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32 Best Feathered Hairstyles – Iconic styles of the ’70s

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Farrah Fawcett became the hair model of her time and her thick feathered locks defined the perfect 1970s hairstyles. If you’re not going for a totally retro Farrah style There are plenty possibilities to put on 70s inspired feathers in a contemporary setting. With a light style that swivels back hair from your face the feathered styles can help emphasize your face and can be paired well with a face-framing layer or shaggy hairstyles. You can opt for a more subtle look by adding a little feathered hair texture or go for a full-on retro with feathered styles across the entire. If you’re looking to put a an old-fashioned spin on your locks We’ve got 32 of the most elegant feathered hairstyles to help you get inspired.

1. Feathered Face Framing Layers

brown balayage with face-framing layers

Face framing layers are popular throughout the years however, hairstyles that feature feathery flicks to the side is an easy method to add some 1970s retro style into your hair. Bangs can add additional face framing to this look and are a particularly appealing choice for women with long faces.

2. Long Feathered Layers

Lob With Auburn Balayage

This hair comes with a lot of layers which will create long, thick hair to feel light. Instead of letting them blend into the hairstyle, the thinner layers that are around your face are cut out to make their form perfectly highlighted.

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3. Feathered Bangs and Curls

Curly Shag Rihanna

The curly shag cut by Rihanna is just the perfect amount of feathery texture in the bangs, which makes it retro-inspired, but totally modern.

4. Feathered Bob

warm blonde feathered bob cut

Give a little silky texture to your hair in case you’re looking to lighten your look. This is especially beneficial for those with thick hair who wish to add some the look of bouncy hair instead of bulky layers.

5. Softly Feathered Layers

Face Framing Layers Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried’s face frames are styled toward her face rather of extending outwards as is typical with feathered looks. If you’re searching for a feathered style which will complement an oval face this is a great choice because it doesn’t draw your eye away from your face and make the face look bigger.

6. The Long Bangs feature Feathers and long bangs


Heidi Klum’s lash-grazing hairstyles are the perfect complement to the feathered hairstyle. With the bangs seamlessly blending into layers that frame the face creating a seamless appearance that highlights your face when time to style is very limited.

7. Feathered and Curled Layers

Feathered Layers on Mid-Length Hair

If you’re not a fan of bangs that cross your forehead, you can try the center-parting look, where longer hair can be styled to the side and then curled to the side. This type of hairstyle is ideal for oval or heart-shaped faces since this style makes your lower part the face look more broader.

8. Long Big Volume Layers

Longer Layers and Bangs

This hairstyle for long hair is all about volume and hairstyles with feathery texture to appear super pumped.

9. Feathered Bangs and Messy Curls

Medium Feathered Cut with Face Framing Bangs

Feathering and frizz are paired in this glam, 1970s-inspired style. Bangs that wrap around the face can create the most dramatic effect which makes this an excellent alternative for someone who is bored of their standard hairstyles.

10. Shaggy Feathered Bangs

Copper Painted Shag For Wavy Hair with Heavy Bangs

If you’re looking for bangs with an impressive impression however are much easier to fashion as opposed to a blunt fringe go for this shaggy feathered look. Its main focus is on the eyes. bangs tend to be longer at the edges and blend into overall shaggy look.

11. Dramatic Feathered Fringe

Feathered Side Fringe

This retro style is a classic ’70s look with an impressive fringe, which is completed with a feathered look. If you’re unsure about this day-to-day style, consider trying it with long, layered hair for an event or for a date night.

12. Shaggy Feathered Lob

70s Shaggy Lob Cut for Shoulder Length Hair

This style by Jennifer Lawrence is long enough to give it a feathery look but is short enough to be easy to manage. The soft side-swept bangs help bring the look together however, they’re not difficult to style on days when you’re strapped for time.

13. Modern Feathered Flip

Low-Maintenance Face-Framing Layers and Side Swept Bangs

A long side part and face framing layers and a subtle feathered style are all part of the modern-day version of the hairstyle that everyone loves from the ’70s.

14. Feathered Glamour Curls

Medium and Long Swiped back Layers for Brown Long Hair

The mid-length look is styled with big curly curls that add just the perfect amount of glamour and drama The feathered hairstyles allow to sweep the eyes sideways and frame the face gently.

