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23 Best Ways to Style Shoulder-Length, Straight Hair for a Modern Look

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Medium Straight Hair with an Off-Center Part

#11: Medium Hair with an off-center part

Try easy hairstyles that work for medium hair , with an off-center section as an alternative to your usual fashion. Sometimes, a small alteration to your style will create the impression of a new woman, without having to make drastic changes such as the color or length change. Discuss with your stylist what the best way to part your hair would be and if blonde highlights improve your straight hairstyle overall.

Brown Balayage on Medium-Length Straight Hair

#12: Brown Balayage on Medium-Length Hair

Try balayage in brown on medium-length hair to create a simple but subtle variation. Long, straight brown hair with highlights gives a sun-kissed look and is fairly easy to take care of. Talk to your stylist about various toning options you can use to add or remove warm hair to enhance your appearance.

Straight Layered Cut with Thin Bangs

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#13 Straight Layered Cut with Thin Bangs

For full hair styles, a straight, layered haircut with bangs is a preferred hairstyle. Eliminate excess weight off the hair’s density as well as add flexibility and ease of styling by layering it with shoulder-length hair that is straight. The inclusion of a soft and thin fringe can smooth the face and enhance a face that is chubby.

Long Blunt Bob on Black Women

#14: Long Blunt Bob on Black Women

A long , blunt bob for black women can be quite a chore to maintain, but is certainly worth it due to how manageable the shoulder-length cut and style can be. Straight shoulder-length hair for black women should be cut after hair has been dried, washed and straightened or chemically treated so that it remains straight before cutting. In the absence of this, it can cause straighter hair to grow excessively and end up being too short. Make sure you consult a stylist who is skilled in cutting the delicate hair texture.

Straight Hair with Subtle Layers

#15: Straight Hair with Subtle Layers

Great for those with fine hair straight hair with delicate layers is an excellent choice to add movement and volume to your hair. Straight cuts help keep the density at the ends, creating an illusion of more hair. For styling the shoulder-length straight layers can be styled with easy steps, simply wash it and wear it or blow-dry using a round brush to create smooth and stylish middle-length look.

Mid-Length Straight Hair with Ombre

#16: Mid-Length hair with Ombre

Choose a mid-length haircut with Ombre color for your next hairstyle! Ombre is a low-maintenance option that is compatible with all medium hairstyles suitable that are straight. Talk to your stylist about customizing the color and cutting to fit you!

Straight Shaggy Layers and Bangs for Women Over 60

#17: Straight Shaggy Layers and Bangs

Layers of straight shaggy hair and bangs for women who are over 60 are the best option for women seeking an easy to maintain style. Straight hair that is shoulder-length with layers creates a softness around the face and adds volume in the top of the head. You can try this hairstyle straight as wash and wear, or blow it out to give some texture. Request your stylist to cut your hair with a point or an edger to soften your style.

Highlights and Lowlights on Straight Locks

#18: Highlights and Lowlights on Straight Locks

The addition of highlights and lowlights to your straight locks will give an important dimension to your hair shade. It is perfect for all hair types Straight shoulder length hair that has highlights creates an illusion of density medium to fine hair textures. It also adds the illusion of movement and youthfulness. Talk to your stylist about alternative color options that will highlight and highlight the natural hair color.

Medium Haircut with Wispy Layers

#19: Medium hair cut Wispy Layers

Medium haircuts with wispy layers works well to reduce weight and give motion to straight hair that is shoulder-length. Hair types with thick hair may require more texturing with the help of thin shears. Ask your stylist to use the razor if you want the most wispy cut.

Sleek Long Bob for Straight Hair

#20: Sleek Long Bob

A sleek, long bob could be the next best hairstyle. A shoulder-length lob with straight hair textures offers lots of volume and only minimal styling to keep hair in check. Talk to your stylist for the introduction of facial framing layers to elevate your style to the highest level.

Shoulder-Length Hair with Wispy Bangs

#21 Shoulder-Length hair with wispy bangs

Straight shoulder-length hair with wispy bangs is an extremely traditional and youthful appearance. Wispy bangs can be a fantastic accessory to the shoulder-length style, particularly for hair with fine density. Don’t request excessive texture in the fringe for hair with extremely fine texture because it could result in an increase in volume and difficult to manage. Ask your stylist if they can add an oval brush for your style routine to truly showcase your fringe!

Straight Face-Framing Layers for Woman Over 50

#22: Straight Face-Framing Layers

Women who are over 50 might consider trying straight face-framing layers for their next haircut of mid-length. The face-framing technique can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines and can also give an attractive and youthful look. Consult your stylist about various lengths and styles to target the appropriate areas.

Money Pieces on Medium-Length Straight Hair

#23: Money Pieces on Medium-Length Hair

Use money pieces in medium-length hairstyles to add flair on your shoulder length straight styles. Highlights that frame the face brighten the face and can liven up any look.

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