Inspired by the classic 60s style, the stacked hairstyle keeps infuriating women as well as those who’s around them, especially if they opt for extra volume and a round body shape that is full of volume on the rear of the hair. This is precisely what a stacked bob cut is all about: it’s cut shorter around the nape, and layered that add a lot of volume and texture to cuts (that’s why hair that is thin and thin-looking women prefer a stacked cut.) But, those with thick and thick hair may also reap their benefits as well, since the layers of stacked hair will assist in eliminating that unattractive bulk and create more motion. Stacked Bob haircuts can be short, medium-length, or without bangs. this flexibility is why they are never out of fashion. If done professionally, to perfection, a stacked hairstyle is so diverse that it will fit any facial shape and hair kind. The gallery below displays an array of stunning hairstyles that are stacked along with suggestions as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding hairstyles that are stacked. If you’re wanting to test this cut and looking for a lot of ideas, scroll down.

Charming Stacked Bob Haircuts

Edgy Stacked Long Bob (Lob)

A slack, edgy haircut will add volume and the volume of thin and fine hair. However, even if you wear it smooth and sleek soft layers of a angled bob stacking napes will provide your hair with the desired dimension and dimension.

Stacked Bob for Wavy Hair

Experts in color and haircuts would highly suggest their clients include some texture in their short bobs if they are looking to bring out the most beautiful version of their hair. Because the length isn’t able to permit for changing hairstyles frequently it is possible to diversify your appearance by playing with curly, straight messy hair, and wavy textures.

Stacked Balayage

The addition of balayage blonde highlights is another method of adding the dimension and thickness to hair that is naturally thin. This coloring method even a medium-length hairstyle that is stacked can give an appearance of volume that complements your hair style and personality.

Angled Stacked Bob

The platinum blonde cut of this bob is very short, with a longer front and the smaller back and is finished by layers. In this way, a stackable cut can give you extra volume even when cut short. If you add some peekaboo highlights of trendy colors then you’ll be the supermodel of short and stacked bobs.

Blonde Piece-y Stacked Bob

This is where you will view the blonde, stacked Bob in motion. The layers allow you to have the possibility of styling your hair in a way that you can Move them away from the front and you’ll get a totally new style and look towards the back.

The Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

The short stacked bob cut with a dark chocolate brown background and blonde highlights appears quite different from an ordinary Pixie bob. The bob stacked with bangs on the photo has an interesting side piece that reroutes the bangs towards the opposite side, and highlights the cut at the temple.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical stacked hairstyles are frequently favored by celebs as opposed to other bob styles. Asymmetry adds a sense of playfulness, freedom, as well as intrigue classic haircut of the bob. This is the best way to revive your short hair in various styles.

Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

Does thick hair benefit from a short bob stacked? Absolutely! But only if the hairstylist can do everything right. If cut in the right manner, the short stacks can create a soft cut that makes cuts look lighter and more airy.

White Choppy Pixie Bob

Oh, that chic greyish white everyone seems to be in love with! This blonde shade transforms any hairstyle into a stunning and refined work of work. Do you want to add that luxurious look to your hair that is thin in a short, stacked hairstyle? Follow the guide.

Jaw-Length Razored Bronde Bob

The medium-sized stacked bob cut is designed to please beautiful goddesses and elegance. The jaw-length front strands softly “hug” on the cheeks, drawing attention to facial highlights. The medium length hair gets shorter, and it ends at the nape , forming the hair is stacked super short.

Strawberry Blonde Stack with Red Highlights

The fire department is on the way! This strawberry blonde in a red peekaboo cut is hot!

Sleek Straight Inverted Bob

Women with straight hair will feel a sense of relief when their hair is cut into a short , stacked Bob hairstyle. Your natural smooth texture makes to have no styling when you have an angled bob that has layers of layers stacked on the back.

Straight Burgundy Red Bob

A burgundy red bob inverted will look cool on women who are older. The shade hides the silver hair that is naturally present and it’s simple to style using round brushes when blow drying.

