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50 Edgy Short Pixie Cuts for Women

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The key to confidence is having confidence when wearing the Pixie cut. There are few hairstyles that are as bold and bold as this fad style. If your hairstyle is in need of some re-thinking and you’re looking to add something an edge to your hair take a look at reasons why a pixie could be the ideal new hairstyle for you. Pixie haircuts are timeless and classic style that is loved among women of every age groups. It is easy to style and maintain the pixie haircut is great woman who is strapped in time but require a cut that makes a statement. Pixie cuts are also flexible and can be chic or elegant or feminine, they can be styled to fit any face shape. Read on to discover some Pixie cut ideas to help you with the next big hair-changing moment. Sometimes all you need is a brand new, trendy short pixie cut that makes your feel as if you’re a new woman. If this is the case for you, then you’re at the right spot because we’ve found 50 trendy and stylish short hairstyles for women for 2024. It doesn’t matter if want to dye your hair or leave it as it is as there are plenty of options to pick from. Not only do trendy short cut pixies make you appear awesome, but they’re also very easy to keep. In the best case scenario, you’ll need to visit the hairdresser for one-time trims every few months, but styling your new hairstyle should take only an hour every morning. Let’s look at the hottest edgy short pixie cuts that women will be sporting in 2024!

1. Platinum Edgy Fauxhawk Pixie

Platinum Edgy Fauxhawk Pixie - a woman wearing gray shirt with black mask

This is a stunning sleek and short platinum hairstyle that’s a great blend of a faux-hawk and the look of a hairstyle called a pixie. For this style, keep the sides cut shorter and the hair over it long enough to spike or comb down according to the mood you’re in the day.

2. Vibrant Tangerine Edgy Pixie

Vibrant Tangerine Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing black sweater

If you’re looking to add some hue to your day the stunning color of tangerine is great anytime of the year , but it is a perfect fall shade. This is a long fringe that runs from the front, with layers of long hair, and in the back, the cut is perfect to the natural hairline.

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3. Two Toned Edgy Short Pixie Cuts

Two Toned Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing black stripe top

Two-toned styles are in fashion in 2024. Here she wears a delicate two-toned style with a dark cut, and the layers that are longer at the top are lighter brown. The two shades blend perfectly together to create an extremely edgy style.

4. Edgy Pixie in Cool Tone

Edgy Pixie in Cool Tone - a woman wearing floral blue top

The next one is this short and sweet style with an edge to it. To achieve this look, apply a cool brown hue throughout and keep the majority of the hair one-length around.

5. Purple Punky Edgy Pixie

Purple Punky Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing red black polo

Purple is one of the beautiful colors that is wearable all the time, but the season of spring has the greatest popularity. Here’s a picture of her latest purple shade with the cut of a pixie that has a an unpretentious and cool appearance.

6. Ash Pixie Mullet

Edgy Ash Pixie Mullet - a woman wearing colorful jacket with mask

If you didn’t already realize, this shade of ash is in fashion today. In the picture above, she’s sporting an ash-colored pixie cut with lots of edge and style. To achieve this look, keep the back long , and include a fringe in the front. You will look like a rock star.

7. Blue-Toned Blonde Edgy Pixie

Blue Toned Blonde Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing beige sweater

Another one of those bright shades you can put in your hair to add some elegance this way. In the picture above, she’s sporting an edgy blue and blonde tone with curly bangs. Make sure you maintain your hair’s length to the top of your head to allow you to make it look more bouncy like she did here.

8. Feathered Side Edgy Short Pixie Cuts

Feathered Side Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing full glam make up

Feathered hairstyles are great for women who prefer short hair but think they have too much hair. The hairstyle above is cut in the back and hair that is swept across to create a stunning style.

9. Natural Silver Gray Pixie

Natural Silver Gray Pixie - a woman wearing white mask

If you happen to have naturally grey hair, it is important to be aware that you don’t have to dye it since it’s in trend. In the image above, she’s shaved the hair’s back short , and then added a lengthier layer of hair on top, and it’s stunning.

10. Violet Top Pixie with undercut

Violet Edgy Top Pixie with Undercut - a woman wearing black sweater

A cut that is undercut on your pixie is among the most effective ways to add a touch an edge look as well as keep you cool throughout the scorching summer months. Here she’s added a beautiful violet shade to the hair’s top layer giving an attitude of rock to the look.

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