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18 Modern Ways to Style a Long Bob with Bangs

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Are you thinking of giving your medium hair a makeover? You can try a flirty and flexible long hairstyle that has bangs. The lob is an excellent option on behalf of women at all stages as it’s elegant, timeless and is suitable for all types of hair and face types.

Inspiration for your new Lob that has Bangs

You might be wondering what’s so special regarding it and whether you should even try it? We’ve compiled 20 of the most popular hairstyles on Instagram that show the reasons why the lob with different types of bangs is sought-after. It’s also due to its fact that they’re pleasing to all shapes and hair types. Prepare to be amazed!

#1: All-Over Lob with a messy Bang

Medium Messy Hairstyle With Bangs

A bold hue? Check! An edgy cut? Check! There’s plenty to be awed by sophisticated colors because they’re both modern and attractive. The cut is layered and the tousled style help to enhance natural curly or wavy texture.

# 2: Bob With Flowy Bangs on the Side

Long Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

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What makes this particular airy and light look is the color. Highlights that are rooted in your natural hue (especially when they’re brown and blond) are beautiful and modern. A lob with bangs is definitely a chance to stand out. But, a lob that has longer side bangs isn’t a sure thing.

#3: Voluminous Blonde Lob

Messy Layered Blonde Balayage Lob

If your hair isn’t naturally full, a sure method to create volume is to use the stacked bob. However, this isn’t the only method. A long bob haircut that has bangs and choppy layers could make a fuller appearance, particularly if cut in layers that are sweeping and lightly brushed throughout.

#4: Soft Romantic Bangs

Long Layered Blonde Balayage Lob

There’s nothing more beautiful than gorgeous hair, flowing locks, and a shoulder-length hairstyle with feminine bangs could be just what you need. Additionally, highlights frame your face, particularly when they’re aimed at the areas of your face.

#5: Messy Long Hair Bob

Medium Shag With Long Straight Bangs

One of the most appealing aspects of lobs is they look so adorable even with no style. Take the messy bob as an instance: You might believe that she’s just fallen out of her bed however it’s the charm of her cut, and the strength of it lies evident in its ease of use.

#6: Angled Long Bob

Black Straight Angled Bob With Bangs

If you want a sleek style, choose an elegant straight haircut. The most appealing aspect about it is that it’s stylish and sharp without being overly provocative and it’s worth it even if you believe that an angle-cut bob is more difficult to keep.

#7: Minimally Styled Lob

Wavy Lob With Above The Eye-Brow Bangs

If you’re in search of images to give you an idea of what a hairdo with bangs might appear like, this is an excellent illustration. One of the benefits of having hair that is longer is that it allows you to have a wide range of styles, with the subtle waves that are beachy being the most well-known among them. When it’s worn naturally it’s simply gorgeous.

#8: Gorgeous Lob for Thin Hair

One-Length Bob With Bangs For Fine Hair

A lob haircut that has bangs is a good option for women with hair that is thin as, unlike other styles , it doesn’t make your hair appear flat. To make the cut more attractive you can blend your natural hair color and highlights that nuance – which makes you appear stunningly elegant.

#9: Lob Bangs for Fine Hair

Medium Choppy Cut With Long Straight Bangs

Are you looking for a simple style that is stylish and simple to dress? A long bob can do it. If you have fine hair make layers of texture or apply curling irons to create a bit of volume towards the ends.

#10: Extra-Long Straight Bangs

Asian Angled Bob With Fringe

A longer line bob tends to be more flexible than shorter ones and looks particularly attractive when paired with long hair because it gives interesting dimensions. Don’t let the lengthy bangs turn you off even though they might seem difficult to wear in the daytime (there’s nothing more irritating than having your hair on your face) they’re actually much easier to style than you’d think.

#11: Blonde Side-Part Lob

Blonde Choppy Lob With Side Bangs

One of the best advantages of an elongated haircut with side bangs that it’s fashionable, but also has a relaxed and casual cool vibe. It’s not just the one reason to be awed by it: Blondes are gorgeous with dark hair (of obviously, we’re not talking about inches of regrowth, but the tiniest small amount of your natural color showing through).

#12: Long Platinum Bob

Layered Platinum Bob With Bangs

Platinum isn’t an easy shade to wear because even the tiniest imperfection (like broken ends) is immediately exaggerated. One method of hiding the state in your locks would be to put your hair in a loose cut. The center separation of the fringe makes it much easy to style and complements the striking shade.

#13: Natural-Looking Side Swept Bangs

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Side Bangs

There’s some thing about having a, bob-style with side-swept bangs that shouts “cool woman.” This style is easy enough to keep however, it is also a bit seductive because of the elegant fringe and soft waves. It’s perfect for women looking to make a stylish appearance.

#14: Choppy Cut

Choppy Lob For Thick Hair

Naturally thick hair may be benefited from an inverted hairstyle (as it helps to reduce some of the weight) However, so too feathered layers can be a great option. The rough cuts frame the facial features to make it appear smoother. It’s stunning!

#15: Fuss-Free Long Bob

Layered Lob With Bangs For Thin Hair

Are you in need of a simple hairstyle? Do not look any further! Long layered bobs are timeless and timeless, however the side bangs add a youthful appearance to it. The best part is that it requires little effort to style and you still score the maximum points for style.

#16: Lob with a Modern Twist

Long Bob With Bangs And Root Fade

The cut is intriguing and gives volume, but the most appealing aspect is the hue. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is sure to draw the attention of others, then a high contrast color that has the root fade can give you a distinctive appearance. Additionally, the edginess of the colors complements the feminine appearance of side-swept bangs.

17: Bob with Bronde Balayage

Choppy Angled Lob With Short Blunt Bangs

If there’s a single thing you must be sure to remember, it’s not to be scared to play around with colors! Doing your hair in an ombre balayage can make an impressive impact. Additionally, bangs and layers can work well when paired.

#18 The Lob has a Deep Side-Part

Blunt Black Bob With Side Bangs

A classic lob is easy However, bangs make it trendy. The deep part on the side of the bangs frame the face beautifully and makes it appear sleek. The style also benefits by having a solid shade and, in fact the long bob style with side bangs looks particularly attractive on black hair since the darker shade creates a more dramatic cut.

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