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50 Magically Blue Denim Hair Colors You Will Love

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Denim hair colors are incredible, because they can be simultaneously avant-garde and also down to earth. It makes perfect since, obviously, it’s not a natural hair color, but it’s so muted that it ends up being totally wearable! We’ve got some awesome denim hair color ideas coming up, but first some tips on choosing a stylist, choosing the right shade of denim blue hair color, aftercare, and how to style your clothing and makeup once it’s done.

So definitely consider this crazy awesome shade of blue! Denim looks good on everyone, regardless of whether it’s denim jeans or a jacket that they’re wearing – it wouldn’t be difficult at all to get denim hair to go with your outfit.

How to Choose Your Color Technician

Not all hair technicians were created equal. Unusual hair colors are tougher to work with, and denim hair is no exception, so before finding a stylist make sure that they have a lot of experience with unusually colored hair. Check out your artist’s Instagram or website gallery, and make sure you see a lot of examples of extraordinary hair colors.

Denim blue hair color has to have texture in order to look stylish, so look for a lot of examples of highlights and lowlights, and interesting combinations of lighter and darker shades of dye.

Make sure to also read the stylist’s reviews – denim hair takes a lot time to achieve, so you want to make sure reviewers like the hair stylist’s personality. There is nothing worse than being stuck for hours in a salon with a rude or unpleasant service provider.

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Once you think you’ve found the right artist, call their salon and book a consultation – if you can, try and get the stylist on the phone for a quick chat. Once you tell him or her what kind of look you would like, if they are as enthusiastic about giving you denim blue hair as you are about getting it, then you’ve found the right person!

How to Choose the Right Shade of Denim Blue Hair Color


What Kind of Denim Hair Are You Going For?

A great hair stylist will help you choose the perfect shade of denim for your hair! However, knowing right off the bat which shades are likelier to suit your skin tone will help.

If your skin has cooler, pink-y undertones, you want cold shades of denim blue hair, without even a hint of green or turquoise. Shades of navy blue, silvery blue, sky blue, indigo, and baby blue would be the best way to go.

If your skin is more yellow- or olive-based, however, you want warm shades of blue. For you, turquoise, mint, and dark marine blue hair would be ultra-flattering.

Are you a fan of the tanning salon? In that case, your skin might end up looking bronzey; sodark purple-blue tones would look incredible.

If you are nervous about choosing such an unusual hair color, consider a balayage (a hand coloring technique that creates soft streaks through the hair, leaving the roots natural) or an ombre (a two-tone fade from top to bottom). You can keep your roots a natural color, and softly incorporate shades of blue either as streaks, or just into the tips of your hair. This works really well with dark and platinum shades, but I’ve also seen brunettes and ashy blondes rock it.

Another work-appropriate choice is to go for a blue-black denim hair color. In some lights it’ll look blue, but most of your co-workers will assume you’ve just gone for a grayish-black color.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Denim Blue Hair Color


Denim Blue Hair Care

Unusual hair colors require a lot of tender love and care, both to keep the hair healthy and to keep the color vibrant.

  • Both before and after getting it dyed, make sure you’re using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. It’ll keep your hair and scalp healthier, and once your hair is dyed it’ll extend the life of your dye-job.
  • Mask your hair regularly, especially with masks rich in coconut oil, to strengthen and moisturize your hair, and to prevent any damage from the hair dyeing process.
  • Don’t overdo it with heat styling tools. Your hair is more easily damaged now that it’s been dyed.
  • When you do use heating tools on your hair, make sure to first use a heat-protectant spray.

Makeup Tips for Denim Blue Hair


Fashion & Makeup for Denim Hair Colors

With denim blue hair you have to be a little more careful when putting together an outfit or makeup look – you definitely want to avoid clashing.

  • If you want to play it really safe, or don’t have much time to plan your outfit, stick to shades of black, grey, or white, since they are guaranteed to work with any hair color.
  • Another option is to choose colors that sit close to denim blue on the color wheel, like violets and minty greens.
  • Be careful with yellows, reds, and oranges. Next to your denim blue hair they would really stand out, and unless your outfit is curated perfectly, they are likelier to stand out in an unflattering way.
  • As far as makeup colors go, the safe way to go is to stick to neutral and cooler colors. Think magenta lips and silvery smokey eyes.
  • When in doubt, neutral, natural makeup always looks great!
  • For your eyebrows, it’s best to fill them in with cool toned taupes or shades of grey: it won’t look like you’re trying to match your eyebrows to your unnaturally dyed denim hair, but it also won’t clash the way blonde or warm brown eyebrows would.

