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The Ultimate Guide to Short Wavy Hairstyles

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Waves are the talk of the town at the moment. all the time, and actually – be it hairstyles like the Hallyu Wave of the East (all the music lovers out there, that you’ve got the reference Wink, wink! ) or just the fluffy and soft waves we have seen on our hair of our favorite Hollywood hairstyles of celebrities. Aah! It’s somewhere in between the sleek and extravagant ‘curly’ hair, wavy hair is something which one would like to be the proud owner of. Reason? Simply because it’s not boring like straights with a pointed edge or super-fussy like curls. I’m sure you’ll all agree to this! In addition the hair that is wavy requires minimal maintenance and each wavy can be a style. Do you remember the grunge-y look that the ‘bed-hair’ style gives? Heh…Heh…

However, there is everyone wants an obvious change in their usual hairstyle, regardless of hair style. Don’t you? What do you have to be doing you Consider picking one or the other of the fifty styles available to you (Yes you read that right! FIFTY).

1. The Vampire’s Girl


Darker than evening locks, perfectly styled to match the contours that frame your face adding the glow of your eyes. Are you looking for a look to please your passion for gore and gothic Vampiric Stories? Take a look at this dark and stunning look that was amazing sported by our “Confident performer Demi Lovato in the American Music Awards last year. Are you sporting a gorgeous and deep red eye-lens with this hairstyle? Just Perfect!

How To Style

  1. Add a few drops of thickening gel in your hair for the appearance of volume and sheen.
  2. Make sure you brush your right-side hair and then put on two to three long clawed clips in it while it’s still damp.
  3. Dry it naturally (or you could use a blow-dryer).
  4. Remove the clips and put on some spray to set them.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The hairdo that looks stunning on all faces and hair kind. Don’t hesitate when you are putting on this hairstyle for that much-anticipated event. It’s a great look to wear with smokey, beautiful eyes and a dress that will captivate hearts.

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2. Like In The 1920s


Do you want to go back to the days of flapper dresses and A-line dresses was the norm for the Jazz charming? This look, is adorned with the glam of Arizona Muse is just too ideal for you! Include a vibrant red lip and an edgy and glamorous dress and there you are, ready to take over hearts!

How To Style

  1. Make sure you comb your hair with gel to one side.
  2. Secure the waves using the aid of clips and leave them for a few minutes.
  3. Unclip the clips and then finish the hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Ah! If you’re blessed with an elongated face and adorable cheekbones then this hairstyle is for you. For the hair types that range from medium and thick will suit it nicely.

3. The Waterfall


In addition to being an excellent actor, JLaw has garnered worldwide recognition for her elegant and appropriate dressing style and hairstyles that are able to be easily adapted by people of all ages. Like this one! It’s timeless in its own unique way, and it’s perfect to create the perfect look for your date night.

How To Style

  1. Apply a gel that thickens your hair that is damp and then leave it for a couple of minutes after squeezing.
  2. Make use of your fingers to create an unintentional waterfall design and secure it with an evaporative spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This is a good thing for those with round faces who yawn about a hairstyle that reduces their face that will increase their style quotient. This look can be described as Just For You, and having a thick and beautiful hair is like having “cherry on top”.

4. So Very Classy

So Very Classy

The Queen Letizia of Spain is so stunning in this particular look which is framed by sparkling waves. It’s a great time to soak in the radiant royal glow! How? Find out more below.

How To Style

  1. Create a look of waves by applying an oil that thickens hair and then making it wavy by scrunching it.
  2. Make use of a 1-inch rod to curl the ends of the rod to create a wavy-curly look to the rods.
  3. Cleanse well and style your hairstyle with an excellent shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This is designed for round and oval-faced women with thick or normal hair who like to appear at all angular and sharp, and, of course extremely stylish.

