If you’ve had enough of bleaching, dying and frying your hair, you need a hairstyle for natural hair. Natural doesn’t mean boring in 2018, however. It’s a gentle way to help your hair repair and replenish itself before your next round of styling. It’s also possible that you don’t have the patience for high maintenance hairdos, but you do need a new natural hair idea in your everyday look. The best natural hairstyles make use of the natural colors and textures of your hair so that you spend less time styling your hair and more time doing what you love, whatever that may be.

1) Simple Beachy Cute Easy Hairstyle

Our first easy hairstyle is a beach-inspired ombre blond with thick waves. Use a texturizer to give your waves separation (like natural sea salt sprays) and curl your hair away from your face in loose waves. The result? Minimal fuss, maximum style.

2) Chocolate Below The Shoulder Cut With Wave Detail

This natural color is a gorgeous chocolatey brown. It preserves some of your lengths by leaving the ends just below your shoulders with some layered pieces towards the front. Add in small waves, so it’s a natural, non-fussy Monday morning design. Use a product for shine on the ends to keep the color vibrant and deep.

3) Honey Blond Twist Modern Hairstyle

Honey blond with highlights and low lights create a shiny, visually interesting blond. Keeping it long is high drama, but sometimes you want it out of your face. Put your tone variations in the spotlight with a long twist that keeps your hair out of your face and shows off the highlighted strands.

4) Ultra Shiny Curls With Chocolate And Caramel Tones

Dark hair gets an upgrade with the addition of caramel strands. These strands mimic reflecting light so your hair naturally looks ten times shinier. Add in a product meant to deepen that shine, and you’ve got a seriously healthy, seriously sexy style that’s a cinch to fix. Curl it at the ends for a nice Friday pick-me-up that transitions to evening.

5) Light Blond Soft Below Shoulder Crimped Waves

If you can braid hair, you can get this awesome look. Keep your blond ultra light and airy. Braid it when it’s wet or uses a crimping tool to create the ultimate surfer chick chic. Once again, it’s low maintenance and an awesome weekend look for when you don’t have time to stand in front of the mirror all day.

6) Snow White Inspired Long Wavy Locks

This pretty espresso look is a dramatic style that highlights your facial features and creates the perfect foil for an alabaster skin. If you’re looking to play up your pale features, the contrast of dark hair has a high visual impact. Keep it wavy so it’s soft and the dark color isn’t too severe looking. You want Snow White, not Evil Queen.

7) Honey Blond Waves With Asymmetrical Ends

This blunt cut is a trendy take on a classic below the shoulder cut. It tapers slightly longer in the front to give you enough volume to fall over your shoulders without adding too much weight to your waves in the back. Keep the waves loose and simple, and this is a consistent weekend style you could wear straight through to Monday morning.

8) Chunky Side Braid Half Up Style

Another pretty office to Friday happy hour look, this chunky side braid is quick to set up. Before you officially fasten it, pull out the strands of the braid to thicken it up and add a Viking style flair. Take hair from the top of the head and leave the strands underneath alone, so you have something to fall over your shoulders. It’s fuss-free and visually impactful.

9) Ultra Blond Boho Wild Waves

Sometimes you have to let loose on the weekends – loose waves, that is. Give up any product that weighs you down or holds your hair in place, and give your waves the chance to be completely free. You (and he) can run fingers through these locks without getting stuck on pins or sprays, something that might come in handy during a romantic summer evening under the stars.

10) Thick Curls With Medium Blond Highlights

Honey blond to the rescue! If your platinum blond style is frying your hair, go easy on those strands with this long, light look. You get all the benefit of blond highlights, but honey low lights keep things more natural for a sun-kissed, healthy shine. Keep the curls loose and big near the ends, so you have plenty of volume and bounce.

11) Shoulder Length Short Natural Hairstyle

This dark, short natural hair is perfect for professional settings where you need a little style on your side. It’s sleek and shiny, but the shoulder-length cut is ultra manageable. No matter how you style it, it stays away from your face and falls perfectly into place. Add a little oil to the ends to keep it healthy and give it a little texture.