Makeup Tips for Denim Blue Hair


50 Dazzling Denim Hair Color Ideas

You got all the information down? Here are some incredible denim hair color ideas to get you inspired!

1. Acid-Washed Wave Ombre

This blue-jean dye job is super cool! No, I mean it; cold, dark blue roots fade into frosty, metallic tips, creating a really lovely acid washed denim hair effect.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Acid-Washed Wave Ombre


2. Blue Jean Mermaid Balayage

The denim hair color effect really relies on texture, by having highlights and lowlights. These locks are gorgeously long and wavy, and the texture comes from having the hair mostly colored dark blue, but with thick mint highlights creating a balayage effect.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Blue Jean Mermaid Balayage


3. Skinny Jean Frost

Denim hair colors can work really well on straightened hair, as we can see here. A mixture of grey, violet-blue, and platinum come together to create a denim hair effect that reminds me of my favorite pair of skinny jeans – sleek, stylish, and very wearable.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Skinny Jean Frost


4. Aegean Demi Fishtail

Different shades of blue and grey are blended artfully in this wavy look that’s excellent for anyone with really lush, long locks. The fishtail braid starts out really messy and pulled out on top, which lends a bohemian vibe to the whole look.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Aegean Demi Fishtail


5. Stonewashed Jean Magic

In this denim hair look the roots start out dark, but because of seamless blending, they fade gently into a stoney silver that gets the denim effect thanks to some dark accents.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Stonewashed Jean Magic


6. Frost Tip Ombre

This ombre denim hair is so classy and romantic thanks to gorgeous soft curls, and a metallic finish. The dark denim blue hair fades down to a bright silvery blue in a really soft, dreamy gradient.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Frost Tip Ombre


7. Modern Matte Denim Hair

While normally what we want is shiny hair, this matte concrete finish on shades of dark grey and violet blue is really reminiscent of that pair of jeans you’ve been wearing for years – soft and comfortable. With layered waves the effect is modern and chic.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Modern Matte Denim Hair


8. Vampy Denim Curls

Shades of black and dark blue come together to create the perfect Goth club look. It’s got a little bit of danger, and thanks to lush curls, a ton of vampy glamour!

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Vampy Denim Curls


9. Denim Ombre Bob

This bob is fascinating thanks to a touch of platinum silver breaking up a dark blue fade from the roots and the soft violet blue tips. This hairstyle shows that you can get really creative with denim hair colors!

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Denim Ombre Bob


10. Subtle Navy Denim Hair

By choosing a really dark navy, you can really keep them guessing (and get away with nontraditional denim hair colors even at a more conservative environment). This dark navy will look black in darker environments, but when the light hits it just right, you will shine in all your denim glory!

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Subtle Navy Denim Hair


11. Messy Arctic Jean Ombre

An ombre on shorter bobs is really fun and airy, especially when the gradient starts out so dark and ends on such an arctic blue. The messy waves add an extra touch of denim hair joy!

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Messy Arctic Jean Ombre


12. Stonewashed Silvery Blue Medium Bob

I think my favorite part about this hair cut is the way it ends in a straight across cut – it lends a touch of seriousness that is offset by the gorgeous curls. The silvery-blue shade is lovely, and the darker roots mean that the grow-out stage will be very forgiving.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Stonewashed Silvery Blue Medium Bob


13. Bunny Blue Jean Waves

Is there anything cuter than a double bun? With the rest of the hair in loose, layered waves, this look is adorable and flowy. The denim blue hair is achieved here with a mixture of indigo and arctic blue strands perfectly textured.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Bunny Blue Jean Waves


14. Feathery Indigo Denim Side Part

A mixture of slate and indigo waves is offset by just a touch of baby blue highlights. The feather-light waves and side part are effortless, and excellent for a casual look.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Feathery Indigo Denim Side Part


15. Double Denim French Braid

Is it just me, or do these denim French braids actually look like a pair of jean-clad legs? These metallic shades of blue are incorporated into the braids beautifully, and the dark roots keep it edgy.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Double Denim French Braid