5. Messrs Mistress


Are you a big fan of the tense tale of “Chicago”? If so, you may have anticipated what’s coming. Roxie Hart the stunning vaudevillian, is a delight to watch each when she is on screen, whether as actress Renee Zellweger’s Roxanne as well as the latest Rumer Willis’ gorgeous Roxie. Certainly, her distinctive hairstyle from the early 20th Century hairstyle would be an inspiration to girls for decades to be.

How To Style

  1. Apply mousse to freshly washed hair.
  2. Apply some hair clips with the round brush to get the look shown in the photo.
  3. Let your hair dry.
  4. Take the clips off and then set the style by spraying an application spray.
  5. Apply a shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Since this cut is super-short hair, ladies with an angular and long face type with all hair types can do it without concern.

6. Tousled Touch


Twisted and spunked, yet very classy ahh…how the phrase fits straight off the bed’ style from Sarah Paulson! Her long neck appears more stunning due to this hairstyle that is up-touched. The perfect red carpet style indeed!

How To Style

  1. Wet hair can be smashed and rubbed into a clump that was tossed using a thickening gel to add volume.
  2. Make use of a round brush to add more volume to the hair with wavy.
  3. Comb your fingers and then toss it on the side, then fix it using a hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Are you a woman with a long, slender face and an extremely thick and wavy hairstyle that gets caught up constantly? You can opt for this hairstyle that takes only a few minutes to make you the center of attention at the evening!

7. Blond And Beautiful


Are you searching for a style that complements your “Reverse U” cut creating a feminine and distinctive edge? You can opt for this stunning wavy cut that Malin Akerman donned at the 2015 Oscars. Absolutely stunning!

How To Style

  1. Start by washing and conditioning your wavy hair. Apply mousse until you get the volume you want.
  2. Make use of a round brush to create an asymmetrical side part, and thus keep your hair free of tangles while preserving the natural curl.
  3. Dry your hair and complete it with an oil-based shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This hairstyle is a good fit perfectly with all facial types I would suggest women with a round face with a good wavy look to style this.

8. Lilac Effect


From blonde to pink from pink to blonde, Dark Horse Katy Perry has the ability to inspire everyone who follows her by her extraordinary style and stunning hair color choices. Do you agree? Be it CleoPerry or E-aty. This time, Lilac who waves to Grammy And wow how flawlessly she wears the look. Don’t be sad it’s possible to achieve this look as well. Pinky Promise!

How To Style

  1. Then, squirt your dyed hair using a thickening cream and allow it to air dry.
  2. Use a high quality round brush to damage your hair lilac.
  3. Set with an oil-based shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Ladies with round faces and cheeks that are chubby, this are your chances to appear beautiful. Make them feel confident and beautiful you can be!

9. Spunk’d


A short bob and hair that is sexy – gorgeous! You can always spice the look Kristen Stewart style – just add stylish sunglasses and you’re done! You’ll be being all sexy-fun. Go, girl!

How To Style

  1. Apply a lather to your crown hair using the best quality mousse, then allow it to air dry.
  2. Make a cut of your mane and then use an iron to curl it into an additional outward curl.
  3. Apply the brush thoroughly and add an elegant finish with hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

For those who have an elongated frame and petite face.

10. Out Of The Page

Out Of The Page

Here’s one of the more intriguing short hairstyles for wavy hair! There is nothing like this goth-punk-inspired style for distinctiveness. Brooke Candy makes sure of that with a glamorous eye makeup that will surprise you. Her short , wavy hair is cut in a manner that will surpass the common perceptions of the red carpet and done with a touch of finesse!

How To Style

  1. Simply apply gel to your freshly washed hair with a blond.
  2. Make use of a comb with a wide toothed to get the above appearance and then use clips to get the waves.
  3. Take them off and fix with the spray of shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Are you the proud owner of a stunning, angular and cool face? Yep! This style was designed specifically just for you and only you!

11. Loose Ends

The saying goes that lazy is fashionable and, yes, it is! Reason? Take a look at the hairstyle of Gloria Trevi that matches her bronze skin tone and glistening outfit. However this hairstyle is achievable within a matter of minutes. Hehe…read here to learn how!

