#21: Accurate Ash Blonde Pixie with Angled Bangs

Transform the front section of your long pixie into peek-a-boo bangs to balance the rough boyish angles of the sideburns and nape. The tousled top and smooth tapered nape are neat and trim, making the most out of your thick, coarse hair.

Pixie With Long Peek-A-Boo Bangs


#22: Long Pixie with Swoopy Layers

Put a contemporary spin on this conventional pixie cut by incorporating swoopy layers. These do develop dynamic lines that are sure to dazzle. Use a smoothing cream to eliminate any flyaways for a trendy and lustrous look.

Blonde Layered Pixie


#23: Silver Pixie with Long Chopped Layers

If you’re feeling experimental, try a dramatic yet reasonably long pixie haircut. As well as being ahead of the style pack, this ‘do features choppy layers that create some stunning distinction. Just make sure that you wash your hair with a purple shampoo to prolong the ashy color.

Choppy Long Pixie Cut


#24: Tapered Textured Pixie with Side Bangs

Liven up your ordinary pixie haircuts with feathered layers and a few blonde babylights. The result is a feminine and professional haircut that you can wear at any venue and in any situation. It’s a perfect style for fine, straight hair.

Feathered Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs

Instagram / @SHORIMTG

#25: Long Softly Layered Pixie Cut

To obtain a glossy and graceful aesthetic, opt for a pixie with soft stacked, V-cut layers cut around the crown. This silky short hairstyle can be blow dried smooth and teased at the roots to show off its stunning shape. You may also want to highlight your locks subtly to produce a shiny, polished effect.

Teased Ash Blonde Pixie Bob


#26: Long Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

Refresh drab coloring and flat textures of your bob and switch to a choppy pixie that shows off a bit of the ear and A LOT of the neck. The long front pieces and stacked back area help showcase your jawline, and the bright blonde highlights over chestnut brown hair look shiny and healthy.

Long Choppy Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @ANHCOTRAN

#27: Blowout for Long Pixie

Blow-dry your long pixie cut to create a smooth, textured surface that helps the metallic balayage shine and shimmer. The side-swept bangs easily balance the poofy top section that seems to sprout from the part line. A versatile haircut, it can look corporate or party-girl, depending on your mood.

Long Pixie Cut With Metallic Balayage


#28: Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

An inverted pixie bob is perfect for formal events and daily wear, depending on how you style it. The buzzed back and sides make a great contrast with the long top, and the inverted shape creates a totally edgy look.

Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob


#29: Long Razored Black-and-White Pixie

Choose a shaggy haircut with a striking color contrast when you’re looking for a new way to wear your short hair. The stark white color over jet black roots creates a unique signature style you can be proud of. Comb it back and leave a few short, wispy bangs in the front for a trendy, modern short look.

Shaggy Long Pixie Haircut


#30: Long Gothic Pixie

This season be ready to spice up long pixie cuts with unusual colors and tousled styling. This long pixie sports cropped side bangs and a stacked back. Make the most of the look with lots of layers and a generous amount of hairspray, wax or gel.

Gray Long Pixie With Pink Highlights



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