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20 Fabulous Pixie Hairstyles With Bangs

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The pixie cut is comprised of sharp layers of hair that appear magical when it is topped with bangs. The most appealing thing about this cut? There are no Rapunzel concerns about your hair, no detangling routines every couple of days, no lengthy showers to clean your hair! Bangs however can help hide an overly large forehead, accentuate your face and make you look stunning. The hairstyle God has given to women. Hooked? Scroll down to check out the 20 most stunning Pixie hairstyles with bangs which will give you the feeling that you are a mystical creature!

20 Fabulous Pixie Hairstyles With Bangs

1. Pointed Bangs

Pointed Bangs


RiRi is always aware of what she likes about her, and it’s not a delight that the hairstyles she wears always are trending. Take a look at this pixie cut with sharp bangs. Should you be blessed with a huge forehead, this style will hide it and show off your highlights.

2. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

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Let’s be real. Some people aren’t able to make baby bangs look cute or even really short ones. If you’re a woman with an oval face the pixie haircut is the one for you. It accentuates the chiseled cheekbones of your face to the letter.

3. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie


The messy hairstyles that are everywhere are the trend right these days. They appear effortless, playful and so fun! Make this messy ponytail that has the flicked-out ends, and tiny fringed front bangs. I have to admit I’m in love with that brown dimension hair blend. It really enhances the hairdo quite nicely.

4. Short Pixie With Flicked Up Bangs

Short Pixie With Flicked Up Bangs


If you have an edgy pixie cut it is likely that you would like to change it. You can create this stylish style with some foam or mousse. Instead of putting your hair down, try moussesing them.

5. The Domino Cut

The Domino Cut


Keira Knightley is a stunning actress who has gorgeous hair. In order to play bounty hunter Domino the actress had cut off her locks. The bronde mix shows the best features of this cut, and the bangs show off the jawline. The most impressive part about this tale is that she recorded the final scenes from Pride And Prejudice with a hairstyle because she needed to cut her hair. Bet you didn’t even notice!

6. The Full Bangs Pixie

The Full Bangs Pixie


Katie Holmes looks so young with her new haircut! The bangs draw the attention to her nose, eyes and mouth. If you’ve got thick hair you’ve probably thought cutting it short will reduce the volume. This is a cut that shows the volume of your hair beautifully.

7. The Shag Pixie

The Shag Pixie

Hilary Swank’s hairstyles are simply stunning The hairstyle she chose shows them off to the fullest extent. This layered pixie hairstyle was the most popular hairstyle for teenagers in the 90s. Kelly Clarkson and Mandy Moore have also worn this hairstyle.

8. Classic Pixie With A Soft Fringe

Classic Pixie With A Soft Fringe


Michelle Williams is the queen of short hairstyles. She has been sporting Pixies in lieu of long hair for the last few years, and they fit her perfectly. It’s like she was designed to wear these hairstyles! The soft curls draw the eyes in a different direction and highlight her cheekbones.

9. Colored Bangs

Colored Bangs


Everybody wants to experiment with something different and interesting. The pixie is an unpretentious cut, so how can you turn it up to eleven? By adding some colour to the bangs obviously! The small change can go far by framing the face while highlighting your natural hair color.

10. Uneven Bangs

Uneven Bangs


Uneven hairstyles are similar to that girl in school who’s hairstyle is so distinctive that it could only be done by her. If you have a slim or long-faced, this hair style will look great on you. It softens the harsh lines and is a stylish look.

11. The Neat Pixie

The Neat Pixie


A lot of my friends have said to them that they do not believe the pixie cut is suitable for red carpets. Ginnifer Goodwin shows them incorrect. A neatly combed pixie put in place by a mousse is a great hairstyle, not just to wear for formal occasions, but for working as well. I also love how she incorporated the bangs into the pixie to showcase her hair as a baby.

12. Feathered Bangs

Feathered Bangs


A pixie with feathers and slight flicks of bangs can soften the jawline, especially if have a diamond-shaped facial. By bringing the bangs closer toward the back, you will make it difficult to notice the facial features that appear asymmetrical.

13. The Deep Auburn Pixie

The Deep Auburn Pixie


Auburn is a hair color that is suitable for every season. If you’re looking to make an alternative to your brunette or blonde roots look into this shade to add some spice to your pixie. These auburn locks show off the tone of her skin and eyes stunningly.

14. Undercut Pixie

 Undercut Pixie


Scarlett Johansson has naturally dark hair, however she appears to be born with blonde hair. I love the way she’s integrated both of these hues with this gorgeous faux undercut Pixie. The blonde hairstyles contrast with her dark locks really well and complement the skin tone perfectly.

15. Gradual Bronde Pixie

Gradual Bronde Pixie

I love the way this pixie begins with short bangs which gradually grow longer before becoming shorter in the back. This pixie with a gradual transition blends hairstyles like a bob and a Pixie. If you have two popular hairstyles, combining them into a chic hairstyle is the next best idea.

16. Just-Woke-Up Pixie

Just-Woke-Up Pixie

Every woman desires to wake up with a stunning appearance and have her hair in perfect the right place. When you have long hair is a goal that’s not often accomplished. The pixie-bangs combination surpasses expectations. You can now wake up each day with your hair in a perfect state!

17. Thick Side Swept Bangs

Thick Side Swept Bangs

If in doubt, opt for long side-swept hair. They look great as they frame the face. In addition, long side-swept bangs can frame a forehead, but not completely conceal it.

18. Bangs From The Top

Bangs From The Top

If you’re experiencing falling hairline that is receding, this pixie could be your salvation. The bangs are positioned from the crown and drop to front to cover the receding hairline while framing your face from the top.

19. Blue Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

Blue Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs


Blue is the color of the earth. It’s a relaxing color that is also one of the most popular hair colors ever. If you pair it with a flicked out side-swept hairstyle and a pixie cut it’s the classic emo hairstyle. Make sure to add eyeliner for a perfect style!

20. The Hollywood Curl Pixie

The Hollywood Curl Pixie

Pixie queen ScarJo has us in awe with this gorgeous Pixie. This is the perfect pixie to wear for any red-carpet occasion. I like how the bangs appear elevated. It is possible to achieve this look using a gel and the use of a round brush.

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