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35 Bold and Gorgeous Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

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Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts that are timeless, they’re sought-after throughout the year. As women all across the globe shed their long locks in favor of short, sweet and flirty locks The asymmetrical pixie cut is an always-popular choice.

Ideas for Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

Pixies that are symmetrical can appear quite different. The most sought-after style is long bangs that are that are swept towards one side and a temple cut in the reverse. You can alter the length and width of your bangs as well as play around with the texture Straight/choppy and wavy/choppy can provide two distinct styles. Include color, whether it’s a pastel solid shade or a two-tone color option with natural-looking shades, you’ll bring more interest to your look. So, why can’t we get to see the images?

1. Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Highlights

Pixie cuts are gorgeous by themselves The only thing that will improve them is a unique shade. Add some highlights to your next layer cut to lighten the face by framing long strands as well as incorporating a blonde tones across.

tapered pixie with side bangs and blonde balayage

#2: Long Asymmetrical Pixie

No matter if your hair is straight or curly or straight, the pixie cut doesn’t have to be extremely short. Opt for a longer section in one direction, whether on one side or on the back. This cool, yet feminine style is ideal for women who prefer shorter hair, but don’t want to be a part of a standard hairstyle that is only available in one option.

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brunette asymmetrical pixie with long side bangs

#3: Short cut with Long Bangs

Long and sweet, bangs can define the hairstyle. This cut is great for those with thick hair who are able to add a little more volume at the back, with long bangs that sweep down the other aspect of your face. It’s perfect for summer, or any time you’re thinking of exploring something new this cut is great for women who are tired of having to wear long hair.

long asymmetrical pixie with golden blonde highlights

#4: Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy hairstyles can draw attention to the eyes, diminish the forehead, and appear to alter the shape of a face. Should you have always dreamed of to have a pixie cut but have been worried about looking too formal, opt for shaggy cuts. The best part? If you’re not happy with the way it appears it’s possible to change into a traditional pixieinstead of it being the opposite you’re done and gone.

tousled long pixie hairstyle

#5: Simple Brunette Pixie

If you’re in search of the perfect haircut for fine hair and fine hair, the graduated pixie cut with asymmetrical angles could be the best choice for you. In terms of styles for thin hair, hairdressers prefer to give the body with “stacking” cuts. This increases volume and gives the best final look.

feathered asymmetrical pixie haircut

#6: Low Maintenance Crop

Do you want a simple hairstyle? A crop that is close to the middle is for you. Request your hairdresser to taper the sides and backs, making the top slightly longer. Make sure to train this section by heating some styling wax between your fingers and then running it through the lengths to create an interesting appearance that is symmetrical.

Tapered Blonde Pixie

#7: A Bold Pixie, with Fun Streaks

The asymmetrical pixie’s undercut can change from cute to trendy within a matter of seconds. Check out this daring lady’s stylish, sexy and fun style. She’s chosen an intense cut on one side, as well as a lengthy, straight edge on the opposite. It’s also laced with gorgeous highlights of fuchsia. Beautiful and bright.

Asymmetrical Half-Shaved Pixie

#8 Cute Crop With Long Bangs on the Side.

Damaged, fine locks? Do you want to say goodbye to split ends with a gorgeous short cut. It’s a pixie cut is great for beginning afresh, as you’ll get the damaged ends cut off. For a sense of elegance request your hairdresser to cut the sweeping side fringe. The best option when your hair is in need of some attention.

Pixie With Temple Undercut

9: Choppy Style using Tapered Nape

If you’re going to an establishment for the latest cut, be sure to bring photos with a side-view of your ideal cut. It will provide your stylist with the confidence to achieve this incredible cut perfect. From the back with a graduated look to the layering side bangs, display your ideal cut from every angle!

Choppy Pixie With Bangs

#10: Asymmetrical Side Parted Pixie Bob

Are you looking for the most effective asymmetrical pixie cut for oval faces? There are many that have the same thing in common layering face framing. A sweeping bang that hits right at the cheekbone adds definition to oval-shaped faces and a cut using an undershave looks both sharp and stunning!

Layered Pixie With Bangs For Fine Hair

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