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23 Best Ways to Style Shoulder-Length, Straight Hair for a Modern Look

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Straight, shoulder-length hair is elegant medium-length cuts that are simple to manage. It’s versatile and low maintenance, while also being stylish. This fashion allows women to style their hair down or in hair that is curly or waves, whatever the occasion! Hair stylist Krissy Moore from Phoenix, AZ assures that a cut with a shoulder length is suitable for women of all ages. “It is a sign of youth, but it can also look and feel sophisticated and professional,” she adds. A medium-length haircut with sharp edges helps the straight, fine hair and makes it make it appear more full. The addition of a edge or frame can be a great option to emphasize your best features and enhance the shape of your face. Make sure you choose an angle that is slightly in line with the jawline to create the illusion of movement in your hair tresses. Moore is also adamant about layers to create a full shoulder-length look. “Soft and unconnected layers give volume and lift to even the most slender long lines” Moore says. According to Moore one of the drawbacks for this haircut is its ability to pull hair back from your neck or face. So, consider your lifestyle or profession first before adjusting your length. Many women may be nervous about receiving a medium length your first experience. If you’re among them, Moore suggests “ask the stylist you’re working with to cut the length a few inches longer.” After you’ve finished allow your hairdresser to guide you through some techniques for styling. Be sure to inquire about what tools and products you should employ. We have gathered pictures of the most sought-after styles for straight shoulder length hair. Find them here!

Ginger Mid-Length Layered Hair

#1: Ginger Mid-Length Layered Hair

Try a layered cut that is mid-length for those who are naturally ginger who is looking to change your style. Redheads typically have fewer lengths than brunettes or blondes however they have more hair strands. Ask your stylist to reduce the thickness of your hair so that it is laid beautifully. Layering your hair will allow it to lay well and also add hair volume. Consider adding facial framing layers to make your face appear more attractive when your hair is in a downward and upward direction.

Mid-Length Blunt Cut with a Curtain Fringe

#2 Mid-Length Blunt Cut the Curtain Fringe

A mid-length blunt cut that has the curtain fringe is a sleek, soft and youthful cut. The blunt edge of the length of the hair gives an illusion of fullness, especially for thin hair density. Bangs with a shoulder-length straight haircut is a style that is easy to style and is and manageable.

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Voluminous Hairstyle for Straight Hair

#3: Voluminous Hairstyle for Straight Hair

A long and voluminous hairstyle for straight hair is dependent on the use of styling products and the application stylist tools. Straight hair that’s shoulder-length and has bangs on the sides can benefit from a great roots plumping spray or mousse, and blow-out using the use of a round brush. Make sure you ask your stylist for tips on styling with a round brush and blow dryer to get better results.

Shoulder-Length Cut with Long Bangs

4. Shoulder-Length Haircut with Bangs Long

A shoulder-length haircut with long bangs is ideal for all types of hair however it is great to boost the body’s volume in medium and fine hair texture. With a longer bang as well as an upper and lower portion hair naturally fills in any visible thinning areas along the hairline. It also adds volume and shape to the face. It’s perfect for shoulder-length hairstyles that are thin straight hair.

Medium Mullet Cut for Straight Hair

#5: Medium Mullet Haircut

A medium-sized mullet cut on shoulder-length, straight and thick hair is a fantastic way to increase the volume of the crown, and also play up the natural face shape. The length of the face does not have to be dramatic. It is possible to do it with a soft touch by creating layers of texture and feathers. The oval face shape can pull off the mullet style well, however you can talk to your stylist for suggestions on how to create a mullet that is a good fit for your face shape.

Straight Lob Cut with a Side Part

#6: Straight Lob Cut with an Side Part

A great choice for women who are over 40 A straight lob styled with a side piece is an excellent option to brighten your face and create a lot of definition without needing many hours of hairdressing. Straight haircuts that are shoulder-length are elegant and stylish, yet doesn’t make the face look drab.

Deep Side Part on a Shoulder-Length Bob

#7: Deep Side Part on a Shoulder-Length Bob

Try a side parting that is deep on a shoulder-length bob can aid in pushing the volume towards the other side. This creates an illusion of symmetry, which complements a more round face. Ideal for all hair kinds. A medium-length cut can relieve dense hair density, and also to fill in the thin hair texture.

Sleek Straight Haircut with Heavy Bangs

#8: Sleek Haircut with heavy Bangs

You can try a chic mid-length cut with thick bangs to get an attractive and youthful style. Straight blonde hair that is shoulder-length is a classic and romantic medium cut. Make sure you ask for advice from your hairdresser on whether or not a long bang would suit your hair’s type, as it’s not a good choice for hair with a thinner density.

Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Curtain Bangs

9. Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Curtain Bangs

Longer shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs is the next fashion choice. The bangs of the curtain are left longer and smoothed at the ends for face-frame bangs. They’re also popular at the moment. Shoulder-length straight hair that has fringe of any type is young and fresh and easy to manage and style.

Blonde Balayage on Sleek Mid-Length Hair

#10: Blonde Balayage on Sleek Mid-Length Hair

Consider a blonde blonde balayage style on smooth, mid-length hair to create your next hairstyle. It is perfect for any type of hair A shoulder-length balayage style on straight hair is extremely low maintenance. If you want to keep your straight style looking fresh and healthy Be sure to speak with your stylist regarding how to properly take care of your hair at home.

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