16. Back To Black Denim Ombre

These ombre waves look so soft, they’re just begging to be touched! I really dig this in your face shade of royal blue, but the naturally dark top half keeps it wearable.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Back To Black Denim Ombre


17. Asymmetrical Acid Washed Ombre Bob

Acid washed denim is a bit too grunge for me to wear as jeans, but as a denim hair color it’s edgy and interesting. The way the dark roots fade into a mixture of lighter and darker blues is really smooth, and having slightly longer waves in the front keeps the cut modern.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Asymmetrical Acid Washed Ombre Bob


18. Blue Steel Denim Locks

Another example that shows us how two shades of denim blue hair are greater than one! Violet and arctic blue mix together here to create a matte, denim-esque finish. The roots were kept dark, to keep things easy to maintain.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Blue Steel Denim Locks


19. Melted Steel Balayage

The integration of silver, navy, and baby blue in this balayage is flawless. The wavy hairstyle, coupled with that incredible texture is just super romantic, and reminds me of the ocean.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Melted Steel Balayage


20. Grunge Denim Waves

My favorite thing about denim hair colors is definitely the opportunity to play around with really dark roots. In this look the transition from blue-black roots to silvery locks is extreme, but thanks to the expert skills of Jeffrey Robert, it’s not abrupt at all.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Grunge Denim Waves


21. Royal Balayage Denim Hair

This look is a sophisticated take on the denim blue hair trend. By keeping the top half dark and natural, the look stays mature, but is given a lot of vibrancy by the wavy royal blue ends.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Royal Balayage Denim Hair


22. Light to Dark Silver Ombre

Usually stylists like to keep the top of the hair dark, and have it fade to bright towards the end. However, Sandra Jean Wilson proves here that reversing the look also works really well! That silver to black-blue denim hair transformation is flawless.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Light to Dark Silver Ombre


23. Silvery Purple Denim with Curled Ends

It’s interesting that silver can create as much of a denim hair effect as blue. In this case, the silver locks have a touch of purple to them that is simply ravishing, and the decision to only curl the tips ends up looking gentle and soft.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Silvery Purple Denim with Curled Ends


24. Dynamic Denim Blonde

This look shows that denim blue hair can blend really well into more natural hair colors. Dark slate blue with blonde tips makes for a unique balayage. As always, waves do a great job of softening the look.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Dynamic Denim Blonde


25. Midnight Tousle

David Solis created a dark balayage that totally slays. This layered cut is predominantly dyed Prussian blue, with just a touch of sapphire at the tips.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Midnight Tousle


26. Pastel Denim Mane

Black and pastel periwinkle come together to create a subdued, dreamy ombre. This is one of my favorite denim hair color ideas, because the color is so unique and yet the effect is appropriate for almost any environment.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Pastel Denim Mane


27. Silver and Blue Balayage Bob

This messy tousle achieves a denim hair effect by combining layers of silver and cornflower blue. To keep the roots healthy, they were kept dark – this also gives everything a grunge feel.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Silver and Blue Balayage Bob


28. Double Pastel Trouble

By giving yourself a pair of French braids, your denim hair color could end up looking impish and cute. This is especially true when the blue dye used is so pale and airy.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Double Pastel Trouble


29. Stormy Ocean Coif

This denim hair color idea is less mermaid, and angrier ocean goddess. The fade from dark royal blue to grayish Air Force blue reminds me of brewing storm clouds reflected in the ocean’s waves.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Stormy Ocean Coif


30. Swirly Silver Denim Bob

I simply adore bottleneck curls, although when they cover the whole head the effect can be a little too “Shirley Temple”. Here, however, they are kept to the lower half of the head, so they lend a lot of playfulness to the silvery-blue balayage.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Swirly Silver Denim Bob


31. Straight-edge Denim Balayage

With all the wavy looks we’ve been listing, I almost forgot hair straighteners existed! British hairdresser Darran Glover shows that a silvery-blue denim balayage can look incredible on straightened hair as well.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Straight-edge Denim Balayage


32. Two-Tone Denim Dream Braid

If your hair is thick enough, this lush half braid is a must try! What would otherwise be a lovely black and ultramarine ombre becomes a daring two-tone look, because the thick half-braid totally separates the top half from the bottom.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Two-Tone Denim Dream Braid


33. Pastel Denim Layers

This straightened denim hair is so chic, thanks to clever layering. This shade of silvery-blue is just a touch metallic, and it feels oh so rock & roll.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Pastel Denim Layers