12) Layered Shoulder Length Cut With Deep Side Part

Dark and light mix in this slight ombre style. Sun-kissed blond ends highlight the dark crown. A deep side part guarantees volume on top while the layers and small wave on the ends create so much movement and bounce you’ll never get bored of watching the layers fall. It’s a pretty, All-American style that looks good no matter what you’re doing.

13) Light Blond With Natural Ombre Waves

This isn’t high maintenance platinum. This style uses your blond to its most significant advantage by allowing the roots to be slightly darker than the ends. You don’t strip your hair, and your scalp remains healthier. Instead of looking fried, your blond looks like you’ve lived at the beach your whole life. Blonds certainly do have more fun.

14) Soft Natural Waves With Light Pretty Hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, let it be with this low maintenance cut that highlights your natural crimp and helps it fall more softly. The cut is longest below the shoulder towards the back, but there are plenty of layers to accentuate your face and help keep body and volume. The less you do to it, the better it looks.

15) Blunt Bangs With Highlights And Long Layers

Frame up your face with a soft, blunt bang that falls over your eyes for a sweet take. Work the bangs into long front layers and even longer back waves for an ultra sultry style. Dark hair with light highlights creates contrast and shine. It’s edgy but approachable.

16) Straight Locks With Light Brown Tones

This style is simplicity at its finest. If you’ve got ultra straight hair, you don’t need heat tools or elaborate styling. Let your hair fall naturally below your shoulders and use a blunt end to create volume. Keep the highlights and lowlights natural and well blended for shine and depth.

17) Dark Wavy Long Hair With Twist Detail

The twist keeps your hair out of your face, but it’s soft enough to be feminine and romantic. It lets you wrangle long waves but not so severely. Instead, the soft layers fall well, and the twist shows off the natural highlights of the cut.

18) Dramatic Dark Style With Thick Curls

Get some high drama from this darker style with long locks. Honey blond highlights towards the ends help light dance off a part of your hair that’s traditionally duller. Instead, the entire style shines with a beautiful impact and thick curls. It’s mysterious and visually appealing.

19) Cute Easy Hairstyle With Wave Details

Natural waves are a pretty way to show off your natural highlights. Make sure your hair is plenty moisturized so that the long, long layers look clean and healthy instead of dry. The health of your ends will help create more natural volume up to so your long hair is bouncy instead of flat.

20) Pinned Back Short Natural Hairstyle

Dark wavy hair gets a soft boost with a pin-up. In this hair idea, Take a thick chunk of hair from the front and sweep it back where it would naturally tuck behind your ear. This trick keeps it out of your face but still lets the waves fall naturally and flatteringly. Moisturize so your short natural hair is healthy and bouncy.

21) Dramatically Long, Voluminous Blond Curls

Ultra long hair looks luxe and feminine. Keep it long with some layers that help curls fall naturally and tousle the crown for added volume. Keep your blond softly natural, so you don’t strip the hair and remove its natural volume. It’s softly beautiful and princess-like.

22) Shoulder Length Deep Brown With Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are universally flattering and a cute way to deepen the impact of dark hair. They look like light. They add shine. If you frame your face with them, they highlight all your beautiful features. They add depth and dimension to your curls. It’s a highly polished but low maintenance style that should reward you with healthier hair.

23) Honey Blond Ends With Dark Crown

Go with a true ombre look here as you create volume and bounce with thick curls. The lighter ends prevent your hair from looking too heavy and weighed down while the darker crown helps create depth and interest. It’s a gorgeous use of a trendy look that works in a professional setting or a fun one.

24) Long Hair With Unique Braid Detail

Keeping long hair out of your face can get boring. Revamp the half-up braid with this cute braided detail. Pull your hair into a half up pony at the crown and braid just a few strands before tying the rest off. Pull the sections gently to loosen the braid and make it large and chunky. It’s super easy and gets you ready to go in seconds.

25) Curly Layers With Light Ends And Dark Roots

This is the ultimate in light and movement. Ends are nearly blond, but the crown is chocolate brown. In between, highlights work their way through dark strands, so it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. The result is a high drama, the ultra shiny bundle of curls that are layered to fall beautifully no matter what.

