11. Medium Bob with Side Fringe

Medium Bob with Side Fringe

This look is great for those with straight, thick tresses. The slight side fringe adds a playful look but is still sophisticated.

12. Soft Layered Bob

Source: jaymz.marsters via Instagram

Soft Layered Bob

With its soft, subtle layers to add body to any hair type, this cut is too adorable for words. The layers are barely noticeable and the side-swept look adds a bit an edge to this chic and feminine style.

13. Directional Waves

Directional Waves

If you want a fun new look, try curling your hair to the back instead of the top of your head. The best part about this look is that it adds a ton of texture and movement to any hair type.

14. Long, Asymmetrical Bob

Source: stephygnarstagram via Instagram

Long, Asymmetrical Bob

This edgy look with drastically longer pieces in the front will frame the face perfectly. If you want to add some soft highlights to the front section, it will make this look even more feminine and chic.

15. Perfectly Imperfect Lob

Perfectly Imperfect Lob

This bed head style has both attitude and sass. To add even more volume, opt for a two or three-toned balayage and blow dry your hair upside down and then twist or flip it out with a flat iron.

16. Beach Waves

Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram

Beach Waves

What can make your bob locks look perfectly effortless and natural? Of course beach waves can! Just combine them with this stunning purple hair and a hidden, perfectly straight layer at the back!

17. Long Bowl Bob

Long Bowl Bob

If just one hairstyle is not enough for you, who said you can’t start experimenting? The combination of a layered bowl cut with a long bob and bright color sounds just right, do you agree?

18. Volumetric Texture

Source: presleypoe via Instagram

Volumetric Texture

For those who are dying to resemble such magical creatures as mermaids, this teal-colored hairdo will be the perfect way out. Not only it will make you stand out from the crowd, but it will also add more volume to your thin hair!

19. Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob

20. Bob with Big Volumetry Curls

Source: grahamnation via Instagram

Bob with Big Volumetry Curls

21. Sleek Bob with Bang

Sleek Bob with Bang

Are you ready to embrace a new look? Have fun experimenting with different colors and styles and take your look to the next level with one of these trendy long bob haircuts!



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