The A-line bob cut is probably, the most well-known haircut in the present, and is likely to remain in of style. A lot of women prefer its stacked variant that could be described as an inverted hairstyle. It is a great choice for most faces and hair textures. A Short A-line haircut can be described as a short cut that is angled, meaning the hair is cut shorter at the back and longer in the front. It’s a fact that this classic cut isn’t going outdated and the variations of it continue to get better and better as the years pass by! The latest versions of this bob are first seen on the A-list fashion celebrities Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Emma Roberts, and Tiffany Hines, and they’ve been re-created in a blaze of creativity by skilled hairdressers from all over the world! Layer these hefty ends with highlights that complement the texture and bangs. This neck-grazing style has never been so diverse and full-bodied on any facial shape.

Professional stylist Melanie Hildebrand from Ontario adds an edge to the cut by coordinating the cut with an undercut. the perfect and stylish option for those who want a more cutting that is more practical and less weighty! Since you’ll be able to cut shorter lengths in your back end, a shorter A-line bob can be an option for those looking to reduce the weight from their long hair strands. The ease of A-line bob haircuts make it easy to style and maintain on an everyday basis but also gives the stylist with a variety of styles that aren’t boring! From straight and sleek, to wavy and tousled looks It is certain that it’s going to be your new favourite! Explore this fresh and additional voguish style of the classic hairstyle bob! Here are this year’s most requested short A-line bob haircuts as well as hairstyles!

Layered A-Line Bob

layered a-line bob for short hair

It is characterized by a more streamlined back, this stunning A-line cut is known to be infamous for becoming messy and frayed in an unintentional way. Therefore, make use of the frayed strands by adding layers and waves. Wear it proudly!

For Black Hair

short a -line bob for black hair

Feel and appear elegant by wearing the classic neck-length A-line haircut. With added texture This is the kind of haircut that is ideal to wear with black hair.

Short and Blunt

short and blunt a-line bob haircut

Glam hair with a choppy A-line bob is the next thing to watch. A blunt and short hairstyle when done with the right level of confidence, will attract admirers from head to the toe.

A-Line Bob, with side Bangs

a-line bob hairstyle with side bangs

This is a gorgeous short A-line bob that has bangs on the sides. This is a low-maintenance cut that will never let you down no matter what the occasion.

Short and Straight

short and straight a-line bob for older women

Straight and short, A-line bob cut is an iconic haircut. Get your stylist to add blonde highlights using the traditional foil method to give your hair a boost!

Short and Choppy Bob

short choppy a-line bob

The choppy, short hairstyle is perfect for an easy A-line bob is the perfect hairstyle for women who are confident and stylish. The shiny brunette hue is a perfect match for the subtle layers and the soft natural curls on the hair as if it were it’s a dream.

Short A-Line Bob Back View

Short A-Line Bob Back View

The short A-line Bob (back perspective) is the hairstyle which almost all women have discovered a love for. Hair that is short and blonde isn’t always the most attractive with this kind of hairstyle with a textured texture.

Short and Curly Bob

short curly a-line bob

The short, tight natural curly curls look amazing in this A-line bob style. Make it a short, curly bob cut for a new hairstyles.

The Short Ombre Straight A-line Bob with Bangs

Short Ombre A-line Bob with Bangs

An auburn ombre looks gorgeous on a short A-line bob cut. It’s a geometric design and color shifts are accentuated. The bangs add elegance to the striking style, which makes everything fit together.

Very Short A-Line Bob

very short a-line bob

This chic, very small A-line bob haircut is created by several layers. Straight hair is a great option as an a-line bob maintaining a neat and tidy look.

A-Line with Layers

short a-line bob with layers

The A-line bob short cut is packed with layers that create all the puffy and fluffy action in the nape region. The layers around the head make an elongated form, while the tapered edges create a lovely flow towards the top.

