A curly and flirty pixie is now a popular choice in the salons of many hair stylists. What was once a snarky haircut is now the norm for women who want a sleek and sleek style. If you want to bring some zing to your new pixie cut we suggest adding an appealing or exciting color. From dark and rich dyes to vibrant primary colors, there are 40 options below that are guaranteed to be awe-inspiring.

Colorful Pixie Cuts

It’s much safer and easier to try out new hues with shorter lengths. A stylish short cut and stunning hair colors is a winning combination and is a great option to alter your look dramatically, if you’re looking for!

#1: Layered Brown-Purple Pixie


Don’t be averse to 50 shades of gray, and instead opt for 50 shades of violet! When you combine multiple violet shades it is possible to transform the standard cut pixie into something fashionable and chic.

layered pixie-bob

2. Lavender Pink Pixie with Highlights

If you’re looking to sport an exciting color such as lavender, the darkened hair roots can create a hair color that is more elegant. This gives depth and helps keep your trendy cut from appearing overpowering. In addition, mixing darker shades makes the look less sweet.

dimensional pixie hairstyle


#3: Bleach Blonde Pixie Cut As Fauxhawk

Hair with bleach blonde is a popular choice by rock stars due the fact that it can be sexy and sweet all at once. Learn from the style icons such as Gwen Stefani and pair your hair with her distinctive red lips.

white blonde pixie with undercuts


#4: Bleach Blonde Pixie

A bleach blonde appearance is the most effective choice you can create for shorter hair. We all know that bleaching hair can harm how healthy your hair but when you have a short hairdo, you’re free to experiment with colors!

Blonde Pixie Fauxhak Hairstyle


#5: Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

The platinum cut will put an emoji on everyone’s face! The latest Pixie hair colors are ash blonde and balayage options that are multi-tonal, or two-tone, as in this instance.

Ash Blonde Pixie Undercut


#6: Magenta Pixie Cut

Images like this draw attention and never let anyone be indifferent. This woman must be in a field that is innovative or be a fashion-forward person. A daring look for a daring woman.

Bright Pink Pixie


#7: Black Pixie Cut

Hair that was colored green used to be considered a joke, but it’s not the case anymore. This black pixie has highlight highlights of green in the bangs. It transforms the usual hairstyle into a fashionable one that doesn’t require any particular style to look beautiful.

Black Pixie With Green Peekaboo Highlights


#8: Black Choppy Pixie

The pixie cut gallery would not be complete without the choppy Pixie. The pixie is what you must to have for anyone with short hair. A brunette pixie that is suitable for hair that is thick can be distinguished because of its texture, but the color can remain natural.

African American Chopped Pixie


#9: Colorful Pixie Cut

This contemporary brown pixie cut has been upgraded by a side cut and some colorful feathers which create an impressive accent to wear with the hues of your outfit or accessories.

Pixie With Temple Undercut And Highlights


#10: Layered Pixie Cut

Natural, bleached or vibrant Pixies look gorgeous for African American women. This cut features carefully cut layers that grow longer toward the bangs. The warm, orange-y shade of this blonde that compliments the skin tone of the girl very much.

Blonde Pixie For Black Women


#11: Frosty Pixie Cut

Elegant and chic The platinum blonde hairstyle creates an air of fascination that surrounds the person sporting the look. The black underlayer that peeks out from the edges provides a striking contrast to the main color . It is a perfect match with dark eyelashes and eyebrows.

Black And Ash Blonde Pixie


#12: Fuchsia Pixie Cut

A hair cut with fuchsia color or a stunning pink pixie cut is an adventure and appears to be hair wigs If you personally want it for as a way to express yourself then why not? The cut looks lovely “refreshing” in a world that is dominated by black and white.

Pink Layered Pixie Cut


#13: Choppy Brown Pixie

For all the coffee lovers on the market, it’s a good idea to show your passion for coffee with a hair color that is a variety of hues of dark brown. The base shade could be a stunning deep mocha, and the highlights are a lovely swirl of milk chocolate.

Brunette Pixie Cut

#14: Snowflake Pixie Cut

It is said that every snowflake is unique. Certain stylists will say the same for haircuts and hair color. Each has its own distinctive flavor since every woman has the uniqueness of her own. What do your hair’s color tells you about yourself?

Short Choppy Blonde Pixie


#15: Shades of Purple Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is a present that will keep giving. In the cut, the color, and also in the style, it’s an amazing hairstyle that demonstrates the trend of pastel hair. The pixie cut and highlighted is an vivid fantasy. You can make it happen.

Short Pastel Purple Hairstyle With Highlights


#16: Fauxhawk Pixie

Brown and black and blonde two-tone hair is in fashion once more however this time it’s not as highlights of blonde on dark hair but instead as an alternative to color for uncut hairstyles that help discern different lengths and textures inside your hairstyle. The times are changing, don’t be out of fashion. The silver fauxhawk is ideal for women looking to go on a quest. Make use of a blow-dryer or a diffuser to create massive waves.

Two Tone Undercut Fauxhawk


#17: Red Wine Pixie

This red pixie cut’s not a ordinary red cut. It’s soft with subtle highlights and an amazing Acular texture. It’s a flattering color for fair skin tones as well as those with tanned skin.