26) Vikings Inspired Blond Chunky Braid

Long hair gets a reputation for being hard to manage, but here’s an idea that takes just minutes. Grow your natural blond hair down past your back and then braid it low starting at your shoulders. Pull the sections apart for a huge braid that packs a lot of impact.

27) Simple Medium Brown Shoulder Length Waves

Shoulder length hair isn’t always boring. Give it small, face-framing layers with a gentle wave to create body. Add a few more wave sections to the front of your face to create movement while keeping the back simple. It’s something beautiful but cool for all your early morning work hours.

28) Grey Blond Long Curls With Tied Accent

Add a sweet accent to your long, trendy gray-blond hair by tying two strands together in the back and pinning them down in this hair idea. It’s a natural look with a cool bit of visual interest from the back. The rest is long and wavy with not a lot of product or fuss.

29) Short Chunky Curls: Cute Hairstyle For Girls

Take deep, rich brown and shorten it up with a just below the shoulder cut for this easy hairstyle. Keep your curl sections thick with a few straight sections underneath for a high impact short haircut that gives you healthy ends and a lot of bounce. Finish it off with a bit of shine to the light can catch the color variations.

30) Clean, Natural Blond – Updated Elsa

If Queen Elsa had to work in the modern world, this is the cut she’d get: thick blond locks with beautiful waves and a cut that falls well below the shoulder. It’s easy to style, and the layers are universally flattering on a variety of face shapes. Pay some extra care to your ends to keep them supple and not dry.

31) Rich Copper Brown Loose Curls

Bring out your reddish undertones with this cute brown style. Keep the curls loose and wavy to match the weekend vibe. Make sure you keep the curls hydrated, so they shine because the light brings out the reddish sparkle of your strands.

32) Highlighted, Face Framing Layers And Curls

For this brown, we’ve kept the layers towards the face lighter to bring out a healthy glow for your face and hair. The back is cute and low maintenance with cute brown layers and curls. It’s fuss-free and down to earth. True girl next door.

33) California Girl Long Blond Waves

They do wish they could all be California girls! Show off your sun-kissed tan with equally sun-kissed hair. The roots stay a natural dark so that your scalp and hair shafts are healthier and not stripped. The ends are bleached naturally by the sun. Add some moisture to the ends, so the curls stay supple.

34) Thick Curls And Layers Short Natural Hairstyle

Your brown hair is an asset. It has color variations and beautiful tones you can bring out with a chunky curl and layered short natural hair. They fall beautifully no matter how much you tousle them and they never run out of bounce.

35) Deep Side Part Swept Natural Blond Curls

Deep side parts create a lot of volume and dramatic impact. Brigit Bardot was the first to make this style great, but add some control and modernize the cut for a style you can take from the office to the weekend. Keep your blond natural and moisturized, so the ends are healthy. Make sure the layers are chunky for visual interest.

36) Natural Gray – Wise Woman Braid

Don’t hide your deep gray. Instead, keep it long and thick with a healthy dose of conditioner and regular trips for split ends. Here, a thick braid highlights all the color variations from gray to white and gives it a truly wise woman feel.

37) Long Honey Blond Waves – Rapunzel Style

Nothing screams princess like long natural blond waves. You don’t have to throw your hair from a tower, but you can keep it long and layered for natural volume while curls help with the overall movement. Make sure you get regular trims, so it stays thick and healthy.

38) Beautiful Modern Hairstyle With Curls

Tumbling curls are feminine and gorgeous. THey’re easy to maintain and help your hair have bounce and volume. Even haircuts that fall below the shoulder can gain movement if your layers are set up to accentuate your curls. You even emphasize the lighter ends as the curls capture light. Nothing flashy, just classy style.

39) Pretty Hairstyle Tousled Volume And Waves

Volume is easy to get if you curl your hair. Tease the back part until you get some lift and then gently tousle the hair all along your scalp. It creates movement and visual interest while softening the angles around your face. Sexy and messy.

40) Super Shiny Honey Brown Locks

Turn up the shine with this hairstyle. Natural curls cascade down your back while healthy shine brings out the color variations in your unique brown. To get this look, make sure you use a light oil suited for hair to keep your curls moisturized while adding some texture and separation.


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