Short Bob for Thin Hair

short a-line bob for thin hair

The short, thin hair is perfect with an A-line bob is the best choice. It gives volume and body due to the layers. The hair that is thin is your partner!

Q&A with the style creator, Emily Usher

Hair Stylist @ Artistic Designs Hair Salon in Colorado Springs, CO

What do you think of this style?

The short cut is timeless, stylish, classic, and timeless. These are only few words to describe an A-line haircut. The color is different, and with the longer A-lines, I prefer to remain darker in the nape, and lighter at the top. Naturally the sun never reaches the bottom and I’m trying to emulate the way that sunspots naturally do. I’m an organic, lived-in color kind of woman. If you’re over 50percent gray hair, hiding by balayage, highlights, foliage, a beautiful investment piece or something between is the best option to take. The amount of light is contingent upon the final goal of my client as well as the amount of care time, money, and time they’re willing to put on their hair.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who is thinking about this?

This look is perfect for all! I don’t like playing with faces, I play with my your personality! At 240lbs I wore an A-line hairstyle for more than three years. I looked quite hot I have to say. However, based on the standard of facial forms, this would not be an “good” style for me. I’ll say that I prefer women who have hair that is finer and wear this cut. The shorter hair is, the greater volume. It is also the most shortest to hold the hair longer giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. And for my more full haired ladies, this cut is an amazing cut! Texturing and debulking are the key to success!

The Short A-Line Bob, with Bangs

short a-line bob with bangs

Opt for a stylish A-line bob to style your shorter hair. This is a great choice for ladies who prefer a classic look. It is best suited to natural colors, as well. This style is not recommended for those with thick and curly hair. It requires hair that’s straight and not too large. It’s simple to maintain and is suitable for women who do not have a lot of time to maintain.

Stacked A-Line Bob

stacked a-line bob hairstyle

Think about a stylish, short haircut that has an A-line bob that is graduated and has plenty of texture. The short haircut allows heavy, dense hair to slide right into place thanks to precise shaping and weight reduction/texturing. When it comes to bobs it’s all about the form! It’s your responsibility as well as your hair stylist decide the degree of graduation that will be the best for what type of hair (think the density and the thickness). Cutting your hair undercuts can be a great option as it will take the scurry lines out. Short A-line bobs are simple to dry with your hands or perhaps smaller flat brushes since they’re made to slide to the ground in the natural way.

Edgy Bob Crop

short edgy a-line bob

Q&A session with the creator of style Carrie Gouvion

Hair Stylist @ Be Rosie Salon in Claremont, CA

What would you say about this style?

What I like about this particular haircut with short hair is how sleek it appears yet still retains a youthful and edgy style. I am awed by the lines, precision and overall shape of the cut. I enjoy cutting shorter hairstyles that are more precise. The client I worked with was growing out of the super-short pixie haircut We tried to think of something fashionable to help her get through the awkward phases of growing out. This is when I suggested cutting her hair. The nape separated to make her cut appear more edgy because she didn’t want to appear too old and feminine. The styles of the roaring 20s actually attracted me as she inspired me to be an old-fashioned flapper girl, due to her clothes, etc.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering this?

This bob with an A-line is suitable for women who have thick , straight hair. A person who has straight, fine hair may be able to pull this look off, but they’ll need products to add some volume to hair that is fine, even though it is a sleek and stylish look. The kind of products I’d recommend to use to achieve this look is based on the hair’s texture and the thickness. Some kind of serum smoothing balm, balm for smoothing, or shine spray , is what one will require for flyaways, keeping things shiny and smooth as well as some kind of leave-in or heat protector spray if one will be using an iron for straightening or blowdrying.

This style is perfect for women who have an oval face with a well-defined jawline and cheeks that enhance their facial features. I’d suggest changing this cut to the longer length if someone has a more full face since it can emphasize the features that you don’t want to improve in the jaw and the chin. It’s a fantastic hairstyle for short hair for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling for an elegant look or those who want to wash and choose the perfect hair texture.

