and also the well-known deep blue hair color, they’re not what you’ll find on every girl. This is because a color change is not just a matter of preparation but also lots of confidence to achieve it! We’re here to provide you with some of the tips and inspiration photos of women who have managed to achieve this feat. Why not try to be one of them? You may want to give your hair a little blue charm by adding highlights, or are about to adopt an all-blue look There’s no way that you’ll be unable to find a concept that suits your style. Let’s face it, blue black hair is anything different from the usual hair color. Of course, given the new trends, there’s no shade that can be a surprise to you. But once you realize how captivating the color is, and the many different variations there are it’s likely to make you be captivated by the color. With all of that in mind it is our opinion that if you do decide to give the hue a go you should be aware of the tiny details about the subject. In addition, the fact Ri-Ri as well as Katy Perry have already sported the color should encourage you to test the limits! Learn to get your blue hair educated, read the basics of tips to make you ready for the trendy shade, and fall in over the concepts we’ve picked for you. It’s time to prepare your mind for the blue-colored enchantment!

How To Get Blue Black Hair


Prior to booking a hair salon appointment or purchasing hair dye to use at home for experiments, it is important to be aware of how to achieve blue black hair and how to maintain your brand-new shade. Here’s the things you should be aware of when you’re trying to get this hue yourself: Step 1. Make sure that you cleaned your hair thoroughly with conditioner and shampoo before dyeing it. Your hair should be clean, otherwise dyeing it with blue and black blue hair dye might not be able to adapt to your hair. Step 2. Before coating your hair with the new color, mix all the dye ingredients and mix them well to create the most vibrant shade. Step 3. For an even shade apply the dye section by sections or layers, paying particular attention to the roots if you wish to achieve an all-blue appearance. Be aware that it is best to start with the lowest layers. The above image is to show you how flawless blue black hair coloring looks like. To get the best out of the hair dye you pick make sure to follow our advice and a sleek and vibrant appearance is yours.

Useful Tips You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Dark Blue


Every woman who is creative knows that imagination and the power of creativity will not suffice for hair coloring. It’s important that you are aware of potential consequences and potential pitfalls you could confront when you choose to color your hair. We want you to be aware of some of the dark blue hair tips that will be useful to anyone, from those with hair that is virgin to colorists. Bleaching your hair before you go to bed is a must! If you’re hoping to get an elegant shade, don’t even consider using blue hair dye without bleaching. It doesn’t matter the method of coloring you wish to use, an incredibly vibrant and powerful effect is only possible through a lighter base. This means that you must be prepared for a minimal amount of damage. For your hair’s color to last longer, you should consider applying sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos for hair that is dyed. It is also recommended that you wash hair with cold water, then blow dry with cold air. It’s an effective way to maintain your hair’s health. If you aren’t content to play in hair that is dark blue black hair, and you’d like to make it an integral part of your life, then you must schedule appointments with your stylist ahead of time. The colors need to be updated every two weeks since they begin to fade quickly. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell the point at which dark blue’s foundation ends, and the black tones start. This is why this shade is so appealing. Take a look at this photo the seamless transition between rich hues is an attractive look to take.

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Blue Black Hair Color Ideas

If you’re aware of what you can expect of your blue-black color session Now is the time to start planning your next color experiment! It’s possible to mix as many shades into your color combination as you’d like, we’ll give you some ideas that are sure to be a hit this year.

Magical Blue & Violet Highlights


When you take a look on the blue hair color chart, you’ll see two attractive colors that will charm you for good. It’s true, we’re talking about the blue deep and black blue hair colors. It may seem like they’re similar at first glance but there’s stark color differences between the two. One color, called “black,” is mainly black, but it has a blueish tint that is a great way to enhance the darkness that the color base. In terms of the darker blue color, that’s a darker blue version, where deep dark undertones rule. Both are so stunning that we don’t know how to decide! So why not combine the two? This stunning blue hair color is the blend of these amazing two and is accompanied by a strong violet highlights. It’s a great start isn’t it?

