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55 Gorgeous Long Pixie Hairstyles

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Long pixie hairstyles can be an elegant way to wear short hair. A lot of celebrities are currently wearing this style, because the ideal pixie style is elegant, stylish and elegant. We have compiled the top hairstyles and how they work. Look through the images below to be inspired.

Beautiful Long Pixie Hairstyles

#1 Long Blonde Pixie, with V-Cut Layers

A longer length of the pixie cut lets you experiment with the silhouettes of your hairstyle, varying the length, quantity and placement of layers. It is possible to try cutting your hair shorter in front, and longer in the back, or opt for a very shorter nape, and long flowing layers over it.

Long Choppy Pixie

#2: The Long Pixie has a Razored Crown Layer.

If you’re a woman with fine hair A pixie cut may aid in incorporating depth and texture. Have your stylist cut layers on the crown to give you an extra height that is pretty entertaining. The result is the soft wispy look that is undeniably elegant.

Long Pixie With Bangs And Sideburns

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#3 Chopped Blonde Pixie, with Long Bangs

The most trendy haircuts for short hair, the long pixie with bangs is adorable and fun all through the year. The layers of choppy adds depth and the blonde color is a bold fashion statement. Make use of a texture paste to make the pieces appear more rounded and to further increase the volume.

Chopped Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

#4: Edgy Long Pixie for Fine Hair

Because of its different lengths, the long multi-layered pixie appears cool and trendy. The random layers of shorter ones throughout give extra volume to the crown. Just wear your hair smooth or twist them for the versatility.

Choppy Bronde Pixie Bob

#5: Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

The edgy style is shown in this series of photos that let you see the full picture including the back to the frontal hips. We like the deep side section, which gives stunning dramatic effects, suitable for a urban hipster princess and also for bohemian-style dreamers.

Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

#6 The A Long Textured Pixie, with asymmetrical Nape

If you’re looking for hair that is shorter but not excessively thin, you might want to consider a longer pixie. Hair is the primary accessory for women So don’t rush to cut it all off. Long pieces of the side along with a poofy top, and wispy layers cut to various lengths offer you the options for styling. Try different the colors and make one side much darker than the next.

Long Pixie Haircut For Straight Hair

#7: Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie

How can you make the one-color pixie look interesting? Try the asymmetrical shape and add shine using hair products that match what type of hair, as well as then define the hair’s waves with a few strands. This haircut will be great on curly hair as well Try it when you’re looking for something stylish and not too banal.

Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie

8: Choppy Pixie with Long Feathered Bangs

Make the leap with the lavender brown shade of your hair and trim your hair into a pixie-like choppy style with the look of feathered bangs. Long front hair pieces of hair accentuate the jawline just enough to emphasize the attractive lines of your facial. A short nape as well as a the wavy top add a fun element.

Lavender Brown Choppy Feathered Pixie

#9: “Almost Bob” Pixie Cut

A pixie could look as a bob, especially if they are very long. They appear “grown and sexy.” It’s best to keep it in a sleek and smooth style to maximize impact. This can be accomplished by using straighteners. You can also go for a long or sweeping side fringe that will frame and flatter your face.

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

#10: Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

A stylish and striking shaggy pixie left-swept and shaved is the epitome of androgyny. The extremely short lengths need an appropriate amount of boldness for achieving, yet the result is certainly striking.

Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

#11 A Side-Parted Pixie Bob and Tapered Nape

Give a pop to your Pixie bob style by applying an asymmetrical nape. the length of your hair becomes shorter starting from the top of your head until the nape. In addition to creating an individual style the side parted hairstyle creates interest in the eye.

Long Tapered Blonde Pixie

#12: Uneven Shaggy Pixie Bob

If you’re looking for an edgy cut you should opt for an uneven shaggy pixie. The lengths differ greatly to create the muddled chaos effect. Choose a unique color and keep your locks and swept back for a striking look.

Long Choppy Silver Pixie

#13: Classy Long Layered Pixie

If you’re looking for an elegant pixie cut with elegance and class This long, layered style could be for you. It is made up of short and long choppy layers that cover the back of the undercut to give it an elegant and polished look. Blot dry to boost the glamour.

