50 Flattering Blunt Bob Haircut Ideas for Women in 2022

A blunt haircut is ideal for hair that is exactly the same length, and with razor-sharp hair edges. If you’re interested in giving your hair a more healthy appearance with a hairstyle that is low maintenance choose an angular bob cut. It’s also great to make hair that is thinner appear fuller appearance if blunt ends feature an angular cut. Additionally, the delicate waves or wispy hair are great for hair that is thinner. Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Naomie Harris are the top stars to see blunt bob cuts that make an appearance in the news. We not only listed blunt hairstyles in various styles, we’ve also discussed that the skin tone and form that is best for the cut. So, why not wait? This article is the best perfect for you.

1. Regular Razor Bob Cut

This cut is made by using a razor, not cutting tools in order to provide hair with a sharp and straight finish. It is a little below the chin, and over your shoulder area, this standard cut is stylish with a middle-part fashion.

2. Rooty and Long for Blunt Bob Haircut

Blonde ombre that has lighter money-piece and smudge roots is suitable for porcelain-skinned women and those with blue and violet undertones. The middle of the ombre allows it to be worn on long faces.

3. Blunt Bob with Mini-Curtain Bangs

Blunt cut with a graduated volume on the ends, and mini-curtain bangs are perfect for square faces. The platinum-blond shade of this design is great for skins with undertones of red and pink.

4. Tad Blunt Bob Hairstyle

A bob with a tiny (insignificant) cutting angle to the front is stylish. The middle part that covers areas of your face to the side is ideal for round faces.

5. Stylish Cute Bob Haircut

Blonde hair that has smudge roots creates a bob that is elegant. The side part style which creates volume on top is ideal for round and diamond face shapes.

6. Sweet Chin Length Bob

The blunt bob that is graduated with hair that covers both sides look best with larger-face designs. It is a great look for large-scale, elegant events.

7. Clean Blonde in Wavy Bob

Blunt bobs that cover the neck’s nape in the middle part of the neck and bangs that reach the eyebrows is ideal for square and oblong facial forms. This kind of color is very well when paired with cooler skin shades.

8. Blunt Bob featuring Caramel Highlight

Blunt cut in dark hair that has caramel highlights covering areas of face are perfect for medium skin with an undertone of cool.

9. Sleek and Edgy Look Hairstyle

The women also love sassy styles these days. This trendy feather razor cut hairstyle is ideal for creating the look you want with soft waves.

10. Bob Cut Hairstyle for Black Women

Asymmetrical bob-cuts enhance the symmetry of the face, and is great for round faces. Women can create this beautiful short haircut for black women by pressing the hair.

11. Ashy Purple Angel Textured Bob

Ashy purple ombre hairstyle is incredible for balancing as well as dark-toned skin that has an undertone of cool. Hair cut in an angle with texture creates a bob that is ideal for hair with thin layers.

12. Stunning Black and Soft Bob Cut

If you’re looking to appear beautiful without any effort, pick this hairstyle. The silky, super soft hair natural brown with a side-swept is perfect for warm skin tones as well as square and round faces.

13. Brunette Blunt Bob

The brunette blunt bob that is angled towards the top of the neck’s nape to the chin is stunning in an uncut cut. Women with a strong jaw and tight lines can look great in this cut.

14. Long Blunt with Fringe Cut

A symmetrical bob cut that reaches the chin, with a longer fringe is ideal for women who have long and oblong facial designs with jaws that are chiseled.

15. Blunt Bob with Highlights and Light Grey Toner

Light blonde and gray subtle highlights and smudge roots make great warm light, pale and pink skin tones. The long bangs that are a part of straight hair are perfect for a square-shaped face.

16. Chestnut Layered Haircut

This style is ideal with subtle waves that will give volume naturally to the hair’s thinness. Furthermore the chestnut color is universally pleasing.

17. Amethyst Blunt Bob

Amethyst, a glowing gemstone and the beautiful color look fantastic with short or baby bangs. It’s best for fair skin tones.

18. The Baggy Blunt Bob

The bob cut by the father and graduated volume provides the hair a baggy (fuller) hair look. It is suitable for all facial shapes as well as skin tone.

19. The Shoulder Length Bob Cut

The shoulder-length hair that transitions into caramel brown is beautiful when paired with long bangs. This brunette-colored shade with a sun kiss is ideal for warmer skin tones that have an undertone of cool.

20. Gorgeous Blonde Haircut

Blunt cut with caramel color base and dominant blonde highlights look stunning with the root melt. It is best suited for square, round, and oblong faces.

21. White Blonde in Concave Style

Concave, hair’s ends are curved inwards and the hair’s corners extend outwards to make a stunning appearance. It’s an excellent complement to a range in skin tone.

22. Two-Toned Classic Blunt Bob

An iconic blunt cut platinum blonde highlights is sure to brighten any skin tone. The contrast of hair colors is always loved.

23. Golden Glow in Low Maintenance Blunt Bob

Golden blonde, uneven blunt bob with soft waves is relatively easy to keep. The brown smudges make hair shine and flatter your appearance.

24. Custom Highlights Style

Everybody wants a new look that doesn’t look overdone This dark brown hair that has highlights that are three shades brighter than the base color is stunning.

25. Blunt Bob Cut with Copper Hair Shade

The super-sleek copper ginger hair that has a styled edge is great for afro girls. A lace front wig of 4×6 is the best choice and protect natural hair.