How To Style

  1. Part your hair neatly towards the side. If your hair doesn’t have the volume you desire it is possible to apply an thickening gel to your hairspray, which is still damp.
  2. Utilize a curling rod loosen curl the ends and add a professional touch.
  3. Then, finish it off by applying hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

For round-faced ladies, try this look in order to give your appear more attractive and beautiful.

12. Stick To The Basics


The world is returning to basic, why shouldn’t we too? Particularly when you’re the proud wearer of a pixie, which could become boring if you are constantly spiked. Therefore, there is an alternative: make it stick to your scalp! I guarantee you that you’ll feel more confident and confident.

How To Style

  1. Lather thoroughly your wet hair with gel. Make the side-partition.
  2. Use hair clippers to create a beautiful braid with your crown hair when it’s still damp.
  3. Make sure to finish it off with the spray of shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

A different hairstyle that is less maintenance-intensive for oval and angular faces that have normal hair.

13. Elegantly Mine


You’re probably all wanting to look like someone right from the pages of a magazine. We have (actually stylists from Jaimie Alexander) come up with the perfect style to fit your pockets and your appearance. You can wear it for daytime picnics and nighttime events, without fuss. What a beautiful thing!

How To Style

  1. Then, squeez your hair using a thickening gel.
  2. If your hair isn’t quite that straight, you could employ a curling rod create that gorgeous wavy appearance.
  3. Use an oval brush to the hair’s texture and then set it with the spray of shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The greatest thing about this look is that it will look nice on all hair types and facial kinds. Amazing, isn’t it?

14. Shades Of Me


Do you feel adventurous? Do you want to play around with your boring and regular hair? You might think I’m resembling the typical commercial for advertising But trust me when I say that this half-blond, half-brown hairstyle is a zing that can’t be ignored. Give it a shot!

How To Style

  1. To create this effect, you must apply a high quality thickening gel that will give you the thickness and volume.
  2. After letting it air dry and then pull back the sides hairs to make your bangs appear more noticeable.
  3. Curl your bangs outward and then gently brush them to the side.
  4. Make it easier to fix the problem using a hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Another one of the long bobs that would look perfect on your face shape and make you the center of the show.

15. Miss. No-Mess


In the fast-paced world finding that fashion that is captivating and effortless is similar to finding a source of water in the Sahara desert. Particularly when you are dealing with the so-called hard and rough waves that eat up your mornings, and you need to dress they are able to withstand for the duration of the day. Hah! This is the style for you. It’s less laborious, yet it is not difficult to appreciate how beautiful it appears.

How To Style

  1. You can use a thickening agent If you wish, and allow the hair to dry naturally.
  2. Pull the hair back on one side and secure with Bobby pins.
  3. Make sure you take the hair from the crown, and then rough move them away from the front to give it a messy appearance.
  4. Make sure you finish it off with an adhesive spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Oval or heart-shaped This style is ideal for ladies who would like to be relaxed during the day without losing their elegance.

16. Chopped Up


Elegant and choppy, that’s exactly what the haircut of Audrey Tautou’s is. I’m sure that her beautiful smile and pixie will bring back memories of cute photographs of the 1960s. It’s a perfect outfit for summer blue skies and blue seas. Don’t think too that much, just change your style!

How To Style

  1. Softly curl your crown hair in order to achieve the hairstyle you want.
  2. Use a round, soft brush, and let it be completely random to achieve this particular style.
  3. Create it using hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

I’m sure you already know the answer. Yep! It looks gorgeous on oval-faced and angular women with long hair.

17. The Art Of Grandiose


The Evil Queen who destroyed Snow White’s life Snow White is actually super elegant and I am sure that you’ve all observed (and admiring) her stunning fashion looks on red carpets at numerous events. Nowis the time to take inspiration from her stunning and flowing style that is simple to create and breathtaking to see. He he..Just the kind of style we lazy bugs need (wink!wink! ).