Long Warm Brown Undercut Pixie

#14: Choppy Pearl Blonde Pixie Bob

Let go of your confusion on what to wear with your beautiful blonde locks. Cut it into layers of a pixie bob, with adorable wispy bangs as well as the side part. The pearly sheen gives the appearance of texture and depth. The slightly shaved crown makes for a playful and youthful look.

Layered Blonde Pixie Bob

#15: Long Straight Silver Pixie

Make sure you wear the most impressive earrings you can get and display your long pixie hair with layers of sliced. Dramatic, dramatic and urban the trendy, textured cut has a dazzling elegance and femininity.

Textured Long Pixie Haircut

#16: Long Shaggy Blonde Pixie

Be patient when defining the shaggy bits that make up your new, asymmetrical Pixie. It’s actually quite easy to maintain; longer pixies may require some effort however, it’s well worth it. The uneven, tangled top and the long facial-framing bangs add an urban look to your overall look.

Low Maintenance Long Pixie

#17: Neat Gray Balayage Pixie for Fine Hair

Hairstyle your sleek, elegant locks into a chic and sassy pixie hairstyle and place the side sections carefully behind your ears for an elegant, sleek appearance. Every woman will look stunning with the balayage of brown and gray however it’s a colour that has an extra appeal for women who are younger. Bring out the muted hues by wearing lots of sparkling jewelry and a dazzling outfit.

Pixie Bob With Gray Brown Balayage

#18: Messy Auburn Pixie Cut

A person with a bright personality can create a jolly Pixie style. The fact that it’s short doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be placed on top. A lot of angles and a tons of texture will enhance your appearance. The fiery red shade might be exactly what you’re looking for to take your pixie look to new heights.

Layered Long Mahogany Pixie

#19: Vintage Long Pixie

Recreate a look of the past Hollywood by slaying a stunning short hairstyle. A long, slender section with a large side-sweep can be beautiful and simple to do. The long side bangs come out at the conclusion. Make sure to tease the roots to get the proper level of length.

Pixie Bob With Long Side Bangs

#20: Bob to Long Pixie Transformation

You can add more texture and shape to a regular hairstyle with a pixie cut and adding bangs. The long side section and the extra-long bangs add an unruly look while the neatly cut nape is stylish and professional. If you’ve got any natural waves, don’t hesitate to smudge them around the sides and the top to increase the volume.

Long Pixie With Bangs

#21: Accurate Ash Blonde Pixie with Angled Bangs

Change the front part of your long pixie to look-a-like bangs that make sure that the rough angles of your sideburns and nape. The sleek, smooth top and the tousled nape are clean and tidy and make the most of your coarse, thick hair.

Pixie With Long Peek-A-Boo Bangs

#22: A Long, Pixie-like Layer with Swoopy Layers

Create a fresh twist on the traditional pixie cut by adding the swoopy layers. These create lively lines that will amaze. Apply a smoothing cream to get rid of any flyaways and give you the most fashionable and elegant appearance.

Blonde Layered Pixie

#23: Silver Pixie with Long Chopped Layers

If you’re looking for something new Try a striking yet relatively long pixie hairstyle. In addition to staying ahead of fashion trend, this hairstyle features hair that is choppy, which creates amazing distinctness. Make sure to shampoo your hair with an ashy purple shampoo to keep the ashy hue.

Choppy Long Pixie Cut

#24 The Tapered Textured Pixie has Side Bangs

Make your usual hairstyles with feathered layers, and a few blonde babylights. This creates the most elegant and professional hairstyle that can be worn at any event and in any setting. It’s the perfect hairstyle for straight, fine hair.

Feathered Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs

#25: Long Softly Layered Pixie Cut

For a sleek and elegant look, go for a pixie style with softly stacked layers of V-cut that are positioned across the top of the head. This sleek, silky style can be blown dried softly and tucked in at the root to showcase its beautiful form. It is also possible to add a subtle highlight to your hair to give them a shiny and polished look.

Teased Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

#26: Long Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

Revive dull coloring and flat texture of your bob, and change to a choppy pixie which highlights a portion of your ear and a large portion of your neck. Its long, frontal pieces as well as back pieces that are stacked help show off your jawline. Additionally, the sparkling blonde highlights that are layered over chestnut brown hair make it appear glossy and healthy.