Short Choppy Burgundy Pixie


#18: Foxtail Pixie

Get your creative juices flowing by experimenting with a new haircut. Colorful and trendy hairstyles change Make yours unique and individual to you. Lips that are red, perfect brows or your foxtail hairstyle and you’re ready to go. Bring the world to a brighter space by shining your own light.

Long Pixie Hairstyle With Bangs


#19: Sky Blue Pixie Cut

This isn’t your typical hair cut. It’s a short hairstyle of the future. You don’t have to have long locks to wear a stylish cut. It’s a ombre-colored pixie that can be worn with almost any length of hair! No matter what hairstyle you choose, remember that you’re the star of the show, and not just your hair.

Short Asymmetrical Pastel Blue Undercut


#20: Sea Shore Pixie

If you’re a fan of teal as a color and you’ve searched for an opportunity to apply it to your look then look at this! This elegant and striking pixie that is adorned with highlights of teal is one of the colors that come frequently. It is a must to have a knowledgeable hand to help you get this design.

Black Pixie With Teal Balayage


#21: Crimson Pixie Cut

Hair cut short in layers creates a stunning appearance of an sexy woman. If you’re not satisfied to make you feel more attractive, try enhancing it with a fiery red hair color that is obviously not a solid color. Darker roots with subtle highlights bring style and sophistication to the hairstyle which could otherwise be classified as gaudy or even funky.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut

#22: Silver Colored Pixie

The younger crowd plays with the granny hair trend and those of the old generation are speeding up the possibilities of hair colored. Ash blonde hairstyles such as this one have more than an edge! The soft blue roots and the light purple highlights create the difference in the overall appearance.

Short Gray Bob With Pastel Green Roots


#23: Gray and Blue Pixie

What’s the latest color of pixie hair you should choose? Gray hues or shades of ash are one of the most sought-after colors. If you’re young, gray doesn’t make you older try it out for a and see if you like it. Include something pastel-blue highlights in the mix if you wish to push it to the next level.

Gray Pixie With Blue Highlights


#24: Chin-Length, Fuschia Cut with Etched Design

This isn’t your typical cut. The cool fuschia pixie bob is an alternative that is edgy to the popular short hairstyles that are candy coated and pastel pink colors. The chubby, slender layers offer a wonderful texture and a cute shape that the haircut creates. If you’re looking to experiment with an idea however don’t wish to wear it all the time make sure you get an undercut is only visible when you style your hair.

fuschia pixie-bob


25: Pixie with Long Side Bangs

The edginess comes from the dramatic variation in lengths in that long cap and length. The brown-ash base shade with the thin highlights in dark blonde create an effect of shimmering throughout your hairstyle, which makes a beautiful accent to this sexy cut.

extra short pixie with bangs


#26: Red Pixie Cut With Brown Striped Mohawk

Shapes of square faces can benefit from shorter haircuts that have a an elongated top. With a clipped side and a style that is oriented toward the nape, it is recommended to save any color you want for the center section to prevent the style from appearing too flashy and unorganized.

funky red and brown Mohawk for girls


#27: Asymmetrical cut Side Bangs Long Side Bang

Shaggy layers and soft waves make a wonderful combination, but if are looking for a style distinct from the rest add a splash of colour. Side bangs can be a great way to make thin faces appear more balanced.

short shaggy brown blonde bob


#28: Curly Bangs for Long Faces

Make sure you balance your lively side bang by putting longer curls on the back. This brunette pixie style with a side section is perfect for long face shapes.

brunette pixie cut for curly hair


#29: Pixie With Edgy Layered Bangs

Hair that is relaxed looks more shiny and healthier when it is the natural black shade. However, if you’re looking for a hue, consider adding white blonde highlights all over your bang. This method is beneficial since you can clips to shield your hair from bleach damage.

funky black and white pixie


#30: Creamsicle Waves

When you mix platinum roots and golden copper ends , you can create the appearance of a white and orange like the most loved creamsicle ice cream! Make sure the look doesn’t fall flat by incorporating an old-fashioned pompadour styled in a contemporary way.

pixie haircut styled pompadour


31: Spiked Brunette Pixie with Brown Blonde Highlights

Highlight your chiseled cheekbones drawing attention to them by the sexiest blow. This look is great for a night of club partying with your girlfriends.

cute pixie for black women


#32 Asymmetrical Brown Curls that have Violet Accents

Asymmetrical hairstyles are popular since it flatters all facial shapes. Medium-length, sweet curls make the perfect match with a trendy brunette pixie cut that has a slimmer sides and bright highlights.

short asymmetrical haircut


33: Blonde Faux Mohawk with Bangs

If you’re planning to put on fringes with your pixie but you are concerned about a appearance that reminds you of an old-fashioned bowl cut, it’s essential to layer the top part of the pixie and then have the sides clipped. The two points will create an interesting Mohawk-style look but still allowing for an additional length.

textured platinum blonde pixie

#34 Color: Brown Pixie Cut with Side Bangs Layered

Sometimes, it’s better to stick to the classic styles that have been tried and tested. A mahogany pixie that is rich and has lengthy layers can be a timeless look which can be worn in any setting.

long pixie haircut


#35 Very Short Cut with a Green Bang

This is a great way to play with proportions. It is possible to use this technique to achieve a sexy outcome. This gorgeous pixie is also the color of your choice for a stunning hairstyle that will turn heads. The side bang in green is still able to look light and beautiful.

extra short black pixie with green bangs



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