Dark Blue With Bright Elements


Do you want to add a lightness to the dark blue hue? A touch of contrast will increase the stunning beauty of your dark primary and make striking elements that catch people’s attention because of their brightness. Indeed, dyeing a few of your strands shades of light blue or violet is an amazing idea to bring some color to the color and make it more unique.

Denim Blue On Black Hair

Denim Blue On Black Hair #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

If every color comes with numerous shades Can you imagine the number of undertones you could make? It’s a blue black hair look is named for a reason in fact: it is clear to discern the dark base and soft blue denim tint across it. It’s not a uniform color, but a stunning dimension of softness and depth. For a similar pair, you can apply semi-permanent denim hair dye, as an instance, giving an amazing appearance over a period of two weeks.

Navy Blue Ends On Black Hair

Navy Blue Ends On Black Hair #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

This picture highlights the beauty of black hair more then blue blue hair dye for dark hair. Take a look at this picture with a tiny touch at the ends can take the hair’s color to a new level. Navy blue can be described as a deep blue hair color that is loved by women who are creative due to its smooth and textured texture. Do you want to make your ends appear as silky?

Dark Blue With Purple Tones

Dark Blue With Purple Tones #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

There’s one rule to follow when coloring the hair of yours blue, and that is there aren’t rules! If you’re trying to choose the perfect shade that matches your skin You can be certain that just one shade of dark blue hair dye is not enough to make a stunning magnificent look! Think of that your hair is a canvas for experimentation, mix various hues of blue. You can give an extra dimension by adding soft violet highlights, and go as far as you think of! This hairstyle is a for experiments in coloring: It’s silky, deep and multicolored simultaneously.

Midnight Blue Black Hair Color


midnight blue hair color is a intense blue shade that appears like it’s reflecting the moonshine that is visible in the midnight sky. In reality, none of the colors compares to blue black hair accompanied by shimmering midnight blue. In this picture the black shade dominates and the midnight blue provides a rich undertone that creates a beautiful, elegant appearance.

Multidimensional Deep Blue Highlights


Highlighting your hair will allow you to maintain your style and experiment with different shades at the same time. Since there is no stopping us from creating our own innovative combinations for our beautiful hair, now is the time to get as creative as you can. You’ve seen how beautiful nighttime blue hair dye on black hair appears why not add this shade to your hair color? Consider mixing three blue shades and, we’re sure you’ll never regret it. Who would ever want to look different?

Navy Blue Coloring On Dark Hair

Navy Blue Coloring On Dark Hair #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

Now, let the navy blue color cover black hair! The initial idea for this shade was that it was a tint, but this picture shows the way it appears when it’s used as base. Naturally when you have such a shade getting noticed is unavoidable, but isn’t that an advantage? Everybody should appreciate such beauty! This blue black hair, where the rich light navy base is infused with darker shades all along the length, is the chance for you to make yourself stand out from the rest of the pack.

Deep And Gentle Vibrant Blue

Deep And Gentle Vibrant Blue #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

This is the result when you decide to cut off your hair’s dark blue black hair short! It increases the appeal of texture, the vibrant colors, and thus enhance the overall appearance. See how easily this gorgeous blue hue has embraced the dark base, gently melting into it, creating the appearance of a pastel for the head. The ends isn’t easily described using normal terms. The only thing we can say with certainty is that these shining strings give an ‘wow’ effect.

Satiny Indigo Blue Hair Color


As you may have observed, blue black hair can be different. It’s hard to imagine the variety of color combinations that emerge every day, since the imagination of women is limitless. However, there is a common thread that unites the various variations of these hair colors: regardless of whether it’s dark pastel, light, or even deep it’s always soft and slick. It’s because it’s blue and that’s all it is. Although the blue hue is extremely powerful the light is so vivid that it’s difficult to appreciate its diversity initially. When the sun shines on the image you can see over, all will become evident: it’s absolutely stunning.

