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56 DIY Easy Updos for Medium Hair

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It’s hilarious how finding simple medium hairstyles isn’t easy at all. In reality, the internet is brimming with hairstyles but we’re not born with the talent of twisting, braiding, spraying and pinning our way to perfect hairstyles. So what can a girl do? We’re pleased to announce that we’ve personally searched for the best 60 simple updos you can do yourself to create for medium hair. You will be in over.

Try these easy hairstyles for medium-length hair!

1. A Low Bun and Twisted Braids

low chignon braided bun

For this stunning low bun, all you require are two hair tie hair spray and a bit of perseverance. The result is worth the effort!

2. From Braid to Bun

Double Twisted Braid Bun

In just six simple steps in just six steps, you can change a simple braid into a stunning chignon that sits gently on your neck.

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3. Double Twisted Braid Bun

curly medium hair updo

From pigtails to braids that are twisted to create a gorgeous bun in just minutes using one of our favorite styles from our simple updos for medium hair.

4. Twisting an Updo

French Braid Low Bun

The best things happen when you twist! It’s helpful when your hair naturally curly or wavy for this gorgeous chignon.3

5. French Braid Low Bun

easy updos for medium hair curly bun

Another one of the easy 9-step updos for medium hair is gradual bringing your hair into a full French braid before twisting left, right, and up.

6. Wavy & Messy Bun

three twisted buns

The curly gals will adore this idea. All you need to do is put your hair in a half-up with half down and twist around and up.

7. Three Way Twist

Classic and Classy Low Bun

If you’re looking to find simple haircuts for medium hair this is as easy as it can get. Hair is tied in three ponytails, then turn the ponytails around.

8. Classic & Classy Low Bun

High Bun with Double Braids

For this elegant and classic hairstyle make sure you twist your hair’s sides and then tie them in an elegant ponytail. Then, wrap it around and secure by putting a bobby pin in it. Voila!

9. The High Bun has Double Braids

Back Braided Crown

All braids! Begin with the hair’s sides Bring all of the hair in a ponytail. Then braid it too! Make sure to twist the braid around to create a gorgeous hairstyle.

10. Back Braided Crown

Longer Ponytail

Make two braids and leave the outer edges free. Wrap left and right, and you’ll have an amazing chignon that is surrounded by braids.

11. Longer Ponytail

Elegantly Curled Bun

Are you looking to an illusion? Make that long ponytail you’ve always wanted by first dividing your hair in two then half down before tie the two pieces into distinct ponytails. The top ponytail should be affixed to the lower and then enjoy your long pony!

12. Elegantly Curled Bun

Braided Bohemian Updo

You’ll need a curling tool for these types of simple buns that are suitable with medium-length hair. Follow the steps in the image above to achieve a stunning loose bun perfect for the wedding!

13. Braided Bohemian Updo

Triple Braid Bun

Boho chic for anyone? Hair braids in four and wrap them around to create a chic bohemian style.

14. Triple Braid Bun

Linked Updo

It’s similar to the three-way twist, but you braid the ponytails in mini ponytails prior to turning them in buns. Make sure to include Bobby pins!

15. Linked Updo

Afro Faux Hawk

Begin from on top and work all the way down towards the bottom of your neck. This will create the most unique braid linked.

16. Afro Faux Hawk

Blossoming Bow

If you’re lucky enough have hair that is afro all you need to do is to comb it towards at the crown of your hair, and then pack with pins around your head to create the perfect curly faux hairstyle.

17. Blossoming Bow

Classic Messy Bun

Hair bows are something we all love However, you can make them more intriguing than a standard one. Once you’ve put placed the bow gently twist it until it opens beautifully.

18. Classic Messy Bun

Sophisticated Updo

Find a hair tie, twist your neck, pull all your hair and gently curl it into an bun. This is all you need to do.

19. Connected Ponytail

connected ponytail

A fun twist on the traditional ponytail the hairstyle involves dividing your hair horizontally into three pieces and then attaching hair ties every couple of inches.

20. Double Side Twists Bun

Double Side Twists Bun

Divide your hair into two, then twist the sides to form the cutest little double bun.

21. Sophisticated Updo

Loose French Braid Bun

Get ready for the hairspray! Take your time gently tying your hair to create a loose, elegant bun, and then apply hair sprays in abundance to secure it.

22. Loose French Braid Bun

French Braid Ponytail

Start with the loose French braid that is placed on high point of your hair. You can finish with an elastic band for an eye-catching and stylish loose hairstyle.

23. French Braid Ponytail

Loose Curly Bun

The steps are basically identical for these simple haircuts for medium hair. however, you must tie your hair into an elongated ponytail at the top instead of bun.

