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50 Coolest Red Highlights in 2024

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It doesn’t matter what time of season it is red highlights are always fashionable. People love wearing fiery red in their hair since it is able to change and alter the look of your whole appearance. It’s not necessary to stick with the red of the fire engine that is likely to pop into your thoughts whenever you hear the word red. It is possible to alter the color and tone so that they perfectly complement the kind of vibrato you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brunette or blonde, or black hair, there’s a style here that you’ll love. Red highlights can be added on your hair different ways. Try a different ombre style when you want an edgier style. You can always include traditional highlights for an older-style style. While we love brunettes and blondes around, we’ve been possessed of an (not not so) hidden desire to be redheads. From a muted auburn to bright copper hues you see on Instagram and Instagram, we’re obsessed with red. If you’re not quite ready to swap your hair color to the full-on red there’s another option you can consider red highlights. Although it may appear that blondes are the only ones to have fun with hair highlights but the reality is that redheads are able to turn heads by adding subtle, warm highlights. Hair that is a variety of red shades, from burgundy to red and chocolate-colored hair is even more elegant and full of highlights. The most appealing aspect? You can maintain your favorite base color, and then highlight you hair up a notch, while conserving all the things you are a fan of about your hair’s shade. Let’s take a close look at the top 50 highlights hairstyles in red for women of 2024.

1. Red Peekaboo Hairstyle

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a brown crop top

This is the first hairstyle that has black hair and peekaboo highlights in red. In the picture above, she’s left her hair long and dark and added gorgeous layers to highlight her features. You can add plenty of peekaboo red highlights beneath the dark base and you’re done.

2. Dark hair, with pop of Red

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a black shirt

The next one is this gorgeous hairstyle, which is cut to around shoulder length. The girls have split their hair into the middle, and then added big bangs, and flashes of red in her gorgeous brown hair which is stunning.

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3. Curly Hair and Red Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Women with curly hair are aware of how difficult it can get to locate the ideal cut. But don’t look any further as we’ve found an amazing short haircut with accents of red. You can add a middle part as well as curtains bangs and you’re done.

4. Red Highlights on a Dark Hair

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a gray sleeveless shirt

This is a gorgeous long hairstyle that women can use for a new splash of color. This time they chose medium red tones with black backs and gorgeous curls incorporated.

5. Sleek Bob Cut Hairstyle

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a stripe blouse

This hairstyle is perfect for women seeking an elegant and short cut. To achieve this style, keep the hair cut to above the shoulders. You can use an iron to maintain it pin straight. It will be highlighted with red and a middle section.

6. Hairstyles of Baddie with Red Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a black shirt

Hairstyles with a baddie are very trendy with women today. Here’s her stunning hairstyle with the appearance of a face frame. The hair is colored red and have a thick middle. Keep it straight by keeping the edges curled and you’ll be amazed at the way you appear.

7. Modern Red Wine Hairstyle

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a printed facemask

Here’s a hairstyle suitable that is perfect for ladies who want to close the evening with a glass of wine. The model has shoulder-length hair , with an oversized side part and then they added an intense and sweet red wine accent. Add beautiful curls and you’ll be awestruck by the way you look.

8. Partial Red Hairstyle

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a black jacket

If you’re looking for some the color you have in you hairstyle, this model is for you. Here’s long hair that has partial red highlights , atop an edgy natural base. Make sure you give a little curl to your hair so you can showcase the new hair color.

9. Red Fire Hairstyle

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a white printed blouse

The red fire highlight is always in the fashion. Here is a model sporting long hair, with stunning fire highlights and gorgeous spiral curls. This is a great hairstyle for women of all ages.

10. Red Velvet Caramel Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a blue shirt

Red caramel highlights in velvet look as appealing like they sound. The actress has cut off her hair to an angular Asymmetrical bob cut with an array of red and blonde layers across.

11. Soft Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a black cape

This is a stunning blend of soft red and brown hair colors. She paired the two shades wonderfully with the dark red base and highlights of light brown. Long bangs can be added to the front and finish the hair with waves to complete the style.

12. Short Framing Hair with Red Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a white shirt

Here’s a stunning hairstyle that is short and flirty with layers that frame your face. To achieve this look, keep your hair around the chin with a middle part and then create spiral waves. She has added red highlights to her dark brown hair and it looks stunning.

13. Center Parted Hair, with Red Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a gray shirt

Another option to style your hair that is long and brown is with gorgeous red highlights, with a chic center part. Her hair was kept natural and wavy and looked stunning.

14. Mid-Length Hair with Red Highlights

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a brown top

Hair that is mid-length is popular because it’s long enough to not wear out and you can also make an elegant ponytail. Here , she styles her hair in a mid-length style with dark brown base with a dash of dark red throughout. The hair is styled with beach waves and you’re all set.

15. Red Highlights on a Straight Hair

Red Highlights - a woman wearing a nude shirt

Straight hair never looked so good. In the picture above, she was wearing her hair just past the shoulders and was adorned with streaks of dark brown and red. Keep it neat and straight and you’re well on your way to a great look.

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