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50 Incredible Blue and Purple Hair Colors

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Are you looking to be bold and create stunning hair with purple and blue? If you’re like this then you’re an exciting and fashionable girl! In this collection you’ll find a variety of stunning and appealing outfits to experiment with. Mix with these hues until you discover the perfect tone and shades for you. Purple and blue hair colors is beautiful regardless of the tone of your skin. You can also wear these gorgeous colors with all lengths of hair. Here are some of our favorite shorter styles, mid-length ones and some even cool shaved hair styles. It is important to choose a stylist who has previously worked with color and is able to recommend a suitable shampoo, so that your new color won’t be a mess. The best blue and purple hair concepts aren’t common. Purple is the color associated with feminine beauty; blue, the color of strength and intelligence. Together, they form the symbol of feminine strength. Purple and blue make great for highlights. You can also play with galaxy and midnight hair-color blends too. You can go intense, bright or light depending on your mood and preference to create your personal statement. All you need to do is to match the purple and blue shades to you skin’s tone as well as tone. If you’re blessed with cool-toned skin however, you wear warm-toned makeup keep that in mind as well. Hair that is blue and purple is a hair shade that blends two cool-toned shades by combining various shades and intensities of blue-purple hair. The combination of vibrant, cool shades makes for a strikingly well-balanced contrast that isn’t too loud, which is ideal for those who want to make a big transformation in their look! Now! Let’s look at 50 amazing blonde and blue hair color options to test!

1. Wavy Inverted Blue and Purple Hair

a woman wearing a black blouse

The first photo is a gorgeous short hairstyle with curly hair. In the image above, she’s cut her hair in deep purple roots and the color is dark blue across the remainder. Complete your look with spiral curls toward the bottom and you’re all set.

2. Vivid Blue and Purple Color

a woman wearing a black cape

Another color that you can always choose is a vivid and vibrant style. Here , she is sporting a shorter style that has a dark, but vibrant purple hue toward the bottom and a beautiful blue color on the top. Complete your look with waves and you’re all set.

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3. Blue and Purple Peekaboos

a woman wearing a black cape

Next up is a hairstyle that has a bright blonde shade at the top and a peekaboo look that incorporates purple and blue hairstyles. Peek-aboo styles are always an excellent idea whenever you’re thinking about creating bold colors for your hair.

4. Blue Green and Purple Ombre

a woman wearing a white croptop

The next one is this gorgeous look that features dark brown with blues, greens and purples at the bottom and a uni-color style. Complete your look with loose curls at the bottom of your hair to showcase the new hue and you’re sure be awed by your new style.

5. Mermaid Hair Color with Waves

a woman wearing a black shirt

Have you heard about the new trending look known as “mermaid’s” hair? It is a hairstyle where the hair is dyed in a variety of colors but within the same hues. This is how she achieved it with blue and dark purple hairstyle. She left the top hair natural and brown. Make sure you wear waves that will complete your beachy hairstyle.

6. Long Pixie Blue and Purple Hairstyle

a woman with tattoo wearing a eyeglasses and black sleeveless shirt

This is a sexy and edgy style with a pixie cut that is short. The hair was shaved sides and the back of her hair, leaving it in its natural shade. To finish her pixie look she cut the hair to the top and added purple and blue shades in a perfect way. The hair was styled with spiral curls. It looks stunning.

7. Royal Blue and Purple Hair with Bangs

a woman wearing a sunglasses and white sleveless shirt

Dark purple and royal blue combine beautifully making you look like a rock star. In the image above she kept her hair at about shoulder-length and added some small bangs. You can curl it or keep straight, because no matter what you’ll look stunning.

8. Pastel Blue and Purple Hair

a woman inside a salon

Another way to wear these colors is to use pastel shades. In this case, they kept her newly dyed hair at the shoulders, and maintained straight. It is possible to go for cutting it bluntly or layers, it’s entirely dependent on you.

9. Dark hair with a pop into Blue and Purple Hair

a woman wearing a stripe sleeveless shirt

This is a look suitable for brunettes who only require a few pops shades. In the picture above, she’s maintained her hair’s wavy style and dark brunette hair with accents of blue and purple in the back. on the front. It is stunning.

10. Blonde to Teal Blue Purple Ombre Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

A ombre is always enjoyable, and here she has made it more enjoyable by adding purples, teals, and blues. The hair was kept blonde, and began the ombre at about half way down. Add loose and messy curls , and you’re all set.

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