Cuts that are timeless, they’re sought-after throughout the year. As women all across the globe shed their long locks in favor of short, sweet and flirty locks The asymmetrical pixie cut is an always-popular choice.

Ideas for Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

Pixies that are symmetrical can appear quite different. The most sought-after style is long bangs that are that are swept towards one side and a temple cut in the reverse. You can alter the length and width of your bangs as well as play around with the texture Straight/choppy and wavy/choppy can provide two distinct styles. Include color, whether it’s a pastel solid shade or a two-tone color option with natural-looking shades, you’ll bring more interest to your look. So, why can’t we get to see the images?

1. Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Highlights

Pixie cuts are gorgeous by themselves The only thing that will improve them is a unique shade. Add some highlights to your next layer cut to lighten the face by framing long strands as well as incorporating a blonde tones across.

tapered pixie with side bangs and blonde balayage

#2: Long Asymmetrical Pixie

No matter if your hair is straight or curly or straight, the pixie cut doesn’t have to be extremely short. Opt for a longer section in one direction, whether on one side or on the back. This cool, yet feminine style is ideal for women who prefer shorter hair, but don’t want to be a part of a standard hairstyle that is only available in one option.

brunette asymmetrical pixie with long side bangs

#3: Short cut with Long Bangs

Long and sweet, bangs can define the hairstyle. This cut is great for those with thick hair who are able to add a little more volume at the back, with long bangs that sweep down the other aspect of your face. It’s perfect for summer, or any time you’re thinking of exploring something new this cut is great for women who are tired of having to wear long hair.

long asymmetrical pixie with golden blonde highlights

#4: Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy hairstyles can draw attention to the eyes, diminish the forehead, and appear to alter the shape of a face. Should you have always dreamed of to have a pixie cut but have been worried about looking too formal, opt for shaggy cuts. The best part? If you’re not happy with the way it appears it’s possible to change into a traditional pixieinstead of it being the opposite you’re done and gone.

tousled long pixie hairstyle

#5: Simple Brunette Pixie

If you’re in search of the perfect haircut for fine hair and fine hair, the graduated pixie cut with asymmetrical angles could be the best choice for you. In terms of styles for thin hair, hairdressers prefer to give the body with “stacking” cuts. This increases volume and gives the best final look.

feathered asymmetrical pixie haircut

#6: Low Maintenance Crop

Do you want a simple hairstyle? A crop that is close to the middle is for you. Request your hairdresser to taper the sides and backs, making the top slightly longer. Make sure to train this section by heating some styling wax between your fingers and then running it through the lengths to create an interesting appearance that is symmetrical.

Tapered Blonde Pixie

#7: A Bold Pixie, with Fun Streaks

The asymmetrical pixie’s undercut can change from cute to trendy within a matter of seconds. Check out this daring lady’s stylish, sexy and fun style. She’s chosen an intense cut on one side, as well as a lengthy, straight edge on the opposite. It’s also laced with gorgeous highlights of fuchsia. Beautiful and bright.

Asymmetrical Half-Shaved Pixie

#8 Cute Crop With Long Bangs on the Side.

Damaged, fine locks? Do you want to say goodbye to split ends with a gorgeous short cut. It’s a pixie cut is great for beginning afresh, as you’ll get the damaged ends cut off. For a sense of elegance request your hairdresser to cut the sweeping side fringe. The best option when your hair is in need of some attention.

Pixie With Temple Undercut

9: Choppy Style using Tapered Nape

If you’re going to an establishment for the latest cut, be sure to bring photos with a side-view of your ideal cut. It will provide your stylist with the confidence to achieve this incredible cut perfect. From the back with a graduated look to the layering side bangs, display your ideal cut from every angle!

Choppy Pixie With Bangs

#10: Asymmetrical Side Parted Pixie Bob

Are you looking for the most effective asymmetrical pixie cut for oval faces? There are many that have the same thing in common layering face framing. A sweeping bang that hits right at the cheekbone adds definition to oval-shaped faces and a cut using an undershave looks both sharp and stunning!

