Red hair colors will always have a warm place in my heart. I stuck to red and burgundy hair colors for years, so I’m really excited to give you all some suggestions about them! I’ll have some tips and tricks coming up, as well as 100 different inspiration pictures for different red hair color ideas, from auburn to copper to cherry to deep burgundy hair shades with highlights. Contrary to popular belief, red hair is actually extremely versatile. Some of the more natural iterations of it include copper and auburn hair colors, while you can also get really out there with neon, cherry, or fire engine red hair colors! The choices are nearly limitless, especially once you start including ombre, highlights, and balayage options.

Fashion for Red Hairstyles

There are no real fashion rules per se, when it comes to red hairstyles, but there are certainly guidelines and things to remember. The opposite of red on the color wheel is green, which means any time you wear green it will emphasize the red and vice versa. This can clash, or be super flattering, depending on the garment, so pay attention. Color blocking is usually the best way to go. If your hair is more orange, then it’s blue that is opposite it on the color wheel, and the same instructions apply. If your red hairstyles lean towards warm, similar shades, especially oranges can look silly. A little bit of orange throughout the outfit can be complementary, but you don’t want it to overwhelm. If you prefer magenta or burgundy hair colors, shades of purple that are not too similar to your hair can actually create a nice analog color scheme – just avoid being too matchy. Blacks, browns, greys, and whites are pretty neutral and will always look good. Sometimes the best way to rock crazy hair is by also wearing a ton of different colors, and being a walking rainbow!

74 Red Hair Color Ideas

So now that you know what rocking red hairstyles really means, time to choose your look. Here are some red hair color ideas.

1. Cherry Cola Balayage

Soft, retro curls are a classic, but here they were jazzed up with a small bun on one side. This is also a great example of how to use just a little bit of cherry red dye for a high impact, by utilizing it as balayage over black hair.

100 Badass Red Hair Colors: Auburn, Cherry, Copper, Burgundy Hair Shades

2. Rose Gold Shift Curls

Dark brown roots make way for a gorgeous rose gold hair color! The curls are luxurious, and the bright orangey-pink shade is sure to stand out – this is one of the more interesting takes on red hair colors.

3. Magic Pumpkin Locks

What’s the best way to achieve a touch of magic? Just add some glitter! This pumpkin shade of orange, with the darker roots, is one of those red hairstyles that are perfect for autumn.

4. Hand Painted Fruit Sorbet Waves

This fruity hand painted balayage is like a delicious summery treat. If you’re looking for red hair color ideas for summer, this is a perfect look!

5. Cherry Red Balayage with Crown Braid

While some red hairstyles are more natural, this cool cherry red balayage is anything but natural. It’s a little darker and more daring, but is made softer by that crown braid.

6. Rising Phoenix Balayage

Burgundy red hair transforms into a fiery orange, in a warm balayage that I actually think could liven up a dour winter really well. To keep things interesting, the hair was pulled back into two half braids, one on top of the other.

7. Purple Fire Bangs

There is a lot going on with this style! Red hair colors can pair really nicely with oranges and purples. Choosing to dye the hair straight across bangs is both original, and an excellent way of warming up the face.

8. This Hair is on Fire Balayage

Let’s forget the color for a second, because we need to seriously talk about these diagonal curls. They are like nothing I’ve ever seen before – just a really modern take on ‘40s curls. The balayage itself is made up of complementary red hair colors, like orange, magenta, and blonde – like a really healthy bonfire, with the dark roots representing the coal.

9. Copper Sunset Side French Braid

Auburn hair colors are some of my favorites. In this look auburn transforms into copper, which then becomes strawberry blonde. It’s a lovely ombre that’s broken up a bit by that cool side braid.

10. Keeping Warm in Autumn Waves

Soft waves are accentuated here, and made deeper, by a touch of brown hand painted vertically. It makes this otherwise bright orange look a lot more grown up, sophisticated, and fall ready.


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