Inverted bobs are shorter front haircut while being shorter at the back. Based on how you hairstyle it, it will give volume and depth to your hair. You can creating a perfect geometric form to elongate or widen your face, if needed and highlight your most loved features of your face, etc. If you’re wearing straight hair or textured locks, a hair cut that’s a bob is the ideal backdrop for different hairstyles. It can be customized to fit an oval, round, or square shape of face. Shifting the section from its center to the side could provide a subtle, but noticeable alteration to your appearance. Michelle Summers-Davies who is an official Matrix Artist ambassador from Wales, UK, shares her professional opinion about the cut. “Hair style, the texture of hairline and facial shape are all factors to take into account when choosing this haircut,” she says. “It’s essential to consult your stylist about the appropriateness of this cut for your appearance and lifestyle.” She adds, “The bob haircut is an old-fashioned style that’s loved by anyone of any age. Style this cut in a variety of ways, which includes switching it from an inverted style to an angular, chin-length hairstyle, such as a lob or bob.” It’s crucial to be aware that for short inverted hairstyles that the sides should be at an identical angle to the front. “This means it’s more effective to avoid creating the appearance of a bulky baseline. It’s also essential to have layers that are soft and not too rough to give movement and eliminate any extra weight,” she adds. The drawback of this style pertains to women who have frizzy or curly hair that want straight hair that is pin-straight. “This scenario requires more styling in order to achieve the desired appearance,” she explains. “Having the ability to style hair while using the best styling tools can eliminate this problem.” Take a look at these pictures of gorgeous short stacked bob hairstyles inverted. Share your top 5 choices with your hair stylist!

Inverted Bob for Short Wavy Hair

Inverted Bob for Short Wavy Hair

Opt to have a cut turned upside down for wavy hair in order to add body and shape. This is ideal for hair with low to medium density. It has a flirty and angular edge that’s ideal for any face shape. This haircut inverted is an amazing piece of work!

Stacked Bob Cut for Curly Hair

Stacked Bob Cut for Curly Hair

Think about a short cut that’s stacked, especially when you have curly hair. For that bouncey-looking look opt for a dry cutting method. This method produces a precise outcome after cutting. A stack haircut that is graduated could require trimming each 6-8 weeks.

Stacked and Shaggy Hair

stacked and shaggy hair

Stacked or shaggy locks creates the cut short, easy and relaxed. It looks natural, especially when it has waves that add texture. This shaggy and short inverted bob requires daily styling. Keep your styling tools in the bag.

Stacked Inverted Chin-Length Haircut

Stacked Inverted Chin-Length Haircut

Pick a stacked inverted chin length bob haircut if you have thin hair. It is recommended to cut it shorter for giving your locks a full appearance. Because hair that is this long is great with texture, why don’t you try the dazzling red highlights? The results will be spectacular definitely.

Dramatic Stacking of Wispy Layers

Dramatic Stacking of Wispy Layers

A strikingly hairstyle that is stacked that is layered with wispy hair creates the illusion of texture and volume. The stacked layers create the kind of style that thin fine hairstyles can take pleasure in. To add a final look, style your hair with lots of texture. It will emphasize your chop’s layers.

Edgy Nape-Length Inverted Bob

edgy neck-length inverted bob that's stacked

An edgy and short inverted bob that has added layers of crown that are stacked look amazing with lots of texture. The finished look creates a smooth and untidy look which is sure to attract people’s attention. The thing that makes this stacked nape length hairstyle so great is the easy to style and manipulate it.

Inverted Bob Cut for Short Thin Hair

stacked inverted bob cut for short thin hair

This bob that is inverted is ideal for thin, short hair. It is stacked behind to create an oversized shape. It is a perfect combination to draw focus off the roundness of a face shape. It’s classic and ladies of older age are able to pull it off at their most elegantly.

Neck-Length Stacked Inverted Cut

Neck-Length Stacked Inverted Cut

A neck-length cut of an inverted straight hairstyle is a fun twist on a timeless hairstyle. The sharp edges keep the look edgy. It’s a great thing about it is it works with both thick and thin density.

Stacked Angled Bob Ideal for Thick Hair

Stacked Angled Bob Ideal for Thick Hair

Perfect for thick hair The short, stacked, inverted bob reduces the weight and length. The layers inside help the hair be light and supple. The length of the hair grazes the neck, preserving the volume of locks. The ends can be steamed when styling to create a smoother edge.