26. Blonde Roots Smudge and Toner

The glossy blonde color which turns dark towards the end and the smudge of roots creates an interesting and deep hairstyle.

27. Pretty Chin-Length Hairstyle

The white blonde chin-length haircuts are perfect for women with fair skin tone and light eyes.

28. A ear-length Razor Sharp with Bangs

A graduated volume razor with sharp bangs is the best choice for women who notice their face is sagging. This can be caused by facial muscles work harder.

29. Super-Short Blunt Bob with Lengthy Bangs

Short, blunt and super short that resemble the pixie cuts, with bangs that reach under the chin. This style is fashionable in blonde hair with white highlights.

30. Blunt Bob in Silky Smooth Chocolate Tint

A sleek, slim bob that covers the entire neck is ideal for round, square diamond, heart, and faces. The chocolate shade is suitable for any skin tone.

31. Short Blunt Bob for Older Women

A blunt brown hairstyle that has an orange tint and smudge roots makes an excellent short cut for women who are older. This hairstyle also can add a touch of elegance to any woman’s appearance.

32. Bangin’ Blunt Bob and Baby Bangs

Brown, black and pink Bobs made with bangs for babies looks gorgeous with an oval-shaped face and has a light skin tone. It’s great for casual gatherings and parties.

33. Inverted Bob Blunt Haircut

Super-angled, inverted bob cut with shiny brunette hair frame the face perfectly, and concentrates on the neck, too.

34. Rooty Line and Natural Edges

A more distinct parting line that is natural with natural edges is like taking a step towards the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to check out the rest of your hair in order to look nice.

35. Fashionable Style for Long Blunt Bob

A hairstyle with asymmetrical lines can enhance the symmetry of a face that is slim. Additionally the silver-gray hue with a dark melt on the root will make it look even more stunning.

36. Blunt Bob Blunt Bob Peachy Keen along with Parma Violet

Two-toned hair on the top and the second half of hair are a unique feature. It would also be appealing to the eyes when the right color was selected.

37. Peach and Dark Undertones for Blunt Bob Cut

Hair that is peachy that has a violet undertone pastel shades also looks elegant on women who are older. The best part is that it works with all skin types.

38. A Rich Blonde and more Natural Roots

Blonde hair with a prominent black root melts adds depth to the facial features. The bevel at hair’s edges makes it trendy.

39. Butterfly Loft for Blunt Bob Haircut

Hair with black hair and butterfly shades like blue and green is stunning. The money-piece in greenish-yellow that has a butterfly loft is attractive to create an impact in fashion.

40. Silver Strips Tint in Blunt Bob Haircut

The hair of black with one of the thinnest strips of silver that runs all over it looks stunning on women who are older. Additionally that the silver coin accentuates the face.

41. Dazzling Rainbow Blunt Bob Hairstyle

There are many ways to see a horizontal rainbows on the hair however this hair with a horizontal rainbow is awe-inspiring. Make sure the colors are bright and vibrant to feel calm and straight.

42. Blunt and Fabulous Red Hair

The blunt red hair that has an angle of bob towards the chin is stunning by incorporating air bangs. Additionally that this auburn red hair gives a rich skin tone.

43. Blunt Bob Cut in Ashy Silver Tones

Side-swept bobs with a an ash blonde hue and soft waves look stunning on a square, round face with a warm skin tone.

44. Iron Perm with Stylish Purple Tone

Straight, straight perm iron that has dark root melts and trendy pastel purple hue looks stunning. It’s perfect for any occasion.

45. Blunt Bob Channel Cut

A bob of hair that’s bouncy and tangled, reaching the shoulders is stunning. One-tone colors give an impression of natural beauty.

46. Ginger Hair Color in Layered Blunt Bob

Hair with a pastel brown hue looks stunning. The soft waves give this hairstyle a lively look. Additionally, it is suitable for the medium and bright skin tone.

47. Blue Grey Trendy Look

Hair streaks of blue that appear prominent against dark black are stylish. It’s perfect for all skin types and appears less obvious, but is still gorgeous.

48. Glam and Style for Blunt Bob Haircut

Light brown hair that has streaks of blonde on wispy hair. Soft waves make hair with thin curls appear larger. This style is ideal for slim faces.

49. Concave Bob with Natural Black Hairstyle

Concave bob cut in dots of graduated volume, and the comb-over design gives a gorgeous high cranial top that creates the perfect face 1:1 ratio from the eyes to hairline as well as hairline that extends to hairline to the crown of the hairline to the top of the head.

50. Lush Style for Asymmetrical Blunt Bob Haircut

A face that is slightly asymmetrical is normal; the simplest solution to minimize it is with an unsymmetrical hairstyle. Make sure to keep the shorter bob side in place so that the face side is more symmetrical. Hairstyles like this are always loved.


The list of 50 top blunt bob haircuts ideas explained has given you an idea of what’s the best for you. If you’re confused about facial shape or skin tone You can always consult your makeup artist or professional. If you are still in love with hair but its shade isn’t suitable for you. In this case, any professional hairdresser or stylist can modify it to suit your needs by altering the style of hair cutting, or by reducing or raising the intensity of the color of the hair. Be aware that you need a straightener , and you should make sure you use it with care so that you can show off your blunt cuts. Additionally, you should make an appointment with your hairdresser every between 4 and 6 weeks in order to maintain an angular bob.


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