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10 Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair in Groovy Blonde & Copper Colors

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Short hairstyles for thick hair are the most fashionable option to refresh your style for an event or simply to kick off the new season looking trendy. Short haircuts are a popular beginning point for hair stylists and colorists to try new techniques and shades every year. The hard work they put into it is paying off since the majority of women before are choosing cute, short hairstyles! Here’s the latest gallery of short hairstyles showing how diverse and versatile they are!

1. A rich copper bob with a steep-angled angle – cut-offs that are cute for hair that is thick

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

This hairstyle and color was initially popularized through British musician and Beatles close friend Cilla The Black during the 60s! It’s still trendy and contemporary! For a fresh look The A-style bob cuts at a higher angle than the original and the front layers are positioned beneath the collarbones.

However, the back will be a little bit closer to the collar of the shirt. The concave layering provides the back with a lovely curve. It is also possible to alter the length of the cut according to the shape of your face. Copper is bright and vibrant, which makes it the ideal color for this simple, easy cut!

2. Shaggy Bob with defined waves cute short haircuts for hair with thick hair

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

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Layers of chopped hair are a fantastic way to rid yourself of the bulky, ugly ends and give your hair a lively style. This fashionable bob is an A-line cut using vertical balayage that is crafted in honey, caramel and pale gold.

The tips are perfectly tapered to give a beautiful slim, sleek look. The curly strands can be styled using a twirled style that works well with the shaggy hairstyle trend this season!

3. Soft fantasy hairstyle with blue roots and green balayage. Cute short haircuts suitable for thick hair

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

This basic style is anything but basic with amazing effects that were produced by a talented colorist! Beautiful vibrant blue roots blend seamlessly into a neutral blonde. Then, the color fades to stunning blue-green ombres until the tips that are textured and choppy.

The center parting is ideal for oval faces and the split strands above the eyes highlight the beauty of the model’s blue-green eyes. If the colorist you choose can match the color of your hair and highlights to match your eye color you’ve discovered a true professional!

4. Urban-style long pixie style with side-swept bangs. Cute short haircuts for hair with thick layers

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

The overall look is contemporary and striking, with platinum blonde and black roots. And the style is dashing with sharp, semi-wavy locks and long hair that is draped on one side. This casual look also includes an unglamorous hair clip that can aid in keeping the shorter side hidden behind your ears.

This gives you asymmetries powerful color contrasts, and street glam/nonsense, all in one attractive style and hue! A gorgeous jewelry piece, watch and earrings add an ideal juxtaposition!

5. Straight bob with a choppy edge and ivory-blonde edging mink-brown balayage

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

Here’s an easy-to-maintain simple bob haircut with straight edges that are firmly curved on the lower. The lines are broken with expertly textured edges along the sides, producing an attractive and rough edge. In addition, to enhance the simple cut the colors are stunning and captivating.

It is an even color which can be made in a natural blonde blonde shade. The unique mink balayage looks so trendy this season. I like the way the colorist laid out horizontal lines his unique style to create a unique and unique appearance!

6. Straight-edge ivory-blonde straight-edge bob with a stylish black border

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

This basic, single-length blunt bob is generally advised for fine hair however, it can be cut on medium-to-thick hair, too. This is a chic and attractive variation of the hairstyles that we are all in love with. This is among my favorite styles as I’ve always been fascinated by the contrast of borders on clothes.

And it’s likely to become a popular “alternative scene” style because of its aversion to the urban black roots/platinum blonde looks. This slender hairstyle is unique and modern and easy to style!

7. Short blonde blonde blonde with a pale brownish tone with a pearly-finish

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

Mink blonde is a different color from the 60s which has recently been reintroduced into the fashion scene. It is a gorgeous shade that is best for green eyes. However, your colorist will be capable of determining the right tone for your skin.

8. Gorgeous auburn long pixie-bob haircut

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

Aren’t the colors stunning in this pixie styled for hair that is thick? It’s a deep shade that draws attention however, in a stylish way. This is an elegant shorter back and sides with layers of long hair that gradually spread upwards from your crown. Moving your hair forwards in a fashion in this manner helps to give you more volume.

This is because you’re pushing hair out of its normal direction of growth. Hair that is thick is easily texturized to create contemporary, trendy look. There’s no clear line of separation on this cut, and the whole fringe is softly styled to the opposite side.

9. Fashionable black and blonde pixie cut with aqua balayage

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

If you like a carefree hairstyle, but you desire something that draws interest, consider this brand new hairstyle for hair with fine texture! Instead of a sharp undercut with shaved sides, this stylist has made a buzz cut that is black. It creates a soft style for the face but still maintaining the sleek form!

The top part is laid out in layers that preserve the volume of fine hair. The fringe is wavy and drapes down to the eyelash line. In addition, the inclusion of gorgeous aqua balayage scattered patches all over the head makes it an excellent style to spice up for dance parties!

10. Super-chic blonde textured pixie cut

Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair - Women Short Hairstyle Trends

You’d never think this trendy hairstyle is actually a 1960’s retro style! It’s always stylish and flattering to the face. It also flatters a wide variety of faces, including oval, round and heart as well as soft showcasing faces.This season’s style is in line with the trend of textured, deeply and forward-looking movement.

The short sides that finish just below the cheekbones really highlight the eyes stunningly! It’s a vibrant, white-blonde shade that is sure to make heads turn and the sharp tips at the ends of the fringe give an exciting and youthful look!

So , what are you thinking? Are you able to find your ideal haircut and color this season? There are a lot of options and if you bring your most loved photos to your salon and your stylist will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect look on your skin!

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