Long Choppy Pixie With Blonde Highlights

#27: Blowout for Long Pixie

Blot dry the long pixie cut create an even, smooth surface which helps to give the balayage shine of the metal and sparkle. Side-swept bangs effortlessly blend with the poofy top portion that appears to rise from the line of the part. It’s a versatile haircut that can appear professional or party-girl according to your mood.

Long Choppy Pixie With Blonde Highlights

#28: Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

A pixie bob that is inverted is ideal for formal occasions and everyday wear, based on the way you dress it. The sides and back are buzzed. are a perfect contrast with the long top. The reversed shape gives a completely chic appearance.

Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

#29: Long Razored Black-and-White Pixie

Pick a shaggy hairstyle with a striking contrast of color If you’re looking for an innovative way to style your shorter hair. The stark white shade with black and jet black hair creates an unique style that which you’ll be proud to wear. Make sure you add a few small hairs that are wispy to the front for trendy, modern short cut.

Shaggy Long Pixie Haircut

#30: Long Gothic Pixie

This season, get ready to spice up your long Pixie cuts by mixing unusual colours and messy styling. This long pixie features sides that are cropped and a back that is stacked. Get the most out of the look by adding numerous layers and a lot of hairspray, gel or wax.

Gray Long Pixie With Pink Highlights

#31: Tapered Choppy Silver Pixie

Try it out and keep your hair short in the front. You’ll be left with a distinctive hairstyle that is both attractive and practical. The loose bangs and the twirled top show the finest of feathery, fine hair texture. The silver balayage paired with black roots gives your hair a look shiny and healthy.

Short Hair Long In The Front

#32: Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob

This is a stunning transitional style that is a perfect blend of the bob and a pixie. The transition between the lengths is neat and smooth ideal for those who prefer a shorter style suitable for formal occasions.

Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob

#33: Feminine Blonde Layered Pixie

A long pixie cut can be worn with shorter hair for a soft face. Add an additional layer to create an elegant angle frame. This particular cut highlights the ears and covers the jawline, which is ideal for faces with heart or oval shapes.

Feminine Blonde Layered Pixie

#34: Short Asymmetrical Haircut

There’s no need to make an extreme undercut to achieve the look of a pixie bob. A slight change in length could be just as beautiful. This style features long cheek-grazing layers that are on either side. The other side has shorter, swept-back locks to the side.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut

#35: Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Hair that is curly has the advantage of having the ability to wear an elongated pixie with two distinct ways. Keep your hair natural and curly to get the illusion of a short, cropped cut. You can also straighten your hair to create the longer, inverted bob.

African American Long Curly Pixie

#36: Cut Pixie featuring Purple Highlights

Long pixie cuts look the best when they are complemented by a pop of colour! The black and purple pieces show off the stacked back by using an undercut. Utilize the inverted pixiebob by using shorter layers to highlight the texture and color of the design.

Black Bob With Purple Balayage

#37: Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe

The choppy platinum blond hairstyle makes the wearer appear like a fairytale pixieor maybe even the fairytale Tinkerbell. It is important to note that the fringe is longer than hair on the side on the back of the hair, which is working to create a little natural volume in the topLong Pixie with Choppy Fringe


#38 Wispy Pixie Styled with Bangs

Show off your rebellious side by wearing the short, spiky cut pixie, and long bangs. This look requires a little of a smooth texture product, and a touch-up style to get the most out of the layers. Complete the look with a bold color such as this gorgeous creamy blonde as an example.

Wispy Pixie Cut with Bangs

#39: Brunette Feathered Pixie Bob

Long bangs that cover the forehead give a feminine look to longer pixie hairstyles. The triangular side section as well as the angled part line provide a refined and sophisticated appearance to this light hairstyle.

Feathered Pixie Haircut With Long Bangs

#40: Chopped and Tapered Silver Pixie

Put on your woman-of-the-world Andy Warhol clothes on and match them with a trendy layering silver hairstyle. This hairstyle looks amazing on long straight hair. The layers of hair that are layered with white and gray tones give the height and volume. Side-swept peek-aboo bangs make the feathered hair elegant and romantic.

Layered Silver Pixie For Thick Straight Hair

#41: Pretty Tapered Black Pixie

Keep up-to-date and trendy with a hot black hairstyle that’s feminine and elegant. Pixie haircuts that have sharp angles and lots of height at the top are bold and trendy with the sharp triangular shape of the sideburns and nape create a stunning impact. This style works well with coarse hair.

