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23 Awe-Inspiring Undercut Pixie Hairstyles

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From catwalks and runways all the way to Pinterest and Instagram The undercut pixie is continuing to be a favourite among fashion-conscious women. It’s bold, beautiful and full of energy it’s the epitome low-maintenance , cool hair. In essence, an undercut pixie style is enhanced by an unflinching shaving. It makes hair extremely easy to style, and allows you to experiment with a variety of styles including tousled hairstyles to buzz-cut styles and cute bangs. Take a look at the top Pixie hairstyles that are cut undercut and pick the most trendy style to try in 2023.

Best Pixie Undercut Hairstyle Ideas

Do you hate having to spend additional time for styling your hair before morning? You can try the undercut pixie. It’s a favorite among the lazy and ideal for those looking to make an impact by their hairstyle! Explore our ideas for hairstyles that will suit your needs.

1. Pastel Style of Pixie hair with undercut

These gorgeous pastels look fantastic with a pixie cut that isn’t too shabby. Be sure to stick to regular coloring because these trendy shades are prone to fade quickly!

Asymmetric Lavender Undercut Pixie

2. Asymmetrical Pixie, with pops of Color

If you are looking for smooth hair An asymmetrical pixie will have everything you need: style attitude, class and style. Plus it is great to balance a round face shape. We like that this look is suitable for both thin and thick hair. The hair is adorned with some pops of color, keeping the style fun and lively.

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Long Pixie Undercut With Highlights

#3: Gray Short Pixie Cut

In its simplicity Simple in its beauty, a super-short short pixie with fade won’t do wrong. This style is perfect for people with straight hair naturally that allows it to fall into place each wash.

Women's Short Ash Blonde Undercut

4. Pixie and Sleek Undercut

A chic and feminine pixie style is perfect when time is at a premium in the mornings. Simply run a small hairstyle product along the lengths before you head out the out the

Undercut Pixie For Fine Hair

#5 The Hairstyle: Short with blue highlights and an undercut

Take advantage of the trend of rainbow colors and change your hair’s short length by incorporating shades of cool blue. This is so chic, it will have you seriously thinking about changing your shade!

Choppy Pixie Bob With Temple Undercut

#6 Feminine Pixie, with Asymmetrical cut

Are you ready to say goodbye to your lengths? The long cut appears feminine and provides many styling options, and the undercut on one side can be the perfect way to introduce super-short hair.

Long Choppy Pixie With Temple Undercut

#7: Disconnected Pixie

Randomly cut strands of hair that hang over the unconnected undercuts and the long, flowing fringes are real show-stoppers. Make it more interesting by adding highlights for hair with short lengths to give dimension to the natural hair shade.

Middle Fade Pixie with Long Bangs and Highlights

#8: Sleek Coif Double Sided Cut

Do you want a look with an effortless stylish back? A contemporary rockabilly and Pixie cuts are the way to take. You can skip a parted hairstyle and pull your longer hair into a sleek , elegant style with the root lift. Then, set it the style with a light hairspray. Have you noticed how blonde highlights accentuate the hairstyle?

Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle For Women

#9 Razor Cut pink Pixie, with an Edgy Undercut

Kaleidoscope shades can change the look of your hair. The shades of light pink or baby pink stay on your blonde hair for a long time with razor cut ends and side-cuts can bow in line with the current female mullet style.

Long Pastel Pink Undercut Pixie

#10: Classic Undercut Pixie Haircut

If the thought of having an extreme undercut scares your start with a smaller. Your hairdresser should shave an inch or two off one side, and leave your layers longer intact to hide your cut any time you want to.

Undercut Pixie With Side Bangs

#11: Shaved Sides Pixie

The curly and blonde undercut hairstyle is an absolute head turner. Ringlets that are messy balance the striking buzz cut in a way the cut accentuates your beauty and feminine facial appearance.

Buzz Cut Pixie with Longer Hair on Crown

#13: Spiky Short Hairstyle with undercut

A pixie with longer hair at the top can be a lot of fun in hairstyles, from a sleek side fringes to spikey and slicked-back hairstyles. However the cut edges and back are incredibly touchable.

Short Female Haircut with Shaved Sides and Back

#14: The edgy undercut With Side-Fringed Pixie cut

If your pixie already has an cut you can take it one step further and try long, side-swept bangs that are an interesting design feature! Have your hairdresser add shaving strips or experiment with length by making one part of the cut slightly longer while fading the other.

Half Shaved Long Pixie

#15: Gray Faux Hawk Hair

Get the ultimate cool-girl look and show off your features by putting on the faux hairstyle. Longer wavy lengths look fantastic with mohawks, showing the shorter hair beneath. Make sure you work ample product into your roots to keep the fake hawk throughout the daytime.

Half Shaved Brown And Gray Pixie

#16: Short and Choppy Graduated Pixie Haircut

A choppy pixie that is cut short is cool, bold and exciting. By keeping more length in the front of your head, and combining it with a bold color, you’ll get the hairstyle that requires minimal effort, but with maximum impact.

Pixie With Shadow Fade

#17: The Long Pixie, with Skin Fade

Long pixies can conceal the skin’s fading, which is ideal for summertime heat. Who said it has to cover it up, at all? Utilize a powerful hold hair styling product to lift you hair up to the top of your list for occasions when you need to make headlines. Coloring tips using temporary hair colors can perfectly compliment the look.

Blonde Shaved Pixie with Dip Dye

#18: Curly Pixie with Segmented Undercut

You can take your style to the next level with an oversized, curly pixie, and a segmented undercut. Skin-close shaving can be an intriguing design element to personalize your pixie’s undercut. The only thing you need to remember is Make sure you keep track of your appointments with your hairdresser to ensure that your hair stays in top shape.

Curly Pixie Undercut

#19: Contrasting undercut with Textured Coif

If you’ve got plenty hair then a pixie undercut could be perfect for you! Pick sides that are shaved back and sides and longer hair at the crown. Keep hair well-maintained and full of volume over the top. Make sure to style your hair using a texturizing spray to give an extra boost of power.

Messy Pixie Bob With Undercut

#20: Pixie Undercut for Curly Hair

A curly pixie with thick, voluminous hair and a neat undercuts elongates your face and adds flirty glam for the haircut. Apply cream or gel to minimize frizz and to define the curly style of your hair.

Curly Pixie Haircut with Bangs

#21: Coral Mohawk with Undercut Design

Show off your cool side with a trendy Mohawk. Hair that is thin is ideal to pull off this cool style because it’s lightweight enough to withstand gravity for the entire day! Furthermore, it’ll showcase your well-designed undercut underneath.

Pastel Pink Spiky Fauxhawk

#22: Two-Tone Undercut for Natural Hair

Hair that is thick and black is great to pull off a stylish cut with bangs. You’ll get great coverage on the shaved part below. If you’re feeling adventurous try experimenting with different shades of blue, blonde or even pink!

Black And Blonde Pixie Undercut

#23 The Platinum Blonde Pixie and Long Bangs

The contrast of a cut that is short with a pixie adds femininity of your appearance. In addition, you’ll have plenty of hair to play around with should you want to style your the pixie in an alternative way for an event.

Long Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie

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