The reason why bob hairstyles are so popular is that they are extremely versatile. There is no hair texture or a face shape that a certain bob wouldn’t fit. No matter what length you prefer, there is a bob of that length for sure – short bob hairstyles, medium bob hairstyles, long bob hair, and the list goes on.

Besides, styling has never been easier than with a bob cut. Just 10 minutes, and you are ready to rock the day. What is more, there is no cut that will emphasize your personality better than a bob. You can choose anything you like from an asymmetrical bob, inverted bob, stacked bob to layered bob. It does not matter what you prefer – we have it covered! Do not trust us, have a look yourself!

Short Bob Hairstyles

Short Bob Hairstyles picture1

Short Bob Hairstyles picture2

Short Bob Hairstyles picture3

The thing about short bob haircuts is that they are both edgy and elegant. It depends on your mood how to wear it today – sleek or messy, or the combination of the two. Look at this salt-and-pepper colored piecy bob with a side part! Is it a perfect example of everything described above?

Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles

Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles picture1

Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles picture2

Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles picture3

A wavy bob will grant you so much volume you would gasp when you see it! To style, apply curl activator to the wet hair and blow dry, or spritz the hair with hairspray and use a curling iron.

Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium Bob Hairstyles picture1

Medium Bob Hairstyles picture2

Medium Bob Hairstyles picture3

It seems that medium bob hairstyles are the most popular ones. But when you think about it for a minute, you will realize that there is nothing strange about it. Who wouldn’t want just to get out of bed, run a comb through your hair and be ready to conquer? That is exactly what medium bobs grant you. Amazing, right?

Long Bob Hairstyles

Long Bob Hairstyles picture1

Long Bob Hairstyles picture2

Long Bob Hairstyles picture3

Long bobs are something all the Hollywood celebrities are opting for. Do you want to look just like them? Opt for a nice chocolate lob with a light touch of beach waves and a center part. All the attention will be yours, we can promise you that!

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs picture1

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs picture2

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs picture3

When you thought that bangs are not your cup of tea, you probably didn’t know about bobs with bangs. The number of bob cuts with bangs is extraordinary large. For example, when a blunt bang is not your thing, opt for a layered bob with side-swept bangs. An icy-blonde shade would be a nice addition to your stunning look.

Straight Bob Hairstyles

Straight Bob Hairstyles picture1

Straight Bob Hairstyles picture2

Straight Bob Hairstyles picture3

An inverted stacked bob is what you need if you think that curls are too much for you. It is perfectly sleek and extraordinary charming. All that is left is to pick your perfect shade. How do you feel about warm brown hues?

Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Wavy Bob Hairstyles picture1

Wavy Bob Hairstyles picture2

Wavy Bob Hairstyles picture3

Waves are sexy, we doubt that you will try to contradict us. But do you know what can be sexier? That would be a wavy lob with honey and mocha highlights over your brown mane. Just a thought of it makes you drool, doesn’t it?

Braided Bob Hairstyles

Braided Bob Hairstyles picture1

Braided Bob Hairstyles picture2

Braided Bob Hairstyles picture3

People often think that braids were invented only for those who have long hair. But even a sleek bob looks exquisite with braids. Just one side braid, and the look is dramatically transformed. It is just like magic, what do you think?


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