Layered Pixie With Bangs For Fine Hair

#11: Straight Asymmetric Pixie

Do you want to make your gorgeous Pixie hair appear thicker? Part your hair to one side and pull hair strands backwards from the crown, creating an all-over side fringe. Increase the volume more by spraying a couple of drops of dry hair.

Short Pixie With Cropped Asymmetric Bangs

#12: Lovely Close Crop

This gorgeous brunette has us in awe. A small pixie cut is complemented by an asymmetrical fringe that begins only a few centimeters away from the hairline and slowly moves down until the temple opposite. With a bold brow and bold lipstick, it’s a bit of fun chic, cool and edgy.

Choppy Pixie With Bangs For Thick Hair

#13: Textured Pixie Asymmetrical Fringe

It is because the asymmetrical pixie cut is so easily accessible. Why? It doesn’t have to conform to any specific style guideline and can look best when messy and disorganized. The secret to getting the rumpled appearance is to apply mousse while locks are still wet prior to blow drying them in the hair’s roots. Then, add some style gum hold your hair in position.

Chopped Brunette Pixie Cut

#14: Wispy Pastel Pixie Hair

It’s not just the hue of these locks that’s got us all swooning, but also the texture as well. The soft curls accentuate the pink tones of this wavy cut and add a fun style. Make this stunning look using an wand for curling. Simply curl the hair sections in various directions to create a gorgeous smooth, bouncey finish.

Pastel Pink Pixie Bob

#15: Short, Dark Tapered Coif

There is no need for curls for hair that is thick and full of volume. The hair of this woman is parted on the sides and heavily layering for a full-bodied look. For a hairstyle that you can do at home, simply blow dry to the roots, and then apply a straightener to the bangs to create silky smooth weaves.

Black Pixie Bob With Blue Highlights

#16: Graduated Chop Sweeping Fringe

With layers that taper to create an amazing silhouette the asymmetrical long-pixie is a great choice if you’re looking to keep your length. Request your hairdresser to cut longer, more graduated layers and blow dry straight. This is a great option if you’re looking to switch to an bob haircut.

Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob

#17: Curly Asymmetrical Pixie

If curly naturally or twirled using a heat wand shorter lengths look great with waves. How do you cut them? After drying and washing hair then, grab a hair dryer and begin wrapping the hair over the barrel. Keep them in place for a few seconds, then let them go to reveal a lively curl. Once all the sections are formed, you can brush them through to break the curls. It will give you an organic, wavy look. Use a hairspray or spray to ensure that your curls stay put throughout the day.

Side Part Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

#18 Edgy Pixie, with Spiky Layers

Love volume? Have your stylist include a variety of soft layers of choppy hair. The shorter spikes layered around the crown and parting can give your locks a lift they need and give them the illusion of a fluffy, ruffled look.

Spiky Platinum Pixie Hairstyle

#19: Slicked Back Short Hair

If you’re looking for alternative ways to style the asymmetrical pixie cut, consider the smooth, slicked-back coif. Even hands that aren’t trained can create this androgynous look. Simply split your hair and then apply a bit of wet-look product on the root. Make sure to brush them through using the help of a fine toothed comb to spread the gel across the lengths, and you’re ready to go!

Wet Pixie Hairstyle With Long Bangs

#20: Gorgeously Graduated Pixie Cut

A single of the captivating aspects of the pixie cut with asymmetry is the view from the side. With its higher crown, a graduated back and a wispy side fringe it’s stunning from all angles.

Layered Pixie With Long Side Bangs

#21: Two-Tone A-Line Bob

Make sure to highlight those asymmetric locks by using stunning two-tone colors. Fun and playful, a bright hue is the ideal way to emphasise an A-line look with layers of V-cut. To keep your shades bright get yourself some color-protecting shampoos. They’ll keep your colors beautiful and vibrant for a longer time.

Red Pixie Bob With Undercut

#22: Voluminous Cut with Extreme Side Parting

Whatever your hair’s type or age, a long side parting is the ideal complement to the short asymmetrical Pixie. Make use of an extreme parting to create full, feminine hair which can be swept to the side you like.

