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13 Ideas of Face-Framing Layers to Suit Every Face Shape

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It’s difficult to imagine an alternative that is as flattering elegant, feminine and versatile hairstyle component as face-framing layers. More or less, more softer and more defined face-framing elements can be crafted to emphasize the best qualities of any face form. Although giving the front part of your hair a form isn’t something that will make a huge difference however it does make a significant impact. In the end, even though the length of your hair may be long enough to be suitable for the ear to be tucked, there’s still a few wispy parts on your face when you put your hair into the form of a bun. In addition than regular bangs, the layers of face-framing grow slowly and do not require frequent visits to the salon. As you will see, there are a lot of advantages to this style. For visual inspiration, we’ve put together a collection of our top 2021 hairstyles that feature face-framing layers. Browse through and save your most popular choices your stylist.

#1 Lob and Face-Framing Layers

One of the most popular and well-known hairstyles, lob can look a bit weighty in the front, especially if are a thick haired person. The chin-length layers you frame around your face can give this style a more natural look and highlight your face. If you’ve got a face that is round it is time to test this style.

Face Framing Highlights

2. Blunt Bob and Face-Framing Bangs

The shorter face-framing layers of those with curtain bangs are the great way to disguise an overly large forehead and draw focus to your cheekbones. Blot dry your fringe upwards and downwards using a medium-sized round brush to create this style.

Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

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#3: Blonde Longer Face-Framing Layers

It’s true that everyone is able to create face-frames with layers. It is impossible to do wrong with hairstyles that are layered when they’re done correctly. Select long layers like the luscious blonde locks if your preference is to tie in behind the ears or tie your hair in the top knot.

Buttery Blonde Layered Hairstyle

#4: Fiery Red 70s’ Inspired Face-Framing Layers

These short, chunky facial-framing layers are ideal for women who have more distinct facial bone structure. Pull the curtain bangs back and the front layer outwards to emphasize your cheekbones’ sharpness.

Red Shag with Curtain Bangs

5: Layers of Long Hair and Face Framing

Although layers are one of the most effective ways to enhance length hair styles, we recommend framing your face. A few layers around your face will highlight your face and add a pop to the look. Split your hair down the middle or have it pulled to one side, creating various appearances.

Long Hairstyle with Face Framing Layers

#6: Textured hair cut with a fringe and face Framing

The airy feeling and the feathered look of this style. The layered hairstyle with bangs is the perfect option for a diamond-shaped face shape. It’s a style that’s easy to maintain: simply apply a volumizing spray onto the roots and then blast dry your hair. Then, head towards the back.

Full Fringe and Chin Length Layers

#7 Gradually graduated Bob using Face-Framing Layers

Make your bob look more interesting by adding wispy layers to your face. Giving that individual look to your hairstyle will make a difference to the shape of your face and gives the hairstyle an updated look.

Bob with Face Framing Layers

#8: Chin-Length Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Long, choppy layers that start at or above the chin could look great on oval, round, and elongated frames for face. This style is popular for heavy and thick hairstyles who want to sport a lighter and textured style, but making the length last longer.

Wavy Hairstyles with Face Framing Pieces

#9: Side-Swept Face-Framing Layers

The sweeping fringe, as well with layers in the front of your face, reduce the appearance of facial features and makes them appear smaller. This is why this part of the haircut is an excellent method to draw attention away from a larger nose.

Long Feathery Bangs Swept to One Side

#10: Subtle Face-Framing Layers

A lot of layering and some face-framing can provide your locks with plenty of volume and motion. Dry your hair using a large round brush to create that trendy fringe and swoop.

Medium Layered Hairstyle with Long Bangs

#11: A-Shape Framed Haircut

Although a hairstyle that is one length could be bulky and unflattering, layering may not be your ideal hairstyle also. Opt for an A-shaped cut in the front and keep the rest of your hair in the same length.

Hairstyle for Thick Hair with Curled Ends and Layering

#12: Chunky Layers Face Framing

Layers that are shorter, more defined are definitely back in style! A little angling around the face with a sun-kissed balayage can be the ultimate hair-love. Apply a texturizing spray to achieve that sculpted hairstyle.

Long Haircut with Flicked Face Framing Layers

#13: Lob with a Face-Framing Fringe

Have your stylist suggest some face-framing styles to brighten your dull lob. If you need to dress up your hair to work or exercise it will be some loose hairs around the front.

Block Colored Bob with Long Curtain Bangs

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