How To Style

  1. For this particular style of Charlize theron make sure you scrunch your wet hair with an agent that thickens your hair.
  2. Make use of a 1-inch rod to stretch the ends outward and then brush it and to one side.
  3. Make it look good with a hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

It looks absolutely stunning on round faces, as also on long faces and on girls with long and thick hair.

18. In ‘High’ Light

A bang that could bring you into the spotlight, literally. This hairstyle is fashionable and cute in equal measure.

How To Style

  1. Make sure you hydrate your hair and place it on a side-parting.
  2. Make the smaller portion and move the hair back and then fix it using pins.
  3. Remove the bangs and gently pull them away from the face. Make it look better with the round brush.
  4. Use a hairspray to straighten your hairstyle.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The best hairstyle for oval-faced models, don’t think so?

19. A Messer’s Tale


This oh-so-messy, Oh-so-hot and worn by Alice Rohrwacher looks absolutely dashing for an event of the day. It is perfect for those who don’t like working to come up with a fresh style for their incredibly manageable, short curly hair.

How To Style

  1. Make sure you comb your hair dry and apply some mousse.
  2. Use a round brush achieve the desired wavy and wet locks to enhance the look of unkempt.
  3. Create the spray of shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Oval or round This style is suitable for everyone, so go for it without a concern in the world.

20. The Age-Old Romance


Who wouldn’t like to appear gorgeous and elegant and elegant, like our famous model and TV hostss Hofit Golan, who has got her curly hair in an elegant twist! It’s stunning indeed!

How To Style

  1. Apply a thickening cream to your hair to add volume. Allow it to dry.
  2. Make sure you push up your crown hair and then curl it into an upward curl.
  3. Make sure you take the smaller end and stroke it backwards to create the illusion of the appearance of a bun.
  4. Make sure to brush the sides and style the bangs using the set spray and shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

A long, slender bang that covers a portion of your face. This type of hairstyle is best suited to girls with a round face and the hair is thick and glossy.

21. A Ticket To The Platinum


White or platinum blonds can appear sexy on skin with bronze or tanned due to its unique and shiney appearance. For instance, check out the gorgeous style exhibited by Nene as well as her short and gorgeous platinum hair. Try it yourself!

How To Style

  1. Make sure you apply gel to your hair to achieve a shine.
  2. After dividing the space then brush gently then secure your sharp hairs with hair clips.
  3. Take the clips off when the hair has dried.
  4. Change the look applying hairspray for setting.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Are you the proud owner of a round face and medium-to-thick hair? This style is perfect for you!

22. Eye-Catching Love

Eye-Catching Love

Free-falling, messy Absolutely amazing! All of these adjectives compliment this stunning hairstyle worn by our gorgeous smile Alysson Paradis in a perfect way. It’s a simple hairstyle that could transform you feel better about yourself (or evening).

How To Style

  1. Wet hair can be smashed up and then apply a thickening cream to give it a shine and volume.
  2. Make use of a 1-inch curling rod, and then create messy waves.
  3. Then, brush it up in the way you prefer and finish it off with the spray of shine. If you wish to, you can also twirl the hair by using your fingers.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This is the ideal hairstyle that will go with any style, every event and any dress.

23. Tossed up


I’m sure this fashion will remind you of the bouffant times of our beautiful ladies of the 60s. It’s filled with waves and a touch of elegance and a flavor of old-fashioned music exactly like the style Cyndi Lauper wants to portray. Pretty, isn’t it?

How To Style

  1. Begin by backcombing your hair, achieving the fake bouffant style with volume.
  2. Make a hairline partition to curl them loosely into rings that fall easily across your face.
  3. Then, finish it off with an oil for fixing hair.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

One of those beautiful hairstyles that will suit any hair-type and face-type.

24. So White As Snow


Are you too lazy to spend long hours at the mirror, trying to style your hair messy? This style is the one for your needs best. You can even use your hands to finish it. Thanks to the brilliant stylists of Batman famous Caroline Damore!

