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21 Stunning Medium Bob Hairstyles

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You’ve been contemplating hairstyles for a while but you aren’t sure if you want to cut it too often. Have you ever considered MOB, the hairstyle team for medium bobs? Medium length haircuts offer the perfect length to allow for easy styling that is clean and tidy but are small enough to be fun and enjoyable. Check out these 21 stunning medium length hairstyles that will assist you in choosing the best haircut and style!

Full Fringes and Loose Curls

The loose, loosely framed bangs that sit under the line of the brow is an easy method create a frame for your face to make a chic look, while loose curls add a flirty look to hair. We love the purple shades on her black and jet black mane and a stylish method to add volume and texture. The universal look is a plus!

trendy short soft wavy dark bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical Messy Bob

Sure, she’s gorgeous with just about anything however we like her easy hairstyle! The asymmetrical cut is slightly quirky, while the curly locks look elegant and casual. The hair is gorgeous and sultry when she pairs it up with dark lips!

Trendy choppy bob hairstyle for women

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Simple Shorter MOB

The cut is just below the shoulders. This style is slightly shorter. The entire length is long in the in front and back, which creates an easy and casual look that can be worn by women of all different ages.

simple easy blunt bob hairstyle for work

Voluminous Casual Style

The loose hair on the sides and a dramatic parted in the middle doesn’t need to be boring or boring. You can give your bob a shape as well as volume, by combing the sides and top for a more full-bodied hairstyle.

pretty long bob hairstyle for black women

Curled A-line

A trapeze-bob hairstyle is an iconic style and we enjoy to see it reviving by styling! Hair that is loose and loose are stunning and appear sparkling against the background with platinum blondes. The perfect summer style!

Soft wavy bob cut for women

Wavy Bayalage Brown

This is only one instance of why we love mobs: we have the possibility of great styling! The look starts with a medium length straight cut, which is given gorgeous color due to the brown hue. Then, finishing her look with beautiful waves, she has an attractive style that is half casual, half sophisticated.

Ombre bob hair for thick hair

Casual Bayalage Graduated Bob

The layered bob that is mid-length looks extremely cool and comfortable, with a right angle forward to back. The blonde hairstyle is tossed to the side. locks in a side-ways motion for a chic look which is great with the blonde locks. A great spring or summer style!

Hairstylesweekly Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Blunt Bob with accenting Maroon

If you’re suffering from hair that is thin, try this straight cut which will boost the size of your picture and will give it a more luscious appearance. Also, don’t forget to create a unique and captivating accents by using some gorgeous maroon to the hair. Simple, yet fun and amazing.

short straight ombre bob cut

Curly Brown and Blonde

With hues of chestnut blonde on an earthy brown base This hair is given a gorgeous, vibrant makeover which really brings her hair to life. The hair is bouncy and full look that’s elegant and sweet with a few loose curls.

Summer and fall balayage bob cut

Classic Blunt Bob

Short hairstyles are somewhat dull and boring However, they are not so dull when you have lots in the way of highlight and highlights! A variety of sizes for the style that is easy to manage it’s a good option for women over 50 who are looking for something simple and elegant.

Cooler Blonde bob haircut

Light Ombre Loose Curls

One method for making an Ombre shade make it stand out and create a an elegant look is to create loose curls that run along the length.

back view of medium messy bob hairstyle with highlights

Unique Inverted Bob

You’ve probably never seen an inverted bob like this and, truthfully we didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him all that often! However, it’s absolutely stunning. It’s fun and unique, with lots of fun layers and gorgeous combination of colors to create a striking and vibrant outcome.

Trendy bob hair ideas for 2016

Vibrant Loose Waves

This vibrant style is what 2016 was looking for! With a striking, captivating pastel purple hue the unique and vibrant style is elegant and accentuates gorgeous loose waves. Make-up is a simple affair, or you can embellish the look with gorgeous flowers.

pastel purple hairstyles - hair color ideas

SeaFoam Ombre with Flipped Bangs

We love long hair that are swept away to the side because it’s just so charming and enjoyable! However, what distinguishes this simple look apart from others is the bright Navy blue-blue ombre.

for a pool or beach for a pool or beach party!

Long A-line Bob Haircut with Waves

Swept Over and Slicked Down

This hairstyle is incredibly sophisticated and sensual It can be styled either way for any occasion. It starts with sparkling platinum locks that have dark roots and hints fashionable blue at the sides, before twirling her locks to the side, and smoothing them down to create the perfect sexy look.

Ombre A-line bob cut

Straight Bedhead

On days when you need to get dressed and go, don’t think about hairstyles and rock the bedhead style! Begin with an easy medium-length bob cut like this. Also, do not worry about tangled locks – they’re quite comfortable and attractive, aren’t they?

Side view of cute Japanese girls bob hairstyle

Pink Voluminous Ringlets

Are you looking for a look that will surely be noticed? HERE IT IS. This gorgeous ‘do is adorned with huge ringlets that have tons of captivating volume. It is accented beautifully by hot locks in jet black and pink which are totally stylish. I love this style!

Side view of red wavy bob hairstyle

Sultry Ombra with waves

A more natural version of the fashionable Ombre hairstyle, the blonde has deep dark brown roots, which lead to gorgeous hazelnut ends. She adds a hint of curl to her hair to create a gorgeous body, which is perfect with her smoky eyes and wine-colored lips for an appealing look.

Lucy Hale ombre wavy bob haircut

Messy Waves

We love the messy waves that is fun and lively and is an excellent alternative to wear for every occasion! Just add waves to your hair and twirl the hair a little.


Sharp A-line Bob

A-line bobs are definitely one of the most fashionable styles available in the world of hair and, with a sharp angle the A-line gets an elegant makeover which is both fierce and stunning.

Side view of Aline long bob hairstyle

There’s no way to not find a hairstyle from MOB that you like on this list! Pophaircuts.com Which is your favourite? Make the switch to shorter locks now!

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