Black Blue Into Smooth Pink Ombre


We will not let you go without inspiration for ombre! The changing of hues that this coloring technique could provide the hair among the things that people can enjoy for hours, especially when it’s a gorgeous mix of purple, blue and pink shades. Each of these amazing shades sets a mood, and then seamlessly transitions into the next ombre shades. Dark blue hair base that graduates to faded bluethat changes into a purple-to pink duo is a combination to emulate immediately!

Dark Blue Metallic Hair Color

Dark Blue Metallic Hair Color

This is a bulletproof shiny deep blue black hair. We refer to it as such because it blends the fashionable dark blue hair with the darker base and the pastel ends. In reality this color combination is not going out of fashion as the harmony of the colors is a quality that cannot be lost in its value.

Black Hair With Blue Undertone

Black Hair With Blue Undertone #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

The idea of this is going to hit everyone, including women who have always maintained their hair’s blonde. It’s true however, this can alter your life for the better. Certain, new colors may create some harm, regardless of the intensity. However, they’re worth it. Those who are brave enough to wear black hair that has blue undertones are finally able to discover what the true dimensions, the fullness and softness of the hair’s texture are. Are you convinced that colors can affect how your hair looks? There’s never been a better time to be wrong.

Peek-A-Boo Blue Coloring


Girls who prefer keeping things simple but still notable will be delighted by this wonderful idea. The blue black hair color isn’t just about two distinct, deep shades that blend. It could be a minimal arrangement, where two long strands with darker blue hair are colored in vibrant blue. If you do this you can highlight your beautiful hair color by embracing the style to your own taste. Additionally, you won’t need to purchase a lot of hair dyes in order to maintain the color of your hair isn’t going to require massive quantities.

Jet Black With Dark Blue Tint


Hair that is jet black referred to as the “darker that darker” hair shade. A lot of girls, numerous colors, and thus numerous moods that can be created with hues. Even those who prefer to wear full black attire can find that they require more color to live their life. Girls are so romantic! To satisfy your inner fashionista Take a new look at your black hair with a deep, shining blue tint. You’ll definitely appreciate the mix of shades and this photo is evidence.

Midnight Blue Highlights On Dark Hair


If we take a look at these dazzling midnight blue highlights it appears like nothing could be able to tear blue black hair combinations apart. Together, they give us stylish and authentic appearances. Some women do not want to sacrifice their beautiful hair for a temporary experiment. A tip: You don’t have to have the look of the typical African American cutie to wear midnight blue hair weave. The short, dark hair can suffice to test something new, without causing damage Just make sure to apply it correctly.

Ocean Blue Ends

Ocean Blue Ends

A touch of magic on your stunningly black foundation won’t harm. Furthermore, the perfectly matched rich colors will brighten all around, making everyone be captivated by the gorgeous ocean hues.

Indigo Blue Black


A seamless blend of black and blue shades is something to be swooned for. To achieve the look, you do not need just a talented colorist as only a professional who feels the actual aesthetic of blue hues can create this dream.

Black Cobalt Hair

Black Cobalt Hair #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

Cobalt color is everywhere it’s on everything from furniture to accessories, and clothes. It can be a stunning hair color, too! The movement and the depth in the dark base color that develops through cobalt coloring is simply stunning.

Blue Black & Midtown Magenta

Blue Black & Midtown Magenta

Midtown Magenta coloring typically features intense violet or pink shades. As you will see, it functions as an amazing match to blue black shades, particularly when they’re used in a selective manner as highlights.

Dark Metallic Blue Highlights

Dark Metallic Blue Highlights #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

Dark blue can be whatever you’d like it to be. And If you’re looking for modern metallic designs, this striking metallic version will not be disappointed. To create a stunningly dimensional appearance you can add this colour as an accent.

Frosted Black Blue Hair


Yes, blue-colored matte shades are not just for nails! This ombre demonstrates that, despite the rough transition, the shades of black and blue work well together.