Stacked Short Bob for Older Women

Stacked Short Bob for Older Women

The layers of this bob cut are designed suitable for women of older age who wish to appear beautiful and young everyday! It has a round shape and thin hair can look more bulky and voluminous. Chop some strands in the front to make side bangs. The fringe creates an additional motion and is definitely a plus.

Ear-Length Inversion

 Ear-Length inversion

An ear-length inversion refers to an ear-length bob that has a stacked nape cut that has shorter strands on the back and longer ones in the front. A bob cut that is short can look edgy and has lots of texture. However, when it is you have straight , fine locks the cut offers a more feminine look.

Funky Stacked Cut

Funky Stacked Cut

This is a cool stack cut that’s enjoyable to wear and displays an innovative fashion. Short hairstyles are great when paired with a smooth finish to showcase the layers. This cool stack bob haircut for short hair can’t be complete without splashes of blue. They go well with a cool toned brownish-ash blonde.

Messy Inverted Long Bob

messy Inverted long bob

Make a clean, messy hairstyle that has a slight inversion to complement a rich blonde shade. The waves increase the appearance and feel. This hairstyle demands the perfect density and texture of hair. It’s ideal for ladies with tresses with a moderate to heavy density.

The Short Blunt Bob

Messy blunt bob

The blunt short haircut is another hairstyle that gives flexibility. It is a great match for straight or wave-like style. It is a good idea to split it on one side and you get an appearance that is full of volume. It looks adorable on women who have diamond-shaped faces.

Textured Stacked Bob, accompanied by Bangs

Shaggy Bob with Long Bangs

Make a layered bob that is texturized with bangs, if you’re willing to experiment with a tousled and inverted look. This hairstyle is an elegant option for women with fine hair. It’s messy and has a textured look which is a perfect match for the hair’s feathered ends. That’s the look that straight, thin hair needs!

Stacked with Jaw Length Bob Cut with Micro Bangs

Jaw-Length Messy Bob Cut

A jaw-length stacked bob that has micro bangs is extremely versatile. It looks elegant when sleek and straight but it can also offer more. A messy, inverted hairstyle can create a natural appearance however it gives more of an edge. Are you someone who is a fan of trying out a new haircut? If so, this stacked , inverted haircut with bangs is perfect for you!

Messy layers of Bob, with Soft Brown Highlights

short messy bob haircut

This messy short hairstyle is an inverted layers bob haircut that has an appearance that is not quite as perfect. It can make women appear stunning and without even trying. This style can help increase volume and density for thin hair. To highlight the shorter layers of the cut, apply subtle brown highlights.

The Angled Choppy Bob on Dark-Rooted Blonde Hair

Angled Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Choose a choppy hairstyle with a sharp-angled stackand, if the hair is wavy, you can see a look that is full of texture and motion. It’s a favorite style for blondes with dark roots. The angled bob style is fashionable and is perfect for women who have medium-to-thick hair.

Stacked for Fine Hair

stacked inverted bob for short fine hair

This is a short , textured style for fine hair that has been cut and styled by hair stylist Kristina Bennett from Oldsmar, FL. “Short inverted bobs that are stacked up like this are great for women of all ages, even who have coarse hair” Bennett points out.

Maintaining a low-maintenance Stacked Jaw-Length Bob, with an undercut

Low-Maintenance Stacked Jaw-Length Bob with an Undercut

This jaw-length bob is a short , textured Bob with layers stacked up and an undercut at the back. It gives a soft and feminine style for women. Hair stylist Olivia Thomson of Silverwood Heights, SK styled it with loose waves, which adds an extra dimension to the beautiful blonde color of the hair. According to Thomson the wavy-stacked style is ideal perfect for fine or thin hair, to make it appear more full and healthier. Thomson adds “Styling always incorporates products that aid in blow-out to create the fullness of your appearance. This is a great cut for those with a slim face with an attractive jawline. It’s simple, easy to keep, and stylish every day.”

Extremely Short Stacked Cut with an angled back

Very Short Stacked Cut with a Tapered Back

This is a shorter stacked, inverted bob styled by Lilli Loeffler, a hair stylist located in Whitefish, MT. Instead of the traditional A-line cut, this one has the back tapered with stacked layers. The undercut can actually help with the design since it keeps the line of weight longer in order to maintain the shape of the inverted bob. For styling the bob, Loeffler suggests using a light volumizing product, called anti-gravity, which is a product by Kevin Murphy. “This high-stacked bob that has a nape cuts is ideal for thin or thick hair. For hair with thin volume it gives an appearance and height. For thicker hair, layers can help to reduce the bulk of it to create a more streamlined appearance.” Loeffler explains.


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