Layered Choppy Pixie Cut

#23: Soft Feminine Bob with flowing Bangs

Sexy, soft and substantial The hairstyle with a long flowing fringe is considered to be among the top attractive short looks to flatter round face shapes. It’s feminine and flattering with a sharp, clean look. Keep your hair long enough to wrap around your ears when you want to keep them clear of your face.

Copper Red Wavy Pixie Bob

#24: Short and Edgy Undercut

If looking pretty and preened isn’t your style, why not try a sloppy multi-layered hairstyle? A super-short, undercut layers, and a long fringe can create a fun but unified hairstyle. Apply a matte texturizing spray to get hair in the right place.

Ash Blonde Pixie Undercut

#25: Flattering Side-Swept Hairstyle

Asymmetrical pixie cuts may vary significantly based on the shape, color , and finishing. We appreciate the flirty layers that are feathered for this elegant look. They let the vibrant hue shine, but the longer fringe is elegant.

Red Layered Pixie Bob

#26: Choppy, Spiky Pixie

For women with round faces who have a round face, a spiky or choppy cut is a great idea of a shorter haircut. This gorgeous purple cut is completely unbalanced in an manner that is suitable for any hair type, and If you’re brave enough to incorporate the vibrant hue you’ll get more enjoyment from this unique hairstyle.

purple chopped asymmetrical pixie

#27: Wavy Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical and symmetrical pixies are usually linked to straight hair. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! The ladies with curly hair look gorgeous with a cut that is short as shown in the picture below. Choose a cut that is cropped that’s still long enough so that your beautiful curls to shine.

asymmetrical pixie for curly hair

#28: Super Short Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for a an extremely low-maintenance hairstyle A pixie cut is the way to take. With sides that are shorn and a deep part on the side this is the most perfect cut that doesn’t need any kind of constant care. This is a great cut for hot weather or anytime you don’t want to be battling hair-related stress!

girls' short haircut for straight hair

#29 Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs

Bangs can be a great addition to the look of a pixie cut, especially if you opt for an asymmetrical look. From covering large foreheads , to bringing brightness to your eyes, bangs are able to bring some glamor to the otherwise ordinary hairstyle.

dark brown layered pixie haircut

#30: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Oval Faces

Cut short and sassy This pixie cut brings height and dimension. It works with a wide range of styles of hair, however it it looks best on medium-to-thick hair. If you’re looking for an additional spark of drama, you can try different shades like platinum blonde with dark brown. This multi-layered look is certain to delight anyone who has desire for something fresh and distinctive.

two-tone pixie with undercut

#31: Blue Black Pixie Undercut

Brunettes look stunning with their shorter hair. Pixie cuts flatter a range of facial styles. If you’re looking for a square-face-flattering style, this cut is ideal.

pixie with side bangs for straight hair

32: Curly Pixie with Highlights

It’s a beautiful asymmetrical pixie cut style is beautiful thanks to its crazy curlsand is simple to duplicate. The shorter sides help keep things straight, while the longer front waves can flow freely. If you don’t have naturally curly hair a big barrel iron can help.

asymmetrical messy blonde pixie

#33: African American Curly Cut

Hair that is cropped and short appears stunning and gorgeous on African Americans who want something elegant and easy. Beautifully wavy and beautiful The deep part on the side adds volume and depth to this low-maintenance appearance.

short curly black hairstyle

#34: Red Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

The red hair of the Fire Engine isn’t for everyone. But when you’re feeling adventurous and would like to experiment with something completely new try it! Wash out dyes are offered as well as permanent shades. If your hair is cut in an asymmetrical fashion, an intense, vivid color frames your face instead of being able to take on a life on its own, which often happens when you have a hairstyle that is too strong.

bright red asymmetrical pixie with side bangs

#35: Ash Blonde Pixie

Get away from natural hues and choose something that is completely artificialbut beautiful. In your 20s, go grey and vibrant violet in the 50s… as well as something between. With its cropped sides and longer hair, with side-swept locks this cut, it enhances the oval face and really highlights the facial characteristics.

two-tone long top short sides asymmetrical pixie


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