A-Line with an Undercut

short a-line bob with undercut

Q&A with the style creator, Jeremy Sunshine

Cosmetologist @ The Parlor Aveda in Las Vegas, NV

What would you say about this style?

This is a contemporary short bob cut with an A-line as well as an undercut. We decided to opt for the longer fringe section for a bit of movement the cut as well as soften the face. This style is a easy to maintain style. It’s stylish and conservative but also chic. That’s the thing I loved about this style. If you want to display your “adulting” persona then you are able to. If you’re looking to get some wild, get it and flaunt that cut!

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering this?

A cut that is undercut may make you feel cooler during warmer months and can cause less stress when styling, especially when you have hair that is thick. Hairstyles for this cut could be as easy as washing and going (varies depending on the type of hair you have) or smoothing it with an iron that is hot. It’s possible to add some waves or curls to make it look more sophisticated to a degree. Make sure that when you do thermal style, you’re wearing the right thermal protection. This haircut being cut undercuts, keeping the hair underneath cut shaved may mean an additional appointment to the salon between haircuts, which means more upkeep than a conventionally cut bob. A bob cut opens your options to different styles as well as some styles that are cut into the nape or having half of your hair shaved can give your confidence experiment with shorter or pixie cuts (you’re already halfway to the end of your journey!). It requires a confident individual to accept short hair since there’s no reason to cover up!

Short and Wavy

short wavy a-line bob

Q&A session with style designer Sarah Brophy

Licensed Cosmetologist @ Lace’d Unisex Hair Salon in Langhorne, PA

What would you say about this style?

This is a striking stacking A-line bob cut onto short hair that has highlights. It looks amazing on hair that is thick and has amazing texture. It has all the natural body can be styled effortless.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who is thinking about this?

The first and most important thing is that you need to have enough hair to get this look. It must also be styled to the point that you’ll need time to style their hair each day. In addition, you’ll have to keep the style by having your hair cut each 8-10 weeks.

Choppy A-line for Fine Hair

choppy and angled short a-line bob for fine hair

Q&A with stylist, Michelle Corpus

Hairstylist @ The Parlor Aveda in Las Vegas, NV

What would you say about this style?

It’s a great cut that’s completely texturized at the ends, creating a an ideal wash and wear hairstyle. This style is perfect for any woman because it increases the length of the front of your face and offers height options within the crown. The color was lightened into an even blonde shade and left natural on the nape area. I like this dark, smokey gray shade because it fades to a crisp blonde. It provides me with a new palette to work with whenever my client is back.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering the idea?

To create this look and show off the gorgeous texture, you can apply a great dry paste. My personal favorite one is the control paste from Aveda. It provides just the right amount “piecey-ness” but is comfortable and flexible. This bob in the A-line style is ideal for any person with any type of face who likes short hair but yet wants to be fun and flirty in the right moments!

An A-line that is symmetrical Bob with an undercut

asymmetrical a-line bob with an undercut

This is a stunning A-line bob that’s symmetrical with hair cut in the undercut for women with shorter hair. The cut is contemporary, modern stylish, and chic. Be sure that your stylist has established a rapport with the hairline. In the absence of a clear plan could result in gaps, holes and a choppy look instead of a sleek and elegant one. The flat wrapping of hair with smoothing lotion or a serum will enhance the smooth appearance of the line and overall form. Bobs are available in all sizes and shapes, but an asymmetrical bob with asymmetrical lines is a powerful style that is a specific degree of confidence!

The Neck Length is Sleek Bob with an a middle part

neck-length sleek bob with a middle part

Choose a neck-length sleek cut with a mid-section to get a sleek and classic appearance. A slim neck-length bob is an ideal and versatile cut for professionals of today as it’s a classic and elegant design. It can, however, be enhanced with texture for an informal look. For more motion and smoothness you can style it with the round brush or blow-dry cream.


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