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Do you want to experiment with any of the long bob haircuts? Are you looking for an innovative and exciting method to cut your long hair without compromising length? Long bobs are in and provide plenty of space for color options. When you’re considering shorter or longer bob haircuts, you won’t be disappointed because there are plenty of fashionable haircuts available.

From the classic A-line, trendy lob haircuts or chic, choppy hairstyles There are hundreds of stylistic choices. With all the hottest colors, including balayage, ombre, highlights or lowlights you’ll not run out of hairstyle ideas.

1. Tousled Bob

Tousled Bob

This bob cut includes a shorter layer in the back, and a longer one in front to define your facial features. If you’d like to make the look more feminine and playful, apply sea salt spray over your hair when it’s wet, then braid your hair . let it rest for a couple of hours. Let it flutter loosely to create sexy, tousled waves.

2. Long Bob for Straight Hair

Long Bob for Straight Hair

If you prefer the sleek, straight look but still want plenty of volume and body You can try the long bob with a center portion and sleek edges. Make sure you add some volumizing mousse. blow dry straight using the round brush and move your locks in a straight line to get them even more smooth.

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3. Voluminous Long Bob

Voluminous Long Bob

In terms of volume, this style is full of body! With long bangs that fall in a playful way on your face and curly waves, this look is chic and hip.

4. Medium to Long Bob

Medium to Long Bob

This somewhat messy hairstyle with medium and long layers will add lots of body and shape to your hair, allowing for plenty of movement. This hairstyle is ideal for hair with fine curls.

5. Long Bob for Thin Hair

Long Bob for Thin Hair

For those with hair that is finer looking to increase volume Try this cut that has layers underneath to give some texture, volume and volume to create a stunning new style?

6. Long Sleek Bob

Long Sleek Bob

This chic bob looks great for any hair type. If you’re looking to make the look stylish, go for cool-toned low or high lighting for a multi-dimensional effect.

7. Extra Long Lob

Extra Long Lob

This stunning lob frames your face with silky, sexy layers which are longer at the top. Beautiful balayage tones and waves will make this gorgeous Asymmetrical look more attractive.

8. Wavy, Choppy Long Bob

Wavy, Choppy Long Bob

The most appealing feature of this amazing hairstyle is that it’s incredibly simple to create. All you have be able to wrap large pieces of hair in a barreled curling tool and let the edges open to maintain the loose look. You can also wear beautiful waves.

9. Bob with Blunt Tips. Bob along with Blunt Tips

Long Bob with Blunt Tips

This longer lob with strong sharp edges is great for any hair type or texture. If you’re looking to take your style to the top of the line, this style is ideal for hand-painted, striking ombre shades.

10. Messy Waves

Messy Waves

This easy-to-maintain look is ideal for those who lead busy lives. All you have to do is get up, apply a texture or volumizing products to curl your hair, twirl it for a few seconds and then go!

11. Medium Bob with Side Fringe

Medium Bob with Side Fringe

This style is ideal for those who have thick, straight hair. The fringe on the side is subtle and gives an edgy look, but still looks stylish.

12. Soft Layered Bob

Soft Layered Bob

With its delicate, soft layers that give the body to any type of hair This cut is just way too cute to be described in words. The layers aren’t noticeable , and the side-swept cut provides a touch of edge to this stylish and feminine look.

13. Directional Waves

Directional Waves

If you are looking for an exciting new style Try curling your hair from the back, not at the crown of your hair. The great thing about this particular style is that it gives lots of texture and movement every hair type.

14. Long, Asymmetrical Bob

Long, Asymmetrical Bob

This cool look that has dramatically longer pieces on the front will frame your face beautifully. If you’re looking to bring some subtle highlights to the front part this will make the style even more chic and feminine.

15. Perfectly Imperfect Lob

Perfectly Imperfect Lob

This style of bed head is sassy and fun. For more volume, choose the balayage in three or two shades as well as blow-dry your hair upside-down and then twist it or turn it upside down using the flat iron.

16. Beach Waves

Beach Waves

What is the best way to make your hair look natural and effortless? Of course beach waves can! Simply combine them with this gorgeous purple hair, and hide a perfect straight layer in the back!

17. Long Bowl Bob

Long Bowl Bob

If one hairstyle too much for you then who said that you shouldn’t experiment? A bowl that is cut with an long bob and bright color is a perfect match Do you think so?

18. Volumetric Texture

Volumetric Texture

If you’re looking to be like the magical creatures known like mermaids and mermaids this teal-colored hairstyle is the ideal option to make a statement. It’s not just going to make you stand apart from others however, it will increase the volume of the hair that is thin!

19. Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob

20. Bob With Big Volumetry Curls

Bob with Big Volumetry Curls

21. Sleek Bob With Bang

Sleek Bob with Bang

Are you ready for the new look? Explore a variety of styles and colors. You can take your style up a notch using one of these fashionable long bob haircuts!

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