22 Perfect Dirty Blonde Hair Inspirations

Dirty blonde hair can be sexy, but that’s every blonde’s secret. It prolongs the life of light strands between trips to the salon, as it grows beautifully and easily. Plus, there are so many different tones and tone combinations to choose from for your hair. If you’re wondering what shade of blonde to try, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing Your Hue of Dirty Blonde

When it comes to messy blonde hair, the most important thing to consider is what you want and how to achieve it. These days, ashy tones are more popular than ever, but, of course, golden hues will never go out of style. This shade can become coppery after a while if the hair is not protected properly. Although ash, golden and all shades in between should follow roughly the same care regimen. Deep conditioning, hydration and strengthening is what blonde hair needs. Let’s take a look at some gorgeous and varied looks of the messy blonde.

#1: Dark Blonde Balayage

Dark Blonde Balayage

This messy blonde hairstyle with warm caramel and honey undertones is actually quite dark. It’s a balayage that takes this look into the realm of blondes.

Ask your stylist for a light blond highlight that starts at the base of the hair. Short hair and long hair can rock these tones.

#2: Seamless Ombre

Seamless Ombre If you’re looking for a messy blonde ombre hairstyle, let this be your inspiration.

The combination of darker roots and lighter tips is stunningly seamless. Wear it on silky wavy locks or on the shagiest surfer hair. This dirty blonde emphasizes rock.

#3: Dark Roots + Balayage Fade

Dark Roots + Balayage Fade This style is perfect for letting those roots grow! Faded balayage allows several shades to exist on the hair at once.

To maintain a fresh look, dye the hair around your face a lighter color for the best lightening effect.

#4: Face Framing Highlights

Face Framing Highlights Dirty blonde hair can keep your blonde alive and protect her from too much damage, but you still need brightness around your face.

That’s why so many beauties worn by messy blondes love face-framing highlights that are a little lighter than the rest of the hair. This works on long, medium and long hair.

#5: Sunkissed Lob

Sunkissed Lob Messy blonde hair looks amazing with lots of tones. The effect of this style is sunny, natural and most importantly, so easy to wear! A trapezoid bob like this one includes layers for added volume.

Give your tanned pubis some wavy texture and you’re done.

#6: Dirty Blonde Fringe

Dirty Blonde Fringe Messy blonde curls look great on just about everyone, including babes with bangs! The key to bangs with this messy blonde hair is to wear only one color all the way through, especially if the bangs are straight.

Feel free to make the hair as light as you want, but it looks best on medium to long hair for a natural gradient.

#7: Blonde Dimension

Blonde Dimension With the balayage technique, you can make the base color of your messy blonde locks as deep as you want. Perfectly titled s’mores and cheesecake, this look contains just a hint of a rich chocolate hair base.

Ask your stylist to highlight the strands a little, focusing on the bottom of the hair. Apply this color at the level of the chin to create the effect of framing the face.

#8: Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde If you love the ash gray trend that’s been going on lately, then it might be worth going down that path with your dirty blonde. This ash dirty blonde hairstyle is definitely an ombre, with a light, silvery blonde color all the way into the bottom half of the hair.

Ash blonde is beautiful, but you need to keep it from getting sassy. Buy a great purple shampoo or toner to get rid of yellowness.

#9: Smooth Lob

Smooth Lob Not every messy blonde hairstyle needs a lot of sizes. Solid colors like this light caramel look so pretty and modern.

We especially love this color in a sleek bob. For excellent growth, make the roots a little darker.

#10: Caramel Hues

Caramel Hues If your skin is pink or yellow, silver or ash will only clash. Try this deliciously warm caramel shade on your locks and you will never look your best.

Ask your stylist for a beautiful balayage style that will go with your natural color. This will give you optimal root growth.

#11: Ash Bronde

Ash Bronde

You probably already know that ashy tones are in fashion. But did you know that your darker muddy blonde locks can actually rock the color too?

We are in love with this dirty bronze color with ashy highlights. Paint them using the balayage technique to achieve the best blended effect.


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