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19 Best Hair Colors For Upcoming Season 2019

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19 Best Hair Colors 2019: Hottest Hair Color Ideas

The winter season is upon us and any Game of Thrones fan will say that. Even though it’s just a few months from now but it’s never too early to begin making plans for your winter style. It’s, naturally the coldest time of all. This means it’s the perfect time to test out a trendy new hairstyle. There’s plenty of styles that are ideal for winter. You can match the weather by trying out some cold white shades of silver and blonde alternately, relax with vibrant, deep hues of red. Here are 19 stunning hair colours you should check out this winter.

Fiery Red

Whatever the temperature is outside, you can be at ease knowing that any space you go into will instantly become more hot when you wear this style. The red, orange and gold colors like an erupting flame. Those curly, side-swept curls look like Jessica Rabbit.

Orange Bobs

Frosty Bob in winter

The hue of this cute hairstyle is as trendy as you can get. The two metals are always a perfect match and these silver frosted highlights that run through gentle golden blonde shows the two shades at their very highest.

Sliver Long Bob

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Chocolate Curls are for medium thickness hair.

Winter is the time of the season when you’re able to indulge in sweets without guilt, but why should you stop there? Do not just save the chocolates to your advent calendar. Try the gorgeous shade on your hair by playing with chocolate and dark highlights in your curls.

Curly Hair

Winter Hairstyles: Purple and Blue with shoulder length hair

If you’re seeking a way to make an impression this winter, consider trying some colors that will really stand out. Purple and blue shades are perfect for girls who have naturally dark hair since they’ll match your hair’s color and won’t require excessive dying or bleaching.

Purple and Blue Curls

Colors for winter hair: Pretty Red

The shades are feminine and soft than this soft ginger. Medium length and loose curls flatter and are perfect for every woman.

Honey-kiss Mid-length Hair

Pastel Pink for Winter

Do you want to pamper yourself with an amazing hairstyle that looks like it’s been lifted from the pages the fairytale? This delicate pink shade of strawberry is stunning, particularly when paired with princess curls.

Strawberry Waves

Two Tone Brunette for shoulder length hair

The way the hair is layered in these chunky locks screams winter. The base shade is a dark, deep chocolate and the light highlights scattered throughout the hair appear in the sweet scent of cinnamon that is enough to bring brightness to the entire appearance.

Brown Highlighted Hair

Long, Golden Curls

Are you concerned about the cold, dark winter months? You can bring sunshine wherever you go when wear this vibrant, golden shade. Bright blonde highlights with a hint of sun give a great deal in warmth and radiance to the summer curls.

Warm Color Curls

Mermaid Long hair waves

What color combination could be more exciting and thrilling than this? Amazing shades of purple green and blue blend with perfect harmony to create these mermaid-like waves appear nothing short of stunning.

Colorful Waves

Deep Plum

Many women enjoy flaunting dark and sultry shades in winter. This gorgeously deep shade of plum red is a stunning way to achieve exactly that, regardless of which skin tone you’re wearing.

Black and Red Curls

Platinum Blonde

The icy white curls appear perfect with The Snow Queen, Elsa. These striking colors are in fashion these days and are a certain way to be noticed from the rest of the crowd. You can try this style for yourself if you’re naturally blonde hair so that you don’t do too much harm by coloring it.

Sliver Long Hair

Black and Red Ombre

Let your inner sexy side shine this winter by playing around with this enchanting ombre style. The loose, long waves of very dark hair , complemented by subtle hints of red wine at the ends will make you appear stunning and mysterious all simultaneously.

Burgundy Highlighted Hairstyle

Soft Brown Ombre

It’s difficult to pinpoint the things we love about this gorgeous hairstyle, from the chocolate brown to vibrant nutmeg ombre and the perfectly smooth waves. This is an absolute style that will make you look stunning this winter.

Brown Ombre Curls

Layered Highlights

The two shades of brown that are present in this hairstyle give a quantity of depth and definition to the waves. This color is perfect to wear in winter because those shining highlights will highlight the best features of the skin tone that may be a little lighter during cold winter months.

Highlighted Hair

Bronde Balayage

Bronde is the most popular hair color of the year in 2019. This is an amazing blonde hairstyle that combines balayage that is vibrant and striking. This striking shade, paired with stunning elegant curls is the perfect hairstyle for the Christmas season, which is a time for gatherings or New Year celebrations.

Two-tone Waves

Coffee and Cream

What’s an easier way to warm your body up in cold winter days than steaming hot freshly brewed coffee , topped with a sweet cream? We can think of a way to recreate the flavor and colors of your favourite breakfast beverage in your luscious waves as the model wears this multi-tonal brunette style.

Chocolate Highlighted Hair

Glossy Brunette

The shades of no two could make hair look more healthy or shine more than these two brown hues. Maintain your base color dark and dark with a few flecks of lighter or caramel brown if desire your curls to look like they’re as glossy and elegant as these.

Sleek Hair

Silver Waves

This is another illustration of how stunning the silver hair style with frosted flakes can appear. This silvery-silver hue is very dark and works well for women who have naturally black hair or brunette locks.

Grey Locks

Blonde Bombshell

A variety of blonde shades are combined to create this look soft and smooth to the feeling. It looks stunning on any person with a cool, cool complexion particularly during the winter cold months.

Soft Sliver Hair

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