24. Loose Curly Bun

Linked Crown Low Bun

Use pins to join your hair’s wavy locks into the messy, but stylish hairstyle. Make sure not to put a couple of loose hair strands along the sides of your face to create an elegant look.

25. Linked Crown Low Bun

Side Wrap Bun

Instead of putting your hair to a low bun using braided crowns, join the top section of your hair for an original look.

26. Side Wrap Bun

bun with double hairband

Part your hair half-up with the other half down. The top portion of your hair should be wrapped in an bun. Split the rest of the hair vertically in two. Then wrap them up left and right at each time. All done!

27. Double Headband

Classic French Braid

After you’ve put your perfect messy bun and you’re ready to add your personal touch by adding an adorable double headband.

28. Classic French Braid

Side Chignon

We all know about the iconic French braid But how do you actually do it? This step-by-step guide demonstrates how simple it is!

29. Side Chignon

bow and bun

Don’t settle for usual when you can make the classic chignon a new twist? Instead of maintaining it straight and away from the left a little.

30. Bun & Bow

Half Up Half Down with Braid Crown

Are there ways to make a bohemian bob even more charming? Surprisingly, yes. Put a big bow on the color of your choice and you’ll appear like you were straight from an epic fairytale.

31. Half Up , Half Down Braid Crown

Upper Side Fishtail

One of the most simple ways to style your medium hair that you can experiment with at anytime is braiding two strands of hair on either side and then joining them for an adorable half up and half down style.

32. Upper Side Fishtail

Curly Side Chignon

A braided and well-designed fishtail can be a great option for simple updos suitable with medium-length hair.

33. Curly Side Chignon

Swept Up Bun

Another method to make a side chignon look more stylish is to curl your hair prior to. It’s even better if the hair is naturally curly or curly.

34. Swept Up Bun

Twisted Chignon with Accessories

Another stunning hairstyle for weddings is the swept style. You can pin up loose hair and then sweep the sides.

35. The Twisted Chignon with Accessories

wedding updo

Make a twisted hairstyle and then add your favorite hairpins.

36. Perfect Wedding Updo

Side Braid Ponytail

This curly hairstyle is the wedding dress you’ve always wanted.

37. Side Braid Ponytail

Braid Over Chignon

You can braid a little of your hair off to the side and then tie the rest to form an ponytail.

38. Braid Over Chignon

Loose French Braid High Ponytail

In a loose chignon, pin it in and braid it on top.

39. Loose French Braid High Ponytail

Casual Ponytail with Bangs

Let loose you hair’s top French braid and finish with a ponytail that is high.

40. A casual ponytail that has Bangs

Puffed Up Ponytail

What you are seeing is what you will receive ladies.

41. Puffed Up Ponytail

Big Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Make sure you puff your ponytail up with an comb and hair spray.

42. Big Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Soft Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Make sure you tie your hair in a half-up ponytail that is half down, and then start playing with your hair.

43. Soft Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

This is the traditional version of the half up , half down ponytail.

44. Messy Ponytail

Puffy Afro Faux Hawk

Don’t be afraid of getting dirty with the ponytails of your children.

45. Puffy Afro Faux Hawk

Half Up Half Down Twist

Hairstyles: Make the faux hawk, and then relax!

46. Half Up Half Down Twist

Bandana Ponytail

After you have parted your hair up half-way with the other half hanging down wrap the ends into an bun.

47. Bandana Ponytail

Pin Up Ponytail

Put a bandana on your ponytail to create a chic and trendy style.

48. Pin Up Ponytail

Half Up Half Down Bun

Tie your ponytail up with your ribbon, and then make sure to curl the rest.

49. Half Up Half Down Bun

Braid Up Bun

Make an up-half down bun.

50. Braid Up Bun

Double Braid Crown

Begin with an French braid, and finish with a great twist on a traditional bun.

51. Double Braid Crown

Braid Wrap Around Crown Bun

Double your crown by using braids of traditional design and fishtail braid.

52. Braid Wrap Around Crown Bun

Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid

Choose a long bun and wrap it in the thickest braid.

53. Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid

Curly Braid Down Bun

The top portion of your half-up, half down hairstyle to create the cutest fishtail.

54. Curly Braid Down Bun

Braided Updo with Flowers

Get the most out of your curls using the loosely braided hairstyle.

55. Braided Updos with flowers

Wrap Around Twist Crown

You can add a few flowers to your braids for added femininity.

56. Half Up, Half Down with Two Braids

Join two side braids to create an elegant princess braid. braids that are suitable for hair with medium volume.

Low Bun with Twisted Braids

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