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Blonde balayage can give you the needed dimension and depth you’ve been searching for. Whatever shade you blend them with, the result will be distinctive and unique. The fact is that it is nearly impossible to appear identical to anyone else when you decide to use this method. The colors you choose are selected specifically to compliment you and only you. However, we can help you find the right direction using our list of suggestions that we’ve collected in this article. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Natural-Looking Balayage

Natural-Looking Balayage picture1

Natural-Looking Balayage picture2

Natural-Looking Balayage picture3

There’s nothing new about the appearance of blonde hair today. This is why you must strive to make your hair special and unique. We believe that this complicated transition from dark to light could be worth a look particularly if you’ve got lovely long hair to care for.

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Dark Hair With Ashy Balayage

Dark Hair with Ashy Balayage picture1

Dark Hair with Ashy Balayage picture2

Dark Hair with Ashy Balayage picture3

How can I balayage hair that is blond to make it appear unusual, yet still appropriate for formal occasions? Then, choosing silver tones could be the solution you’ve been searching for. What are your thoughts?

Sahara Beige To Cream Soda Balayage

Sahara Beige to Cream Soda Balayage picture1

Sahara Beige to Cream Soda Balayage picture2

Sahara Beige to Cream Soda Balayage picture3

It appears that it’s all about beverages in the present. Colors of cream soda are sweet and warm that it would be shame to not incorporate the color to your hair. There’s also an extremely slim chance that any people you know are aware of this trend that is coming up.

Brown With Blonde Balayage

Fancy Light Brown picture1

Brown with Blonde Balayage picture2

Fancy Light Brown picture3

Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide and pick only one color. This is why we advise that you mix dark browns with light, honey-colored shades. Be sure everyone is aware of the stunning change in color with your hair neat and loose.

Dark Hair With Platinum Blonde Balayage

White Blonde Balayage picture1

White Blonde Balayage picture2

White Blonde Balayage picture3

You’re loving Mother of Dragons and you love the pure white hair she’s got? Why not try the same hair yourself? If you want to make things more interesting we suggest to color your roots dark purple. Yes, we thought you’d be thrilled!

Red To Blonde Balayage

Red to Blonde Balayage picture1

Red to Blonde Balayage picture2

Red to Blonde Balayage picture3

It is a myth that the only way to go from red to lighter must always be pink. We will show that a red-to- blonde transition can be much more exciting and unique. Look at this gorgeous combination of color and depth!

Light Brown To Blonde Balayage

Light Brown to Blonde Balayage picture1

Light Brown to Blonde Balayage picture2

Light Brown to Blonde Balayage picture3

If you decide to be all-in, there’s no going back. It is highly very unlikely to meet any person who doesn’t take at least one glance at the gorgeous hair of yours. The whole thing starts with dark brown roots, and ends with something like snow itself. Fascinating!

Blonde To Blonde Balayage

Blonde to Blonde Balayage picture1

Blonde to Blonde Balayage picture2

Blonde to Blonde Balayage picture3

It’s a bit odd that someone is tempted to mix blonde and blonde. But if you take one look, you will see what the magic is. It’s the fact that the moment you mix a variety of shades of blonde it will be difficult to find a way to determine that it’s not the natural color. Amazing, right?

Wheat-Gold Balayage

Wheat Gold Balayage picture1

Wheat Gold Balayage picture2

Wheat Gold Balayage picture3

Beige Blonde

Beige Blonde picture1

Beige Blonde picture2

Beige Blonde picture3

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