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36 Modern Inverted Bob Haircuts Women Are Getting Now

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We’re not talking about males here! If you’re unsure of the best bob for you think about the reversed bob. The WHAT bob, are asking? Let me tell you. The inverted bob is among of the most requested haircuts of the year. This bob is a face-framing style that highlights the facial features. It can be styled in a way that you prefer according to your personal style.

36 Beautiful Best Inverted Bob Haircuts

1. Dark To Light Blonde Inverted Bob

Dark To Light Blonde Inverted Bob

Blonde can be found in a variety of colors. You can choose a gorgeous champagne or beachy sand blonde. It is also possible to choose all the hues of one hue (warm and cool). If you’ve got a cool undertone , opt for a cool blonde blend and If you have a warm undertone, opt for an a warmer blonde blend.

2. Brown Disconnected Inverted Bob

Brown Disconnected Inverted Bob

Do you notice how this hairline abruptly lengthens at the front rather than slowly? I am in love! I like how the layer that is at the back is lighter and gets darker as you get to the final layer. It adds tons of dimension to the Bob.

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3. Mild Wavy Inverted Bob

Mild Wavy Inverted Bob


Have you ever experienced an occasion that you’re overwhelmed with work and you’re able to enjoy an afternoon tea to take an afternoon break? It’s like everything is easier following the fact. It seems like time is passing with a tinny speed. Add that stress-buster into your hair, and add some waves to relax you.

4. Brown Dimensional Bob

Brown Dimensional Bob


The bob inverted starts in a darker brown hue which gradually changes to blonde and light brown to the side. The dark woody brown color is a great addition to this hairstyle.

5. Curly Ends

 Curly Ends


Marble cake Who doesn’t like marble cake? Beautiful shades of brown and blonde combine to give us this delicious bob that is blended. The curly edges in forward are the focal point of this style.

6. Chocolate Bob

Chocolate Bob


Imagine cutting through the shiny chocolate-glazed with icing and discovering a wonderful chocolate cake inside. You could try it but you’ll never stop smiling! That’s the thing this inverted bob reminds me of.

7. Blonde Curved Bob

Blonde Curved Bob


If I come across fine sand on the shore, I would like to make it into an elaborate castle. The locks of blonde on this bob provide me with the same sensation. If I had that glossy hair I would style it in a fresh style every day, with braids made of lace, a faux Mohawk or whatever else!

8. Contrast Layers

Contrast Layers


A lighter blonde on top, which bleeds to darker blonde shades the blonde aspect is amazing! Notice how the blonde locks smooth out the layers? This creates incredible face-frame effect.

9. Short Layers

Short Layers


In the early 19th century, there was fashionable to show an angular hairline in the back. The inverted bob offers its own twist on this style statement and looks stylish. If you’re looking to kick this style up a notch add a unique design to the hairline that you have shaved.

10. Black Edgy Bob

Black Edgy Bob


The black bob is associated with the edgy anime characters. This style allows you to appreciate the layers that are stacked. I like that, even when her hair is short you can clearly observe the angle in the bottom.

11. Super Short Layers

Super Short Layers


Welcome to the perfect bob for a tomboy! The layers of hair that are short at the back and the long chin hair on the front provide a fun look to this hair-tie! (See the way I styled it here? I mixed hair and clothes to…forget that).

12. Auburn Bob

Auburn Bob


Auburn is the ideal hair color that is suitable for every season. It will give your hair a beautiful shine in summer, and blends perfectly in autumn, adds warmth in winter, and prepares our hearts for spring. LOVE!

13. Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob


The choppy hair, when combined by an inverted hairstyle make an amazing style. The brown locks in this look make this bob have an elegant look. This is the perfect hairstyle to wear on hot summer days where all you would like do is tie your locks.

14. Volumized Inverted Bob

Volumized Inverted Bob


Lady, lift your hands even if you’ve never had large locks. I’m sure that you haven’t did! Everyone desires thick, lush locks. If you’re a short-haired person opt for a thick, hairdo that is inverted to add the volume of your hair.

15. Angled Inverted Bob

Angled Inverted Bob


Look at the angle of this the bob. It is PERFECT! If you’re planning to part with your locks to get the chance to get a haircut, ensure that it’s just as awesome like this one.

16. Thin Curls

 Thin Curls


The hair with messy, thin curls can be the perfect companion for a girl as opposed to her frizzy foe. Apply a curl-defining cream on your locks after the shampoo. You can also curl your hair, and then apply hairspray to give this style a boost.

17. Brunette Curved Bob

Brunette Curved Bob


Look. At. That. Curve! This is exactly the curve we all of us would love to have. It’s moment to create it! Layers of the bob are beautiful and soft and can emphasize certain characteristics of your face coupled with the correct makeup.

18. Inverted D Bob

Inverted D Bob


What if you got up late this morning? In the event that you had this reversed D-bob all you’d need to do is run your fingers over it to tidy it up and you’ll be done in no time! It makes an ideal D at the back. I can remember a character from anime I used to admire who wore this style.

