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20 Gorgeous Inverted Bob Hairstyles

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Bob has a hairstyle that is old. It’s among those that lasted through the time of various styles. Every decade that passes the latest twist is added or eliminated making this style new and interesting every year. After all this time there’s nothing more relaxing than cutting hair into the classic hairstyle. It is now the inverted bob that has taken over the world. The angular bob is seen everywhere and on anyone all the way from the red carpet to the supermarket and from moms to teens. This trend is on the rise and it’s easy to see the reason.

1. Long and Sleek: Long Bob Haircut

Long and Sleek

Bob does not have to be tall to be adorable. This version that is longer is no less stylish.

2. The Uneven Bob: Asymmetrical Short Haircut

The Uneven Bob

Have fun with length! You could still get an angle that is not perfect by using different lengths.

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3. Casual Waves Bob

Casual Waves

To make the look more subtle, you can add waves. It will be the same angle however, the waves create a more softer appearance.

4. The Poof

The Poof

A favorite among all moms The glam angle is stylish and easy to maintain!

5. Classic Inverted Bob

Classic Inverted Bob

Or go classic! The colors aren’t too strong however still noticeable.

6. The Posh Bob: Classic Short Bob Haircut for Women

The Posh Bob

Victoria Beckham is the queen of this style and it’s easy to see why. Victoria Beckham is a master at it.

7. Short and Subtle: Cute Short Hair Style

Short and Subtle

Another subtle twist on this style, this one is much more feminine and soft than the majority.

8. Hollywood Classic

Hollywood Classic

Keira Knightley’s hairstyle is a red carpet-worthy style and there’s no reason why. A flattering and frame-like look the soft style is perfect for her face shape.

9. Gorgeous and feminine Chic and Feminine: Bob hair cut with Bangs

Adorable and Feminine

Two words to summarize the entire look. The soft and elegant hairstyle is stunning in its simple design.

10. Spiky Bob

Spiky Bob

It’s not a requirement that your angle has to be equal. Make sure you have a hairstyle that is spiky to spice up your style.

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