How To Style

  1. Like other hairstyles, you should begin by squeezing your smooth hair, which will give it the appearance of volume.
  2. Use a curling rod to turn the rod’s ends upwards.
  3. Smooth your hair with a soft brush.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This lovely hairstyle looks gorgeous on round-faced women with lovely-textured hair.

25. Things I Let Fall


It’s more than just ’10 things’ make us adore our gorgeous “Kat,” isn’t it? The gorgeous and stunning hairstyle she wears in every appearance is definitely taking the cake. Similar to the look Julia Stiles has done with her golden blonde short locks here!

How To Style

  1. Apply a layer of your hair’s wetness with the help of a thickening gel to add the appearance and volume.
  2. Use a gentle brush to create a dividing.
  3. The hair should be brushed away on the bottom, then put it in place with a blow dryer.
  4. Apply hairspray to the area and you’re finished!

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Cutest on women with round faces. Just as Stiles.

26. Swept Aside


The queen of flexibility Vanessa Carlysle (all those who have seen Deadpool will be able to recognize the reference) isn’t just experimenting in her genres, but she also is also experimenting on her hairstyles! She’s stunning in this photo, isn’t she?

How To Style

  1. To achieve the Morena Baccarin look, you have to massage your damp hair with mousse before swishing it around.
  2. Place the hair to one side of the ears. Make sure it is secured with pins.
  3. Then, take the bangs and let it loose in sections, then comb it out, and then put it in place using hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Oval, round or heart-shaped hairstyle is suitable for every hairstyle and face.

27. Crowned

The Ultimate Guide to Short Wavy Hairstyles

“Boldness” is a term that is synonymous with the Spanish Beauty Arantxa Bustos due to her distinctive style and hair. Similar to how she styled her soft waves in a different way at the Gandia Shore Presentation. It’s amazing!

How To Style

  1. Begin by backcombing dry hair in order to create a the back of your head an overall more attractive appearance
  2. Make your hair curl into messy waves by using the curling rod.
  3. Make it a smooth and even spread with your fingers. Finish with a sheen spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

It looks fantastic on oval and round face shapes.

28. In Layers


A cut with feathers can look stunning with minimal effort, which is why including it in the list is essential. The beloved model Jane Fonda shows us how to handle waves with style. Marvellous!

How To Style

  1. Make a scrumptious ruffle of your hair using a gel for hair strengthening and allow it to dry.
  2. Remove the layers and gently brush them off in order to create a feathery appearance.
  3. Make it shine by applying a spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The style that covers our cheeks must be worn by women with round faces to achieve a slimmer appearance.

29. Partially Slicked-Back


A great look for a badass that is perfect for the slicker chains and punctures (heh..heh..just laughing). However, you could rock this style with a devil’s-may-care look and smokey eyes. You can even run your fingers along your hair like the ones in movies about the underworld.

How To Style

  1. Make use of a high-quality mousse to give volume to your hair that isn’t neat.
  2. Make sure you take the side hair , and stick it on the back of your head, in order to ensure it stays there.
  3. Get the bangs in place and style them into waves, just like in the photo.
  4. Hairstyles can be styled by spraying it with shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

It is most attractive on women who have an aggressive and striking face.

30. Pepper With Caramel

The Ultimate Guide to Short Wavy Hairstyles

Ahh! I can’t help but swoon over the beauty of Violante Placido , right from her makeup to clothes to accessories, and obviously her hair highlighted. The gorgeous short hair of Violante is styled with delicate waves. The most appealing part is the honey-colored highlights at the ends. They look perfect.

How To Style

  1. Start by backcombing your base in order to make it as large as you want. It is also possible to apply the gel to thicken it.
  2. Give certain pieces here and there wider appearance by curling them with the curling rod.
  3. Apply hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Another one of the ‘best-suited for all types of faces’ and it makes me feel good knowing that I have the option to try it. What do you think?

