Take on the day or night with French braids! They are the perfect addition to the occasion – whether it by a day at the office or the night on the town. In 2018, there are tons of braiding options, all ranging in complexity, but this classic look is sure to satisfy any fashionista’s needs. Despite this chic style’s name, Algerian cave wall art traced the trend thousands of years before the trend picked up in the western world, and the style continues to thrive today.

1) Fun and Easy Updo with Braids

This awesome French braid bun creates a breezy summer look. The hair is swept up from the base of the head and braided up the center part. The hair is then wound into a soft, casual messy bun to show off the braid. This look is perfect for anyone who only has a little time to work on their hair but wants to look chic.

2) Upswept Hair with Self Made Bow

This cute hairstyle takes a little time to put together, but the results are outstanding. The hair is braided in the back and then pulled into a bow on top. The “self-bow” creates a fun and fanciful look. The braiding shows off the stylish highlights in the model’s ash blonde hair.

3) Gorgeous Side Braided Look with Body

This style shows off the beauty of side French braids. The hair is swept across the back of the head and braided in beautiful scalloped waves. This look is best when the hair is blown out and teased a little for that perfect kick of volume. It looks lovely with the model’s highlighted red hair.

4) Super Two Braids Hairstyle For You

Showing off her long blonde hair, this model is wearing two long French braids, one on either side of a center part. Her braids start out with a lot of volume and taper neatly down to the ends. This braided hairstyle is done beautifully and is very even. This is a casual and cool look for a summer day.

5) Half Up, Half Down with Braids

The top of the model’s hair is done in three braids: two on the sides and one on top. The side French braids are loose and casual. The top of the model’s hair is pulled back into a ponytail with a hair-wrapped elastic. This look shows off her gorgeous highlights and the volume of her hair.

6) Little French Braid Ponytail in the Back

This cute look has the model’s hair pulled back at the top of the head. At the pulled back section, the hair is braided in a short French braid. This holds back the model’s long straight hair and provides a fun accent to her look. This is a subtle look just right for a workday.

7) Side Swept Hair with Messy Bun

Combining two popular hair trends, this French braid is topped off with a messy bun. The hair is worn half up and half down. The braid starts on one side of the part and sweeps across the top of the model’s head. The braid is loose for a romantic look.

8) Easy Look for a Hot Day

With a great look for straight hair, this model is wearing a quick braid swept off to the side. The braid is worn loose and secured with a hair wrapped elastic. Soft wispy strands are escaping from the braid for a relaxed look. This look is good for medium to long hair.

9) Braided Hair Swept Around to the Back

This braided bun hairstyle is awesome for the beach. The model’s hair is worn swept to the side, and the braid curves around toward the back of her head. The back of the hair is pulled up into a soft and messy bun. The braid looks nice with the model’s blonde highlights.

10) Romantic Loose Braid for Long Hair

This hairstyle takes a loose French braid and wraps it gently around the side. This look requires some careful planning to get right, it would be easy for the hair to fall. The loose braid looks dreamy and romantic. Try this look for a night out in the summer.

11) Cute French Braid with Messy Bun

Only the top of the model’s hair is pulled back into a pretty braid design. The top of the hair is then put in a casual messy bun at the back of her head. This is a beachy and simple look that can be put together in minutes. It looks good on everyone with long hair, whether it’s curly or straight.

12) Gorgeous Side-Swept Braid with Ringlet Curls

This clever braid hairstyle sweeps the braid off to one side. The braid is woven into the hair below it, creating a waterfall effect. It looks super with the model’s ringlets and highlights. The braid is worn quite loose for a relaxed style. Try this look for a romantic dinner.

13) Neat and Tidy Look with Braids

This sleek look is perfect for straight hair. On the sides, the model’s hair is pulled back in three braids. The braids are worn tight against the head for a neat, tidy look. The model’s hair is worn in a ponytail with a self-wrapped elastic. This look would be great for work or for a night out on the town.

14) Classic French Braid Hairstyle for the Ages

This quintessential look is what most people think of when they think of a French braid hairstyle. The model’s straight hair is worn brushed back and braided down the center part. The hair isn’t pulled very tight to soften the look. It would look nice on anyone from school girls to professional models.

15) Triple French Braided Beauty for Long Hair

This pretty hairstyle for long hair combines three braids in one. The center of the hair is brushed back and braided straight down the center part. This braid is kept loose for a contemporary look. The hair underneath is braided into two tighter braids, one at each side. This look takes a little while to put together but it’s totally worth it.

16) Two French Braids are Better than One

This braid design is one of the time-honored classics. The hair is parted down the middle and divided into two long French braids. This look is super for women who are growing out their hair and for those who want to show off their long locks. It is also practical and easy to pull off.

17) Double Bun Hairstyle with a Color Kick

Playing on the “space buns” trend, this pretty hairstyle is parted in the middle. Each side is braided upward from the nape of the neck. The hair is wound into two adorable French braid buns at the top. This is a fun and whimsical look for girls with candy-colored hair, but it would look cute on anyone.

18) Cool and Easy French Braid Ponytail

This look couldn’t be simpler to put together. Simply brush the hair up from the nape of the neck and braid it up the center. Then pull it into a high ponytail and brush it out. Make sure the ponytail is brushed out as smoothly as possible. This youthful look is great for school, dances, and parties.

19) Romantic Braid to the Side

This is one of the cute easy hairstyles that can be done with French braids. It is lovely with naturally curly hair. The hair is swept off and has a braid to the side. Curly ringlets of hair are escaping on the sides and at the bottom to soften the look. This simple hairstyle would be great for a wedding or a bridesmaid.