Iced Indigo

Iced Indigo #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

Indigo blue is remarkable due to its elegantly vibrant and light tone. It combines two distinct features of color tones simultaneously and is the primary reason it is getting more sought-after. It is compatible with any base and color however, it can also use as a completely authentic look for your light skin. Begin with dark hair and then let a cold variant of your indigo spread across the bottom.

Indigo Blue Ombre

Indigo Blue Ombre #blueblackhair #darkblueblackhair

It’s time to explore the darker part of the blue indigo palette. We were not lying when we said its versatility, however. This time, however it’s all constructed on a perfectly balanced contrast. The blue shade provides an even more polished look on the brunette dark hair and emphasizes the natural skin tone.

Blue Black To Grey Ombre

Blue Black To Grey Ombre

While some women can be content by a few highlights, some women want their hair to be an art gallery for all the latest colours. The blue black hair, paired with grey ombre appears to have outdone the latest trends that have been seen on the runways of fashionistas. To ensure that the colors mix in a way and muddy, ask your stylist for gray ombres with blue undertones.

Deep Blue On BlackDeep

What about playing games of hide and seek in your hair that is black? When you’re tired of looking at the same image in your mirror daily You can cover your hair’s blackness beneath a thick layer of deep blue. Be sure to not cover your hair completely as any hint of black showing up can only add motion to the style.

Blue Black With Holographic Rainbow

Blue Black With Holographic Rainbow

Three things women will never stop watching with their blue-black hair, smooth blended colors and dark holography shades. Do you think about what kind of visual impact you can achieve when you combine these three gorgeous beauty? This image is designed to help you imagine.

Midnight Blues


Midnight. You go into an establishment where there’s no other person but you and moonshine. A light projector abruptly turns on and starts to illuminate on your path to. You wake up and are surrounded by the splendor of the night, and your hair begins to blaze like an icy fire. Are you excited? This is the kind of mood you can achieve by mixing a variety of blue shades in your dark hair.

Nightfall Blue


Dark, dark and often scary but incredibly attractive in the same way. If you think you have lots in common with the night the nightfall blue hue will allow you to express that. Because nights are both light and dark phases so let your hair’s color be equally vibrant. Make the dark roots transition to a pastel moonlight to create the illusion of bright and deep blue-black hair shades.

Smokey Black Blue


The name implies that the the smokey black-blue hue concentrates on the darker tones. To let the black part dominant you can request your stylist to mix a rich blue shade to your dark hair, so that the dye pops out as a clear layer. This method, you’ll allow your black hair to stand out , even in the blue hair, transforming your entire look into a dark side.

Vintage Blue Black Waves

Vintage Blue Black Waves

If you compare this photo together with another of the ocean covered in dim moonshine it’s hard to tell the differences! The motion, natural shine and flow of the waves are so vivid that it looks like we could take a swim. This is exactly what a meticulous application of a color job can produce. The secret to this appearance is coloring hair with a wavy pattern by painting the hair horizontally.

Dark Blue Hue

Dark Blue Hue

If you don’t want to appear too dramatic and bright and want to just refresh their black locks with a gentle dark blue hue is a essential. It’s good to know that these looks don’t need bleaching, meaning you can experiment with a new look without worrying about damage. Additionally, it’s best that you apply color on the mid-lengths of your hair to ensure your roots are protected.

Ocean Blue With Black Roots

Ocean Blue With Black Roots

These ocean waves in blue are so vibrant and alive that you have to get on them! The ocean blue shade in which the top shade is reminiscent of the blue of the Hawaiian shore and the bottom conveys its depth, is a black-blue combination that you’ll regret not trying, there are no doubts. Imagine how stunning it would look when paired in light skin!

All Over Blue Black



It’s not necessary to explain the many varieties of hair that are blue-black since you are able to design your own version of this particular combination. There is the option of getting an even color that can highlight the beauty of both without spending too much time picking the most appropriate concept. Why not choose an all-over choice? In this situation it is a matter of applying a black base color with a blue hue, merging them until they create an harmonie. In the end, your hair will appear to have an authentic black hue with subtle cool undertone.