Tapered Pixie Haircut

#42: Piece-y Silver Blonde Pixie

Make sure your hairstyle is modern by keeping your short hair in the front. This cut is perfect for thin, fine hair. Side-swept bangs are an excellent addition to the chunky, tousled cut. The wispy, straggly upper section provides an extra dimension and height.

Short Pixie Long In Front

#43: Long Sleek Wheat Blonde Pixie

Straight hair can be styled with some of the long, pixie styles and let the best of your hair’s fine texture. The curly bangs with a the tapered back create a gorgeous shape, while the dark roots increase the depth and volume.

Long Pixie For Straight Fine Hair

#44: Platinum Pixie with Undercut

Keep your hair in shape by cutting it close or shaved back. If you’re feeling adventurous you can extend the cut down to the sides. Keep your hair high on top to create an exciting style that’s enjoyable to experiment with. A striking platinum shade will add a touch of class and will surely attract attention.

Silver Blonde Pixie With Long Side Bangs

#45 Asymmetrical Hairstyle with long Bangs

On one side, the hairstyle is shorn extremely short, and to the otherside, the hair nearly extends to the jawline. As you can see on the photo it highlights the highlights of the upper portion of the face, such as the bright eyes and flawlessly maintained eyebrows. This isn’t a terribly extravagant style, but it’s not as effective for face shapes that are square like oval or oblong shapes.

long blonde pixie with side-swept bangs

#46: Effortless Haircut

A longer, lower-maintenance cut is the essence of the girl next to you. Texture, volume and a touch of wave bring an incredibly cute cut. It’s all about less in terms of effort.

Long Textured Pixie Hairstyle

#47: Painless Pixie

This photo of a long pixie cut shows a haircut that you can wear by anyone. It’s adorable, modern and just enough personality to distinct from the rest of the crowd. A cut like this is painless and needs little or no care and can stand to the tests of time.

Side Parted Pixie Bob

#48: Smooth Sailing Haircut

This is an elegant and sophisticated short haircut with the deep side parting and a slanted fringe. A longer hairstyle on one side adds an interesting element of symmetry to give a dynamic hairstyle. Keep your hair looking smooth and you’ll have a beautifully smooth and polished hairstyle.

Side Parted Pixie Bob

#49: Layered Pixie, with length at the Nape

This adorable hairstyle that has long bangs also includes the choppy layering that is most effective with light-colored options. This is as well in this case with the platinum strands, which are offset by darker roots.

Layered Brunette Pixie With Bangs

#50: Modern Pixie Style

A long pixie that has a contemporary twist might be the ideal solution to refresh your appearance. With a lot of length and a slender cut, you’ll get a stylish and confident style. You can add more dimension by putting the platinum color over on the darker underlayer.

long platinum blonde pixie

#51: Short and Sweet Haircut

If you’re looking for a subtle hairstyle, you can opt for a cut that is cropped to create stunning brunette locks. Keep the hair’s top long and style it side-parted with a lift at the root. Cut it as short as you prefer on the back.

Long Blonde Pixie With Side Bangs

#52: Shine on Pixie

A style with an extended pixie cut can be similar to a blank canvas. Once you’ve got your perfect cut you can alter the look however you want. You can either keep it straight or soften it by adding some waves. Mix both to create a hairstyle. It also allows you to choose any shade you want. A iridescent purple tone could bring a lot of shine to your Pixie.

Short and Sweet Haircu

#53: Chin Length Cut for Fine Hair

In the first image, the model’s triangular facial shape and soft locks appear mismatched. However, the “after” picture where the hair is cut and put into a cute and stylish pixie bob, is to show how a layers and length variation can go quite a ways.

Long Pastel Purple Pixie

#54: Neat Black Pixie with Long Bangs

A bit quirky and unique, this pixie cut with a long length features a shorter back that is placed in a stack and cut to create an accent. It makes use of layers that are blended to form an oval shape at the crown. This raises the hair and creates the appearance of fullness.

short stacked pixie bob

#55: Long Silver Pixie Style

This cut (that is a little bit like an cut that is almost a) is long however it doesn’t have the typical neat parting. The hair is styled in a messy manner with the maximum height being at the top of the head, as well as the hair is laid out in a symmetrical fashion across the cut.

Undercut Black Pixie With Bangs

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