20) Unique French Braid Style for Any Length

Hair ideas like this will work for almost any length of hair. As long as the top is long enough to pull back, you can pull this off. The braids from each side are woven together into a basket like construction. The effect is like a fancy barrette but made with your own hair. This sophisticated look is great with straight hair.

21) Braided Up with a Messy Bun

This cute French braid style is quick to put together and fun to wear. It has a fresh and unique look that comes from the combination of the nicely braided hair and the messy bun. This cute hairstyle is great for days when you want to look pretty, but don’t want to spend a lot of time.

22) Braided Style on a Casual Day

To accomplish this look, just pull the top of your hair up in a half up, half down ponytail. Pull the top of the hair into a little bun. Take some of the strands hanging down on the side and make them into a braid. It’s that easy. This look is relaxed and lovely with a twist of style.

23) Best Hairstyle to Show Off Your Braids

A multi-braid hairstyle is impressive with long hair. The center braid is thick and gorgeous with lots of volumes. The sides of the hair are pulled into two neat little braids which are worn tighter for a polished look. This French braid hairstyle shows off the model’s nice blonde highlights.

24) Braids and a Low Bun

An updo braid style like this one is awesome for any occasion, from going out on the town to hanging around the house. The hair is braided softly from the top and pulled into a relaxed bun at the base of the neck. With the low bun, the look is classic and romantic.

25) Upswept Hair and a Back Braid

A braided bun hairstyle starts by brushing the hair up from the back of the neck. Braid the hair up to the crown of the head and pull it into a pouf of a bun. This is an easy hairstyle that looks great on anyone. It is one of the nicest braid styles for every day.

26) Braid to the Side for an Active Look

This model’s long, straight hair is worn brushed all the way over to the side and braided from one side to the other. This changes up the angle of the traditional braid and gives it a fresh and different look. When you’re looking for a style for working out, this is the best way to go.

27) Fabulously Braided Hair to One Side

Loosely braided hair makes a fashion statement in this lovely look. The hair is brushed off to the side. Strands from the top of the braid are kept out and braided back into the style at a lower level. This look has a higher difficulty level than the other styles we looked at, but it’s so nice, it’s worth it.

28) Two Braids Pulled Into One

This simple, active look is great for sports and workouts. The hair has a natural part and is braided in two sections. The braids come together at the nape of the neck and are tied off with an elastic. The ponytail is brushed smooth. You could combine this look with a bun for another twist of style.

29) Special Occasion Look for 2018

Smoothly pulled to one side and braided along the top, the hair goes into a low side ponytail. The ends are curled in a single long ringlet. This is one of the nicest hair ideas for a party, prom, or another special event. This look is best for women with straight hair.

30) Two Amazingly Full Braids

This two French braid style is impressive because the model’s hair has so much volume. With such long, curly hair, it’s possible to make a fantastic look with large, loose braids. This braid for long hair would make a big impression for anyone who has the hair to pull it off.

31) S Curve Braid for Long Hair

Stop traffic with this S curve braid. The hair is braided and held up with strands hanging down from previous sections. It would take a lot of time and patience to get this one right, but if you have long straight hair and someone willing to help you, you could make this look your own.

32) Awesome Color and Space Buns Style

This two braids hairstyle has an anime character vibe. The hair is parted down the middle and braided up from the base of the head. The ends of each double French braid are pulled into neat, round “space buns.” Little ringlets and wisps hang down to soften the look. This girlish and youthful look will put a smile on your face.

33) Cool and Fresh Look for Fall

This casually braided style is great for a fall day at the park. Start by braiding a section of hair from the side of the face. Braid it wound the back, and then continue into the thickest part of the hair. Leave some strands out from the side to weave into the back of the braid.

34) Beachy Look for Sand and Surf

This is one of the cute easy hairstyles that you can pull off in minutes. A classic French braid, this is done along the center part. This look works with beachy hair that’s been soaked in salt water all day, and it also looks nice every day. Try it with a pair of big sunglasses.

35) Fun New Takes on Braiding Styles

This hairstyle looks best with full, wavy hair. The hair is divided in two and braided in a loose, relaxed way. This look relies on the hair’s volume to make it look different and special. You could do this with straight hair, but it wouldn’t come out the same way.

36) Rocker Chick Look with Two Buns

This two French braid look is neatly done on top and wild on the bottom. The French braids start at the model’s forehead and widen as they go back. The braids are then pulled into two full buns. The braids on top look great with the model’s colored highlights.

37) Easy Look for a Sunny Summer Day

The hair is worn in two loose, relaxed braids on the sides and then pulled back into a soft, low ponytail. The loose waves of hair are perfect for summer days relaxing outside. The hairstyle is pretty and practical. The summery look is great with oversized sunglasses.

38) Upside Down Braid for a Lazy Day

This upside-down braid is worn neatly pulled back. The strands of the braid are thick for a contemporary look for 2018. The thick, smooth braid is perfect for long hair. This easy hairstyle can be accomplished in minutes with practice. It would be great for school, work, or home.

39) Side Swept Braid Styles

For a soft look, try this braid to the side. The hair is pulled neatly across the back of the head and goes down the back of the opposite shoulder. It is a smooth and perfect braid without very many strands hanging loose. This would be awesome to wear with a sweater on a cold winter day.

40) Full and Bouncy Braided Hair

The unique thing about this hairstyle is that the hair has so much volume and body. It would probably need to be teased to look like this. The braid runs along the top of the model’s head. At the back, it is pulled into a full and high ponytail with a hair wrap for a neat and polished look.


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