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20 Classy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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You are a natural gift with thick hair. There is no need to worry about your hair being too thin or limp. Thick locks, which are clean and well-groomed, are the natural jewel. They don’t require any fancy styling. However, thick hair can feel heavy if it is long. A short haircut can be a great solution. This article will show you how to choose the perfect short haircut for thick hair.

For thick hair, try a short haircut or a shorter hairstyle

You’re now ready to go big for thick, luxurious locks. We can understand what you are saying, even though most people won’t. A shorter haircut is often more attractive than a longer style. If you know how to style a short haircut, you will be the envy of all who have an effortless, flawless look. These are some ideas for your bob or pixie, or any other short hairstyle you have in mind.

#1: Layered Short Hairstyle

Medium Layered Brown Balayage Hairstyle

Many thick-haired women have had horror stories about cutting their hair. Nobody wants to be a triangle. Layers are the key to short- and medium-length styles. Volume doesn’t necessarily have to be reduced. You just need to have a pleasing overall shape.

#2: Short Sassy Bobby

Brown Blonde Balayage Bob

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A short haircut is great for thick hair. A sleek style will make sure your natural volume and height are balanced. For a flirty, fun cut, the layers are shorter at the back and sides.

#3: Layered haircut for thick hair

short layered haircut for thick hair

Layered bobs are a great way for thick hair to be manageable. This style won’t make your hair frizzy and puffy at every sign of humidity. To encourage texture, make sure you use mousse straight out of the shower.

#4: A Short, Classy Cut

Pixie Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

For thick hairstyles, you should have ample layering. It’s important to have a longer front piece than the one around your ears. This keeps it interesting.

#5: Smooth Bob

Layered Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

Straight hair looks great with this bob. Layers in the front and feathers at the back are better than bangs. This style has a lot more movement and flow. This makes the haircut elegant and sophisticated.

#6: The Best Cut for Thick Hair

Short Inverted Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

This popular a-line style looks great on thin hair and is difficult to achieve with thicker hair. It looks great with thicker hair if it is layered correctly. This style is more flattering for straight hair than it is for those with longer hair.

#7: Angled Bob Hairstyle

bob for thick hair

This amazing cut removes all excess thickness from your hair, and creates a perfectly rounded style with layers carefully cut. This is a stunning and modern look that’s a joy to see! It’s small enough to make it easy and fun, but long enough to tie with elastic if necessary.

#8: Pixie undercut with a Shaved side

Pompadour Hairstyle For Women

For thick hair, edgy cuts work well as they reduce bulk, add drama, and increase volume. A pixie undercut can be defined by creating a thin cut below it. Hairspray is your best friend when styling chic pompadours like this.

#9: Pixie Cut

Long Blonde Balayage Pixie

You don’t need to be restricted by your hair length if you have short, thick hair. It’s enough to know that you are in good hands. To keep the longer hairs slicked and smooth, this frosted look employs a razoring technique. The style looks sleeker and not poufier when the razored strands fall on the very short nape.

#10: Short Stacked Bob and Subtle Balayage

Brown Stacked Pixie Bob

Layers are essential for short haircuts for thick hair. You can add volume around the crown by stacking multiple lengths together. Balayage coloring can enhance the dimension of this elegant, thick hairstyle.

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