Silver Pixie

Check out another stylish bob with simple accents. The first thing to note is that the color silver hair is an incredibly popular trend and you cannot be without it. Then, this Pixie bob is also one of the stacked bobs with bangs, which are swept across the face with a long side part.

High Stacked Inverted Bob

A high-stacked bob made of copper is usually preferred by older women but young women also wear it often. If you have natural hair color this haircut could appear too simple So, always think about the addition of color to shorter hairstyles that are stacked.

Highlighted Bob with Bangs and Stacked Layers

Who says an angled bob cut could be achieved with blonde highlights only or balayage? In reality, bright multicolor highlights over a round Bob wavy haircut with soft layers is an excellent option to experiment with.

Medium Brown Stack

This medium-length bob with a stacked style shouts “Classics! The basics!” And this is the perfect style to go with if your not looking to changing the darker chocolate-brown hair shade or your medium length hairstyle a much.

Dimensional Dirty-Blonde Stack

This dark shade of blonde, with dark bluish roots will be a great choice for women who have cold skin kinds. And a stacked haircut such as this can give the WOW effect to thin and fine hair.

Inverted Bob Undercut

It’s a great idea to add a touch of wavy to small stacked bob haircuts, like this by cutting an undercut in the nape. You can then finish the look with a cool cut-outs, and then make a an wavy texture of stacked bobs on top. It’s messy and enjoyable.

Two-Tone Razored Stacked Bob

You are free to play around with the hues of your hair highlights stacked. This warm reddish hue is perfect for Asian hair as well as Latino hair.

Wispy Black Bob

Here’s an example of typical short-stacked hairstyles that have wispy layers on the back, as well as the classic angle bob length gradient.

Messy Stacked Bob for Thin Fine, Hair

Oh how filthy and messy stacked bobs that add body and form of fine hair. When you’re putting them over a traditional stacked Bob, you’ll have to apply a product that can texturize your hair on hair that is damp, then work it through it using the use of a round brush while blow drying the cut and creating a rounded shape.

One-Length Bob with Stacked Nape

One-length bobs are not often placed in a stack, but you could test a stacked haircut even if you do not want to choose an inverted hairstyle. If you want to change the look of your hair that is short, you can arrange the layers toward the centerof the back of the stacked area.

Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

You can go beyond the usual blonde highlights and add some spice to your stacked bob’s feathers by adding the dark hues of brown and gold. The shaggy bob with texture bangs is becoming a trend in fashion today, so take the chance to be among the first to own it.

Neat Bronde Bob featuring Stacked Layers

It’s so light and easy to care for Yet still sporting an elegant A-line cut this hairstyle is the perfect mix of charm and freedom. This of which, as you can see is the most effective way to make any haircut look unique. The delicate blonde highlights create this stunning hairstyle so unique.

The Angled Bob With Swoopy Feathered Layers

This bob inverted is great for thick, textured hair. The wavy layers in the back help to improve the shape of this bob to reduce the volume, and create an attractive shape. Some peekaboo highlights in the front portion of hair could be a lovely juicy accent. Make sure that the hue must match your skin tone as this hair strand is directly in front of the face.

Shoulder Length Stacked Bob

A long stacked bob provides you to style your hair in a variety of ways including a classic rounded hairstyle to a variety of updos and half-ups. If you’re interested in changing your hairstyles every day, or making ponytails and braids, go for the long stacked bob as it offers plenty of options for hairstyles.

Sleek Bob for Thin Hair

Hair that is fine and thin will appear more fuller when paired with the sleek, short-stacked cut. The layers on the back give the appearance of thick hair and the coloring technique highlights it.

Short Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

We’ve previously mentioned that stacked bobs are a great option on all kinds of hair, but in various ways. This photo is an example. An asymmetrical bob cutting can be used to control curly hair. So, your curls won’t transform your hairstyle into a shaggy scruffy bob any longer.