31. Rock Punk’d


My one word is everybody Follow me everywhere I go,

They all screaming High Scream Low Today, let’s go together ,

In one breath, I let go over this many.

Oh my god. I’m so hot

I-I-I’m A Rockstar

Sure, Kat Deluna is hot and she’s rocking the ‘bad girl’ style with her shiny, tousled blonde locks.

How To Style

  1. Make sure you squeez your hair using mousse and allow it air dry.
  2. Create curly curls in your hair, then make them look messy with your fingers.
  3. Make sure you have your own unique unruly hair using an oil spray for shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Will look stunning on petite, round faces, and also on those with large cheekbones.

32. Curled In


The bright blonde hair, curled into a mazza will give you the most unique appearance. Look at how the look of a Geisha looks with her white base makeup and big , swept back curls.

How To Style

  1. Begin by spreading the thickening gel onto your hair. Let it air dry.
  2. You can sweep your crown hair from the back, and then use large rollers to create curls that are inward.
  3. Apply a hairspray spray to finish the hairstyle.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The swept-back style is attractive. this hairstyle looks great for women with a narrow forehead and oval-shaped faces and preferably long, healthy hair.

33. Stocked Up


The constant effort of styling your hair in a different way is exhausting and leave you with no choice other than to rest all of the hair up on your crown and enjoy the satisfaction of not carrying an added burden over your head. However, you can create that messy hairstyle to look chic too. Do it with style!

How To Style

  1. Make your hair squirmy using an oil that thickens your hair.
  2. Make sure to scrub the entire area.
  3. Make it set using a high hairspray of high-end.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This short and sultry hairstyle looks great on girls with the heart or oval facial shape with hair that is long and thick.

34. Wave Me Down


We have realized that hair with wavy curls looks stunning when styled in a proper fashion. Why don’t you experiment with this super-spacious style featuring honey highlights that will provide you with a celebrity-like look?

How To Style

  1. After washing as well as conditioning the hair Apply a thickening gel to your hair to add the appearance of volume.
  2. Let your bangs transform into soft waves with curling rods.
  3. Make sure to brush your hair using your fingers and then style your hairstyle with hairspray and shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

A sweet look for all of our beautiful ladies who have a round face with chubby cheeks. Do it!

35. The Falls


Being blessed with thick and curly hair can create an absolute nightmare sometimes, particularly when managing the hair. What are the options? Simple, make sure you style it the way it’s depicted in the photo. This fashion adds an additional shine to your look and appearance and is incredibly easy to wear. Whoa!

How To Style

  1. Inject your crown hair, and apply some thickening gel to add volume and shine.
  2. If you’d like to, you can backcomb your hair for an airy look.
  3. Straighten your hair with an iron with a flat surface.
  4. Make sure you finish it off with hairspray to set your hairstyle.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Long bangs cover half of your face, this haircut can be altered to suit an oval-shaped face. Yes having a thick, thick hairstyle is essential.

36. Miss Brownie


The everyday look doesn’t require additional care or management but will look stunning on any outfit you wear. There’s no discernible partition and it looks windswept and flirty. Amazing, right?

How To Style

  1. Apply a little mousse to freshly shampooed and condition hair.
  2. Create a middle partition, and then use a blow-dryer to dry the hair.
  3. Make it better by applying hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This hairstyle is perfect for any girl who is the proud wearer of a diamond or oval face and a beautiful hairstyle.

37. Princess Braids


The process of deciding on an attractive braid that you can displayed on your curly hair can be a challenge. This is why we’re here wearing a princess-like French-knotting braid that’s both gorgeous and stylish. The heads are all doing double turns as you pass through!

How To Style

  1. Start by following the normal routine of washing and conditioning. You could also try an item to thicken your hair if you aren’t sure about the texture of your hair.
  2. Separate your hair in sections and place them in the middle part. Begin French braids from front towards the back, as illustrated in the photo.
  3. Make it shine by applying a spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Do not worry, this look will suit any face type and hair type. Get your hair styled, style your hair, put on an elegant gown and be prepared for a fabulous evening!

