10 Outrageous Pixie Cuts and Color Ideas for Short Hair

Pixie hairstyles that are outrageous are a style of fashion that has been taken to the edge! They are made to make you appear stunning and attract everyone’s attention for all the good reasons. In addition, they show off your individual style and sense of fashion. The current gallery of fashion includes a variety of innovative designs from talented stylists and their awards-winning hairstyles for pixies. If you’re a fan of breaking every rule and sporting an untamed but elegant look then you’re in the right location!

1. Black-white-white-blonde with white-blonde highlights Windswept pixie cut color concepts

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

The long flowing lines form an impressive face with an asymmetrical shape that break the shape of a round face . It also conceals a broad forehead that is shaped like a heart. The wind-blown look gives the appearance of a rebel with their own style and fresh concepts. It is necessary to have hair that is medium-to-thick to achieve this look because silky thin hair is likely to appear out of place. Highlights are fashionable jet black roots that contrast with light blue around the crown and ivory on the front!

2. Platinum-blonde with disconnected line details – pixie cut and color suggestions

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

This stunning platinum blonde without dark roots looks softer and more appealing. It’s because it helps the hair seem as natural as the model’s hair color. A clever stylist has altered the gorgeous appearance of this fashionable Pixie by adding textured, edgy ends that make tangled ends. Under long layers the back is rounded to create an attractive point in the rear part of your head. A cut line and a distinct V form a gorgeous appearance in a dazzlingly stylish short cut!

3. Ivory-white and flame-orange tips ideas for pixie cuts and color

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

This is a fantastic illustration of how a tiny hint of color can make an amazing impact on a dark and platinum blonde short haircut. This particular model has a large nose, and the stylist has created a stunning curving volume in the back, which will draw attention and balances the overall silhouette. Hair that is styled forward, and then curving back, like long bangs, and side-parting can focus attention off of the face. To add a final touch of creativity, bright pink tips align with the clean jawline of the model and create a stunning center point for the side!

4. Neon yellow basin-cut, Pixie cut and color ideas

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

It’s evident that this model is fond of an the unusual look, stylish black lipstick and tunnel earrings. The contrast in style is evidently her style, since her chic gray dress doesn’t look like her Pixie, which is cut with bright green highlights and orange roots! It all looks great since contrasting colors are a fashion trend that is a big hit. The face is attractive The cup cut features an angular line, and an unmistakably homey feel that is in contrast to the meticulously designed nape. The stylist even completed the look with a stylish V-neck that is visible on the back!

5. Straight and curly combination on brunette short hairstyle

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

This is a pretty young look that’s not too outrageous however, it’s here due to the stunning haircut. This is a quick and easy cut with sharp, forward-facing strands that emphasize cheekbones and freshens the complexion. The hair has a stylish juxtaposition between top hair and straight back. The straight back is delicately shaved at the side of the hair, creating a gorgeous curvature. The deep curly bangs, with a little wavy texture and a slicked-forward , slicked-back top provide volume, movement and the appearance of. This natural style is perfect for hair with medium or fine texture!

6. Orange and purple details are affixed to the vintage white Mary Quant short basin-cut

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

It’s a stunning and intriguing haircut and the color. It is a combination of Mary Quant’s famous haircut from the 1960s and the popular trend of purple and orange from the 70s. Its gorgeous white-brown shade looks totally contemporary! This is a stunning futuristic hairstyle featuring bright orange and purple set at the roots on the other side. The elongated hair of gorgeous shape, pointed upwards, focus on the cheekbones and eyes that the subject. A great look for a heart-shaped face!

7. Delicate shimmering beige on short straight choppy short hairstyle

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

This is a trendy short cut with ragged edges. It’s an innovative approach to the pixie haircut. The man is incredibly built.

It has a blurred section and a gorgeous smooth section to the side. The striking hair-color is captivating because of its stunning mix of beige, gold and a metallic shine. This makes the final look delicate and natural. It has thin layers that cover the hairline and the ear!

8. Lavender-silver slender short cut with cut fringe and nape detail

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

The four photos below show how you can take a simple layers haircut and mix it with your the imagination of a stylist to produce something beautiful and new! The stylist’s cleverness has resulted in the most beautiful, soft, side-swept front. The stylist cut the romantic style by putting on a dark micro-fringe and buzzed edges. You get a stylish contrast of long, sweeping layers of delicate silver with a lavender sheen and the vintage”punk” look. To make it look totally modern, the stylist cut a slit in the nape!

9. Gray and silver defined hairstyles with messy, thick hairstyle

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

This stylish, high-volume pixie cut is the solution for anyone suffering from gray hairs. Enjoy them with a trendy gray silver and white hair color style and a fresh contemporary haircut. This is a fantastic haircut for thick hair with lots in natural body. We love the side-parting that stylist has created the look of a weave, as well as the attractive high-height and texture and topped off with some edgy hair tips that are flipped out!

10. Modern black-gray-magenta short hairstyle

10 Pixie Cut & Color Ideas - Outrageous New Short Hairstyles

The stunning new haircut and color is a stunning look that can completely alter your appearance! The style is artistic and futuristic, featuring cut-off sections and a strong , bowl-cut line in black, under silver-gray cut layers. The stylist has designed an impressive, high-maintenance style that you’ll have to trim and shave often to keep the edge. If you’re looking to make an impact and display your personal fashion sense, it’s an amazing style!


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