19. Curly Inverted Bob

Curly Inverted Bob


A curly hairstyle is the wild hairstyle I’ve never required! The curly bob must be invented by the French. It’s perfect and perfectly curled. Soft swirls highlight the layers on the back of the bob beautifully. In that gorgeous mahogany brown color, this bob will be amazing!

20. Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob


Layers of layers that are stacked on top of each other This cut is the definition of an inverted Bob. Hair color can be with burgundy or plum to freshen the look. The red color paired with purple completely transforms the hairstyle!

21. Thick Bangs

Thicks Bangs


If you’ve got long hair, it’d be illegal to not flaunt it in the best way you want! But, it can also be problematic if you plan to trim the hair off. I have an answer! A short haircut paired with long, thick bangs is a perfect win-win. If you’re a fan of long, big bangs, you should take a look at this style to see how it looks.

22. Brown Top Bob

Brown Top Bob


A cake isn’t perfect without chocolate frosting on the top. This is the belief I’ve lived my whole life. The icing is how I imagine this hairstyle will look like. The hair is smooth and brown on top and darker in the middle.

23. Chic Inverted Bob

Chic Inverted Bob


Some styles have a traditional feel and others appear to be designed to be futuristic. This is among the more modern styles. The contrast colors of this Bob add some clarity to it. If you’re a fan of a diamond form, you should get this bob and place its length lower than the jaw.

24. Black Inverted Bob

Black Inverted Bob


I’m sure I’ve only added two black hairstyles to this list However, black is an intense color that should not be dismissed lightly. Although many women were born with stunning hair in black, this cut needs a relaxed, sexy appearance to make it work.

25. Purple Curled Bob

Purple Curled Bob


Purple is the color associated with unicorns, femininity and the most loved dinosaur. Every one of us at some point, have wanted the color purple and short hair. Combine them to create the hairstyle you’ve always wanted!

26. Blow Dried Inverted Bob

Blow Dried Inverted Bob


I recently had my hair cut and, I must admit that my hair looks amazing when I blow-dry it. When I’m feeling down I find that blow drying my hair is a guaranteed way to boost my mood up.

27. The Perfect Curve Inverted Bob

The Perfect Curve Inverted Bob


In the case of an inverted Bob it’s all about curves. Let’s discuss the color of your hair! It’s like an evening in the desert. Beautiful. This hairstyle is one of my must-try lists.

28. Long Inverted Bob

Long Inverted Bob


I love this long hair variant of the bob that is inverted. It’s perfect for ladies who aren’t keen on cutting the hair off too much. If you’re looking to add a sexy variation to this hairstyle, you should keep your back short and keep the front tucked under your cheeks. Hairstyle it with waves to add the volume of your hair.

29. Sandy Blonde Bob

Sandy Blonde Bob


Relax your hair up the sun’s rays by wearing this sand-colored blonde bob that is inverted. Make your hair curly and spray with Sea salt spray. Make a mess of your hair using your fingers and you’re gold. It looks pretty amazing, isn’t it?

30. Curve And Angled

Curve And Angled


The bob is curving at the beginning, and then angled towards the end the inverted bob is a masterpiece in its own. I like the way the layers don’t blend into one. They give a nice softness to the style.

31. Ringlet Bob

Ringlet Bob


Ringlets are regarded as ideal curls. You’d think that ringlets had gone out of fashion in the Victorian time period. However, they’re still around. Naturally they are no longer tiny and tight Ringlet curls are large and soft. This is the perfect curl for weddings, dances and fairytales.

32. Beachy Waves Inverted Bob

Beachy Waves Inverted Bob


The most enjoyable thing to do during a summer evening is to head to the beach and relax. Be aware of the waves and watch them change and take the whole experience. The beachy waves inverted bob is the best representation of those evenings.

33. Mild Inverted Bob

Mild Inverted Bob


Visit the beach right now and let me know whether this gorgeous blonde hue appears like sun rays hitting the sandy beaches! This gorgeous color is enhanced by the light inverted bob it’s created in. If you’re not ready to move more angular, it’s fine to keep it simple by wearing this light inverted hairstyle.

34. Inverted Bob On Thin Hair

Inverted Bob On Thin Hair


The moment I saw this picture it spoke to me. I have hair that is thin, and I was under the belief that thin hair will not look great when it’s hairstyles like a cut. This hairstyle has brought me so much happiness!

35. Bob With Peekaboo Highlights

Bob With Peekaboo Highlights


Peek-a-boo! Are those highlights hidden? They’re known as peekaboo highlights. You can find them in a variety of colors and any style you’d like – plain multicolored, or even dual. Let your unicorn run without inhibitions with this kind of highlight in vibrant shades.

36. Modern Inverted Bob

Modern Inverted Bob


Give a contemporary twist to the classic bob by wearing this bob inverted and sporting an undercut that is edgy and stylish. Did you have any idea that bobs were angled into the 20s? Very modern for a classic age, don’t you think? This is it for the moment ladies. These were my top choices for inverted Bobs. What’s your top inverted bob from the list? Which color would you most like to test it out with? Tell us in the comment section below.

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