38. Other Worldly Things


The snow blond is one of my most favored blonds because of its beautiful appearance. So, it’s not fair to not introduce you to a hairstyle that genuinely takes the pureness of the short hair to an entirely new level. This sultry look is messy and is a bit alien-like

How To Style

  1. Comb the freshly cleaned hair and move it to the side. You can also back-comb in case you’d like to increase the volume you want.
  2. Utilize a flat iron of one-inch to flatten the waves in sections, but leave the waves in tact
  3. Set the hair with hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This Miley Cyrus style, inspired by the singer will look stunning on face shapes with nice targeted cheekbones!

39. Miss Chic


A sloppy and short hairstyle can be transformed into a complete elegant and chic hairstyle as shown in this image. All you need is patience!

How To Style

  1. Make sure you squirt your hair using mousse, then backcomb your hair around the crown for volume.
  2. Create a division and then brush the shorter side, then fix it by using pins.
  3. Straighten your hair with the flat iron of one inch and style the hair using a shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The short and frenzied hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and facial features It is for certain.

40. The Pretty And The Perfect


The art of perfection is a craft that’s really hard to master however, what do we really need to be doing here? I’m sure that everyone is attracted by this gorgeous and flawless hairstyle. I know my hair was. Who’s to blame this hairstyle? It’s the ideal example of perfect.

How To Style

  1. For a perfect hairstyle make sure you toss and curl your hair to create volume.
  2. Make sure to remove all hair from the crown , then backcomb to create fullness.
  3. Straighten your hair using the hair gel and flat iron.
  4. Restyle your new hairstyle with hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Another hairstyle that is pretty that works with any face type as long as you have medium to thick hair.

41. Grunge-ing


It all began in the mid nineties and all the grunge-related craze that brought dirty into fashion. However, who can ignore the messy hair, loosely ripped t-shirts and boyfriend jeans fashion of the time. You can even modify this style to suit your needs as Katie Holmes did. Isn’t she looking elegant?

How To Style

  1. The most simple of all is to achieve this hairstyle by gently rubbing your hair and applying a little gel.
  2. Let your hair dry, then combing them with your fingers for a messy style.
  3. Make sure to finish it off with hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

Since this design covers the majority areas of our face anyone can wear it with confidence. It doesn’t matter whether you have a perfectly round face or a slim or angular face!

42. Taylor-Made


“We never go out of fashion’

Oh! What a great statement! There’s not been a single moment in which our 1989 superstar has disappointed her fans or admirers. From making great music to being open to every types of fashion-related experiments and fashion, this Out Of The Woods singer hasn’t left a single page without a mark. Notice how beautifully her curls are elegantly tied back to form the shape of buns?

How To Style

  1. To achieve this elegant style, lather your hair when it’s damp, using the finest quality mousse.
  2. The hair on the side should be brushed to the back, then hold it in place with pins. Repeat the process for those on the opposite side, but allowing the bangs and letting them fall gracefully onto your forehead.
  3. The small bun will form in the back, then pin it in place. The style can be finished with the fix spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The Taylor hairstyle a different one that looks great on any person, no matter the hair type or facial features.

43. Ice-Rock


Do you want to transform your hair a striking grey with an ice blue hue? You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to style your hair with this funky low Mohawk. It’s really from the sky actually!

How To Style

  1. Apply a lather to your Mohawk. using a thickening gel, you will get the shine and volume.
  2. The crown hair should be brushed to get a spikey-looking appearance.
  3. Comb your hair with your fingers to make it look rough and messy. Then, finish it off with the spray of shine for more shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

To carry this style gracefully you must be a sexy and sharp face that will increase the glam factor to a new dimension.

44. Fresh Out Of The Oven


The process of creating an ombre isn’t easy, but this look is perfect for people who want to give it a go but are hesitant to go for more of an experiment. The hair’s roots that end in with platinum hair is elegant and stylish and looks amazing on everyone.