34. Denim on Bare Skin Balayage

This understated balayage shows that denim hair colors can go with almost any other color – you don’t have to restrict yourself to silver highlights. Bronze and periwinkle shades come together here to create “sunset over the water” effect.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Denim on Bare Skin Balayage


35. Platinum & Sapphire Explosion Balayage

Dark roots quickly give way to an extravagant mix of shimmering platinum layers and bright blues. This is the kind of denim blue hair that’ll attract everyone’s attention.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Platinum & Sapphire Explosion Balayage


36. Bulletproof Balayage

This gray and blue balayage is all about strength – totally rough around the edges. The gray shoots through the layers of blue in such a way that I can’t help but think of metal peeking through well-worn denim.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Bulletproof Balayage


37. The Romantic Metalhead

While the denim hair colors here are similar to the previous picture, a vertical highlight and wavy locks make it so that this look is a lot less edgy, and much more classic.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Romantic Metalhead


38. Blue Jean Rocker

These rough and tumble shades of gunmetal gray and royal blue pair nicely with a straightened, layered hairstyle. This is the kind of hair that you just want waving back and forth as you headbang in the moshpit.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Blue Jean Rocker


39. Weaved Denim Braid

By weaving the hair into a real loose French braid, you could end up creating a really gentle, sweet denim blue hairstyle. This style is appropriate for almost any situation, thanks to a subtle blue-black overall color with just a few streaks of navy and baby blue.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Weaved Denim Braid


40. Denim Steel Fishbraid

Doing a half braid on ombre hair is one of the best ways of totally transforming the effect of the dye job! Going with dark blue on top, and letting it fade into a metallic gray is a daring choice, but this fishtail braid shows that there are a lot of ways to wear it.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Denim Steel Fishbraid


41. Touch of Baby Blue Ombre

This is another one of my favorite denim hair colors. While choosing such a light blue for all over the head could be extreme, by keeping it at the tips of the hair it still really stands out, and strikes the perfect balance between unusual and chic. The way there are a few longer strands of baby blue coming down from a mostly gunmetal gray top is masterful.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Touch of Baby Blue Ombre


42. Midnight to Midday Lob

This textured look is super classy. Dark midnight blue roots fade into sky blue at the tips – as far as denim hair colors go, this one is sure to please.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Midnight to Midday Lob


43. Denim on Brown Textured Curls

I love it when stylists add a touch of warmth to really cool toned denim hair shades. It makes everything just a touch more interesting. In this case, it was done with just a hint of auburn between the change over from dark brown to denim blue.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Denim on Brown Textured Curls


44. 50 Shades of Denim Hair

Gray and blue balayage has become the classic choice for anyone wanting denim hair. In this look there is a touch more gray than blue, and the ends were curled in a sweet, Shirley Temple sort of way.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: 50 Shades of Denim Hair


45. Denim Mermaid Gradient Fishtail

Half-fishtail braids are the perfect way to show off expertly dyed denim hair colors. The black to royal blue to silvery baby blue gradient here is super vibrant, so I can’t help but think of beautiful mermaids!

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Denim Mermaid Gradient Fishtail


46. Pastel Princess Balayage

The shades of blue in this balayage are all muted and soft, but thanks to voluminous hair and big curls, this denim blue hair is still attention grabbing.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Pastel Princess Balayage


47. Denim & Ash Crown Braid Ombre

The great thing about having blonde hair is that you don’t have to dye your hair before turning it a gorgeous shade of pale blue. I love the way the warm blonde contrasts with the baby blue, and that crown braid is adorable.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Denim & Ash Crown Braid Ombre


48. Black & Blue Balayage

The color melt here is flawless! Concentrating the blue streaks near the front keeps things edgy, without forcing your stylist to use too much bleach. If you look closely, you can actually see a wash of aquamarine through the black.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Black & Blue Balayage


49. Smoke in the Water Color Melt

The feathery hair texture, coupled with those silver tips, is the denim hair version of a smoky eye. The roots are a vivid blue, which gives a total ‘90s punk vibe.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Smoke in the Water Color Melt


50. Smokey Princess Waves

Another smoky take on denim hair colors! Gorgeously romantic big curls are pulled out of the box with a balayage of metallic gray-blue.

Blue Denim Hair Colors: Smokey Princess Waves


Photos courtesy of Instagram

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