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18 Inspiring Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

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The bob we know it came onto fashion in 1920s, and remains a staple in hairstyling since. Nowadays, there are a variety of new variations on the classic. One of the most widely adored is the long-layered Bob. It’s got the sexiness of its predecessor, however without the pressure of getting too short. Additionally, the layers give it a fresh level of flexibility. It’s the perfect transition cut for those who are working the transition from long to short hair or needing a seasonal change up.

Layered Bobs for Any Taste

Although the name itself provides some guidelines but there’s plenty of options to select from when looking for images that inspire you. It is important to prepare before starting an entirely new chapter of your hair’s story Here are some examples that will help you get on the right path.

#1: Sophisticated Inverted Lob

If you want a less dramatic version of stack cuts, you can try the long bob cut that is inverted. It is less hefty on the back, however you still have a beautiful cut that’s glam and makes your face stand out.

Angled Layered Long Bob

# 2: Light Brown Lob with Layers

For a soft look choose to use less lengths of your layers. A single smaller layer over the top will give depth, without adding much volume. The hair is wrapped in small pieces and wrap them around a large curling iron to create an unfinished, shaggy look.

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Light Brown Layered Long Bob

#3: Sophisticated Work-Ready Style

If images of glammed hairstyles don’t do it well, then a more refined style can be created by choosing an angled cut that has layers that are softly pulled into. Straighteners are a great tool for those hectic mornings at work.

Light Brown Layered Long Bob

#4 The Lob has Fringed Bangs with Fringed Fringes

The classic haircut is finished with bangs that are directly across your forehead. Although they look cute in the right facial shape but it could be a bit too harsh for some. A more gentle approach is a long-layered bangs that are modernized by substituting the sharp edge with fringe.

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

#5: An-Line Lob, with Highlights

An A-Line cut isn’t as drastic than the reverse cut since it has an easier transition in length. There are usually fewer layers, and less prominent, which makes this an easy-to-style lob.

Long Brown Bob With Balayage Highlights

#6: Dramatic Side Part

If you’re a fan of volume with a long side part, a slender side is your ideal companion. A slight curl and a lifting spray will allow you to get this look. The chunky layers aid in balancing the boost to create a complete shape that is all.

Brunette Side-Parted Messy Bob

7: Brown Lob with Caramel Balayage

Layered bob haircuts are one of the most diverse haircuts in terms of haircuts. If you’re seeking more feminine looks consider layers that are softly curled around the edges. The long curly finish will increase the sophistication and make the face appear more elongated.

Brown Lob With Caramel Balayage

#8: Stacked Messy Haircut

If you’re blessed with a lot of hair, it’s an opportunity and a curse. Hair that is thick looks gorgeous but it can be difficult to manage. Try a stacked bob cut with layers, which allows that you keep your weight to the back while keeping the focus is in towards the front.

Side-Parted Messy Lob

#9: Textured Medium Cut

Layers that are layered at different lengths can add a lot of visual attraction for the cuts. Furthermore, by trimming the edges with a razor, you could just apply some texture cream to create messy looks that keeps you in control.

Long Choppy Brown Balayage Bob

#10: Razored Blonde Balayage Lob

Razoring layers gives a more softer appearance as opposed to the sharp edges of a cut scissor. You’ll see more variation in lengths, which is perfect for that bedhead-like look. The razor can also thin the hair, making it an excellent option for people who have thicker hair.

Choppy Blonde Balayage Long Bob

#11: Bob is an Angled Bob With Long Layers

Hairstyles with an angled design have an element of rigid geometry , but can be softened by waves of hair. The layers of long hair in the front draw your eyes downwards , and are great for lengthening the face.

Gray Wavy Lob

#12: Centre-Parted Layered Lob

Layers of choppy hair instantly add visual interest and make a wonderful option to add to a layered bob. Go at least shoulder length, and then finish it off with loose curls in order to prevent the style from looking old or plain.

Centre-Parted Blonde Layered Lob

#13: Easy Breezy Long Bob

Are you looking for a simple but stunning cut for casual occasions? Choose a low-maintenance option that comes with longer layers that can be air-dried or primed natural.

Medium Shaggy Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

14: Shaggy Lob with Root Fade

Hair that is loose and flowing in this bob are layered and provide a fullness that can be a great blessing for ladies who have thin hair. The length should be kept to the shorter end also keeps the ends from appearing rough.

Platinum Shaggy Long Bob With Root Fade

#15: Tousled Platinum Hairstyle

There are a few layers that are positioned at the cheekbone, along with the side sweep which makes a faux angled sassy. Both of these details work well to frame the face without being too tight. Keep in mind that the more layers, the greater volume, which makes thin hair the perfect candidate for this cut.

Long Tousled Layered Bob

#16: Gray Angled Haircut

Inverted hairstyles are an excellent choice for those who wants to stand out. While many photos of hairstyles show straight hair, this style throws in a curl and a sharp bang for an edgier look.

Black Angled Bob With Gray Balayage

#17: Layers of Subtle using Waves

Nothing says casual and cool more than a loose and wave-like style. Less layers mean less time for style as you make larger areas appear more attractive using an iron barrel that curls.

Silver Choppy Layered Lob

#18: Gorgeous Curled Bob

The most stunning of the layered hairstyles is one that gives ample length to create a seriously curly curl. Layers that are shorter in the back draw attention at the long locks on the front. This is a fantastic alternative for black hair since the curl gives definition and reveals an incredible shine.

Black Curled Lob

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