Chic Bob with Swoopy Layers

This chick-layered bob is perfect for women who are in their 40s. The swoopy layers and the color accents are what you need that completely change the traditional look of a bob cut.

Blonde Stack that has Deep Side Bang

This blonde bob stacked for thin hair is a great way to add an extra dimension to hair due to the multicolor peekaboo highlights within the cut. This bob stacked with bangs is characterized by shaggy fringe that is swept upwards at the top of the head.

Choppy Burgundy Bob Cut

It’s nothing special It’s a simple clean-cut, hairstyle that is layered and stacked with burgundy streaks as well as an edge-y cut.

Choppy Tousled Bob Cut

Ah, the stacked hairstyle is filled with joy youthfulness, youth, lightness and an edgy spirit! This stacked bob short is somewhat unconnected and has random highlights. A shaggy bob of this kind is perfect to wear with Jeans and a Hoodie or with a stylish party dress or even the perfect summer dress.

Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

This wavy-stacked bob is available in a burgundy and brown mixture of shades. The hair dye will increase the natural brown hair color without making it look too bizarre. In terms of the waves, you can create them using an iron to style straight hair or by spreading a styling product that sculpts your hair.

Short Pearl Blonde Razored Bob

The bob that is short and stacked appears like an exquisite pearl. The shape and color that this stack bob are incredibly elegant chic, sophisticated, and classy.

Bob inverted Bob with Crown Layers Added

For straight and smooth hair types this shorter stacked bob that is inverted or even a pixie can provide an extra fun texture (which isn’t always present.) So, you can put in additional crown layers to give movement and volume to your straight hair naturally.

Bob with Rounded Bob With Swoopy Front Layers

If the stacked bobs mentioned above are boring to you, perhaps the bright color is just the thing you’re looking for? A classic round stacked bob isn’t conventional with those swirly purple and blue front layers.

Gray Wavy Bob

Here’s another alternative to stacked bob hairstyles for women who are older and have fine hair. Alongside the layers, include an element of wave to the stacked hairstyle. Charming and cute A grey waved stacked bob could be coupled with shorter baby bangs.

Frizzy Stacked Bob

A short-stacked bob is a great concept for curls. The red hue gives it an additional level of distinctiveness. For the texture of this stacked hairstyle it is essential apply a cream for hair care and styling products to get this gorgeous healthy appearance.

A slanted Bob With Choppy Back

It’s sometimes better not to add extra texture in hair that is thick. This is why simple hairstyles with a silky texture will never go out of style.

Extreme Teased Stack

This is a second mind-blowing and head-turning concept of bright stacking haircuts for bold girls. A vibrant red and dark roots layers that are long, and some slight disarray This is exactly the kind of look your inner hulk is looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell the difference between an stacked bob and an layered bob?

A Layered Bob (aka textured Bob) is characterized by the layers and texture all over the cut, which creates that motion effect for the entire style. A stack bob is able to adjust the layers only in the back of the hair. As a result the most volume is in the back. The region is cut at a more sharp angle.

Are stacked bobs out of fashion?

Absolutely not. Bob haircuts that are stacked won’t ever disappear due to the fact that they’re transformed and adapted to fashions of the moment. Bangs, fringes that are trendy, edgy and popular shades – a stacked bob incorporates new features which means it is always in tune with the current trends.

How can you tell the difference between an inverted and stacked Bob?

Inverted hairstyle called a bob (aka graduated bob) is a type of bob haircut that has shorter back and a longer front. A stacked bob is also characterized by this length gradation. However there’s a second “must” when it comes to an inverted style: the stacked layers , which have extra volume in the back.


So, what? Are you ready for a little change on your favorite hairstyle? Perhaps, you’ve found the fantastic bob stacked option to suit your style through this photo gallery. We did our best to locate the latest, most current fashionable, stylish, and fun hairstyles that are stacked to share on Instagram as well as Pinterest. There’s no risk – save the image and then have your stylist transform it into something beautiful! Take it on and have fun, girl. Have great fun!


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