15. Center Parted Bangs

Center-Parted Blonde Hair with Long Bangs

Center parted bangs have become trending for the past few years, but adding a feathered texture can transform them from “modern fashion” to “vintage glamour”.

16. Long Feathered Shag

Feathered Shag For Long Fine Hair

The shaggy layers are a excellent way to make your long hair easier to manage when it’s particularly thick. Once the layers are set The feathered curls maintain your hair’s appearance beautiful and swept.

17. Light Feathered Layers

Layered long hairstyle with full fringe

The look of a heavily layered hairstyle can be difficult to achieve if you have thin hair. It can make your look appear flat. This is a subtle rendition of a feathered hairstyle layers are applied around the face as well as in the bangs . Both are kept light and clean.

18. Long Feathered Bangs

Long Layers And Bangs

This hairstyle with a mid-length is a classic from the 70s style, but it is now coming back with a vengeance. Thin bangs can remove some weight from the hair that is thicker, and create plenty of body and movement.

19. Long Feathers and Highlights

face-framing long blonde layered hairstyle

Flicked layers can help emphasize the highlights of this hairstyle and the bands of platinum layered over an ash blonde base makes the entire look to be more thick.

20. Feathered Side Sweep

Feathered Copper Red Shag

This dramatic side-swept style has been created with a thick , feathered look which highlights the hair’s multi-tonal color. A deep side part makes this very ’70s and it can help create a balanced heart or oblong-shaped face.

21. Bob inverted Bob featuring Feathered Bangs

Medium length Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

This bob cut has an inverted design that makes it short in the back and does not require too many layers, which makes it an ideal option for those whose hair tends to be thinner. The feathered bangs at the front can give the appearance of texture without adding a lot of additional styling requirements.

22. Thick Feathered Layers

Feather Layers for Long Thick Dark Hair

This long-haired style is a huge throwback to the 1970s and is perfect for women who have thick, endless hair. Feathered layers blend effortlessly into one another, and the shorter pieces frame the face.

23. Sombre Layers

Black To Blonde Ombre Hair

A subtle shades of ombre can enhance the delicate feathered layers. If you’re unsure about going for a hairstyle with feathers this low-key sombre appearance is among the most effective ways to give the 70s texture a go.

24. Vintage Feathers

Feathery Layered Cut With Long Side Bangs

Get a vintage look with a layered look and feathered bangs that remind us of why the 70s was among the most sexually most sexiest times in history.

25. Feathery Balayage Layers

Medium Feathered Cut With Bronde Balayage

The balayage hue will help you to emphasize the layers of your hairstyle. Highlights should be concentrated around your face if you wish to emphasize the face, which frames feathers.

26. Messy Feathered Shag Style

Messy Shag with Short Layers and Bangs

With messy bangs, and layers that are loosely feathered, this sloppy style is great for ladies who want everything to be a bit of imperfections.

27. Long Feathered Layers

back view of long feathery layers on straight hair

Jennifer Lopez’s incredibly thick hair is reminiscent of the 1970s hairstyles in the most beautiful possible manner. With a face-framer strand of hair which are near the front, and start to flail outwards towards the cheeks. This style is a fantastic choice for women who want at making the upper part of the face seem more broader.

28. Thick Feathered Hair

Feathered Bangs for Dark Brown, Thick Hair

In case your hair’s thick or has a hint of wavey texture, you could still achieve a beautiful feathered look. Tools for styling with heat will assist in getting your style in motion However, remember that an effective hold product will assist in keeping your hair to stay in your meticulously created feathers.

29. Subtle Feathered Lob

Shoulder Length Straight Lob with Subtle Balayage

With this uber-popular Mid length look, the slightest touch of feathered style will allow your outfit to be noticed from the rest of the crowd.

30. Straight Feathered Layers

Feminine Long Feathered Hairstyle

Be soft and delicate with soft layers that lift some of the weight from your long hair. You could achieve this look with any color hair, however the dimensional shades can help highlight the intricately designed layers.

31. Blue Highlight Feathers

Blue Highlights Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s passion for bright hair colors adds a modern style to this 1970s hairstyle.

32. Long Face Framing Layers

face framing bangs for long hair

Hairstyles with feathers tend to style hair off the face. However, this style is layered and keeps things casual and cool on days when you’re not able to devote a lot of time to manage your hair.

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