How To Style

  1. Cleanse your freshly cleaned hair and divide it into segments. You could also apply a thickening product for more volume and sheen.
  2. The hair should be brushed in the front by throwing the hair lightly using your fingers.
  3. Make it shine by applying a spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

You can do it! It’s a great choice for all regardless of your hairstyle or face is.

45. A Melange of Colors


For those who have their hair dyed every time, this mixture of gray, ash, blue-ice, and blonde is ideal for enhancing the curls that grace the head. This unique look is not widely known, making it a great option for you to test and shine at your next event!

How To Style

  1. Make a scrumptious ruffle of your slightly damp hair with an ingredient that thickens hair and then remove it with an oval brush.
  2. The bangs should be brushed back as well as the sides hair to give it a style like the one in the photo.
  3. Then, finish it with an application of a shine spray to give it a more polished shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

A great way to cover a significant part of the face, this look will look most attractive on faces with round shapes.

46. Frozen Love


Another of the blue-colored counterparts since blue is the color for the time of year (and my favourite colour, wink..wink). The ice blue hair color is stunning and hot in the same time, adding waves to the hairstyle. Try it!

How To Style

  1. Make sure you lather your hair using a good quality mousse, then let it air dry.
  2. Make use of a 1 inch curling rod to create loose waves in your hair’s thick, but far away from the face.
  3. Create the desired style applying hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

You will look best with oval faces and hair that is healthy that ranges from medium to thick.

47. Half Rolled Up


In the scorching summer sun, keeping your hair open for all day can be a really exhausting task, forcing you to put it into a hair tie or other. The half-hair-up-do looks very elegant and can save you from stressing about controlling your hair’s curls. Wow!

How To Style

  1. Make a scrumptious ruffle with a gel, giving it an unruly and messy style.
  2. Make sure you take your crown hair and tie it around the back of your head with a hair tie.
  3. Style your hair with an oil spray for shine.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

The half-up hairstyle will look stunning on all facial types and hair kinds.

48. Braid To Be


Hannah Montana is our Hannah Montana is all grown and is criticized for her twerking, but who’s to argue with the stunning style she has introduced into the public eye. Skin-colored leotards bold and choppy hairstyles (check!). Look at how distinctly she’s put her hair in her side into a fashion statement that adds a pop to an ordinary (and dull) hairstyle.

How To Style

  1. To achieve this Miley style apply mousse to your hair.
  2. Take the crown hair out. Let the bangs rise up as a fake-mohawk. Use the side hair to begin braiding it. You could even braid ribbons.
  3. Create the look with hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

It’s great when you have a beautiful and slim face with attractive lines.

49. Move It On The Side


Crown waves are not new, but their impact is hard to deny particularly after taking an in-depth look at how beautiful it appears in this photo. The white blonde hair is then slicked and shaped into waves.

How To Style

  1. The curly mess makes a stunning hairstyle. The first step is to wash your hair that is wet with gel, then let it dry.
  2. You can tease your back hair to get that fullness, then make use of a curling rod create tight curls using you crown hair.
  3. Allow the hair curls to fall naturally over the forehead. Then fix the look with a hairspray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

This type of design can bring an individual taste to any face type from oval to round to diamond.

50. Red Alert


Crimson is in this season and what better way to finish this lengthy list than with a casual and tidy look that is appropriate for all occasions and types of faces. You can choose to dress as Katy Perry or Emma Stone!

How To Style

  1. Easy to do, start by washing your wet hair with a little gel.
  2. Make sure you brush your hair downwards, keeping your natural waves in place.
  3. Straighten the hair. Then add a finishing touch by applying the shine spray.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type

As we mentioned as well, this is yet another style that can work well with any face and hair kinds. A list of the best short, wavy hairstyles is now complete! It’s now your decision which hairstyle you’d like to wear for which occasion.

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