Purplish Blue Black Hair





If you’d like to step away from your naturality without sacrificing peace in your style violet hues are the way to go. Even children know that there is nothing more appealing to a blue hues than the violet and purple hues since they’re near one another on the wheel of color. Naturally, when you wear blonde hair color, this timeless pair will make an outfit that can make you the shining star of the show. In the same way the style won’t be extreme. Highlights and Balayage will be the most effective methods to add color to the blue-black combination. In terms of shades and tones you choose, it’s up to you. You can choose anything from a smooth dark combination and explore a distinct pastel style.

Blue Black With Teal Tones


Because blue hair color is one of the brightest multi-faceted shades, it is possible to explore the blue-ish side that is present in your blue hair. Let’s look at a teal shade as an example. It’s trendy for women who wish to stand out while staying up to date with the latest trends in fashion. In addition people with darker skin tones might opt for it as lowlights or highlights to highlight or enhance their color by using an edgier, lighter shade. Teal colors can vary from super-bright and light blue to medium dark blue, thus the possibilities to incorporate it part of your appearance are limitless.

Ink Blue Black




Ink blue is an intense but a beautiful, bright amazing color of blue. If you choose to move one shade or two deeper with denim it will give you this shade. The reason it is so unique is that, when used correctly it imparts a shiny sheen to dark hair. Another thing that is amazing to note is it could contain both cool and warm undertones, based on the shade you choose and its intensity. If you’d like to explore the middle ground of warm and cool tones, you’ll be awed by its pastel shade.

Cold Blue Black Balayage




ColdIf you’re planning to go for Balayage, it’s crucial to pick the perfect hue for midshafts. Overall you’re dealing with the black color of the base. This means that even an off-color will cause your appearance too dramatic and look unnatural. When mixing different shades, they need to be matched perfectly to give a natural appearance. In this photo, you see how dark roots seamlessly transition to cooler temperatures of various blueish shades. Ask your stylist which color of blue works most effectively for your particular black tone to make the most benefit from this concept. What’s blue black hair color? It’s a trend that is gaining popularity. mixes black and blue hues to create an intense and harmonious combination of colors. This stunning combination splits into numerous ideas, which means you are able to experiment with anything that is from jet black to midnight blue. You now know how versatile fashionable colors are and how to create an individual mix to suit your preferences and how to express your creative side. So, it’s time to test some of our ideas. What is your favorite the most: dark blue hair, blue black hair or both? Whatever you pick will look stunning so do it You creative soul!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have bleach my hair in order to make it black and blue?

Bleaching is a must for true, balanced and saturated blue black hair. If you’re blonde but you might require removing warm orange undertones so that the hair dye to come out in the right way. Even though people with naturally darker hair believe they are able to skip bleaching process, they can’t. It is necessary to bleach your hair to change it from dark to blonde, or at a minimum, go one shade lighter to allow the dye to be absorbed.

What blue black hair dye is the most effective?

Finding the best color to dye your hair an additional important aspect to achieving blue black hair. Today, stylists advise women to use Garnier Nutrisse #22, Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue, Arctic Fox Transylvania along with Sparks Electric Blue. The blue black hair dyes are simple to apply and also provide powerful results.

Is blue black hair natural?

It is discovered that the bluish-black color can occur naturally in hair of humans. While it is not a common occurrence there are some who may be born with hair with a soft blue undertone. This is often referred to as blue black hair today. If you aren’t a part of to the privileged segment of people, then you may explore this concept all-over. It appears as if had this color.

Is jet black more dark then blue?

Jet black is one of the darkest and deepest shade of black, which naturally comes with purple or blue undertones. Thus, if you spice the jet black color with an ethereal blue tint, enhancing it’s natural hue, you’ll obtain a shade that’s deeper and more rich than the typical blue black hair.

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