23 Long Hairstyles to Look Ultra Glamorous

Long hair is something not everyone has. While many short and convenient hairstyles are trending, the beauty of lustrous long hair simply cannot be replaced. Just like so many women prefer shorter hair, many other women love to grow their hair out and flaunt it in all its gorgeousness. Keeping those ladies in mind, we have created a personalized list of the 23 best hairstyles for long hair. I hope you have fun going through it.

Long Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles 2021

Blonde is the queen of hair colors, and any list featuring hairstyles would be incomplete without blonde hairstyles. Not only do they look amazing on anyone, but they also have this classy vibe about them that you just cannot ignore. Here, we can see that the hair is worn in long and straight layers, and the brunette roots are clearly visible. In fact, this style, which reveals the dark roots, is also quite trendy, so you can not just get a blonde hairstyle for yourself, but also flaunt your original hair roots at the same time.

Caramel Blonde Alluring Beach Waves

Long Hairstyles 2021

One of the most requested and popular styles, the beach waves are just timeless and effortlessly beautiful. In fact, there is not much that needs to be done in terms of styling or anything. Just blow drying your hair to get it in the right texture, and then getting few subtle and soft curls are more than enough. However, it is still one of the most favorite hairstyles of all time of many ladies across the world. It brings out the natural beauty of your hair, and the caramel blonde highlights take it a notch higher.

Long Layered Hair

Long Hairstyles 2021

Long hair hanging on your shoulders in a perfectly tousled manner is one of the most beautiful sights you can see when it comes to hairstyling. To get that perfection may take a lot of effort, but the end result of such tousled hairstyles is always worth the hassle. This hairstyle is best for toning down the thickness of your hair and makes it look breezy. It is great for those who have a square face and are looking for hairstyles to offset this sharpness.

Sleek Silver-Blonde Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles 2021

The silver-blonde hair colors are just as popular as the blonde hair colors itself. They add so much beauty to your hair that you’ll feel like you just can’t get enough of it. The hair here is maintained in medium length as a sleek and straight style, and the coloring has been done in silver-blonde ombre highlights which have dark roots at the top and the silver-blonde color being visible as we come down towards the bottom.

Flipped Layers

Long Hairstyles 2021

Just like how braids are, layers are a similar type of hairstyle that can be easily done compared to braids, but yet delivers somewhat a similar level of intricateness as braids do. Just take a look at this hairstyle, and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. The medium length hair has been worn in a flipped layers style, and there is no doubt about how this hairstyle is gonna go great with all types of outfits and styles. And the soft glow of the light caramel blonde highlights is really beautiful to look at.

Long Layers with Blonde Highlights

Long Hairstyles 2021

How gorgeous is this long hairstyle, right? We can’t stop drooling over its perfection. You do not need to worry about spending so much money to get a classy hairstyle like this. As long as you have your hair cut in layers, you can try this out at your home itself. It’s cool and effortlessly beautiful and can make you look the star of the show no matter where you go. The slightly yellowish blonde highlights, which have been done in carefully placed streaks all across the hair, also looks stunning.

Middle Parted Braids

Long Hairstyles 2021

Braids are now being incorporated into a wide variety of hairstyles. Just a small braid here or there is sufficient enough to give your hair a classy and fabulous look. Braids have greatly evolved from being a traditional hairstyle and have become one of the trendiest modern hairstyles even. The hair here has been middle-parted neatly to both sides, and then a little portion of the hair in each of these sides has been tied into a single layer of the braid. The rest of the hair is loosely let down.

Long Hair with Asymmetrical Bangs

Long Hairstyles 2021

One of the best ways to flaunt your long hair would be in the way it naturally is. Just letting it down in all its glorious natural beauty, and if you want, you can add a bit of drama to this look by adding some asymmetrical bangs. While symmetrical bangs are quite common and simply cover your entire forehead the way it is, asymmetrical bangs are a creative style and can instantly take your look to a whole new level.

Single-Sided Braids Style

Long Hairstyles 2021

Cara Delevingne looks absolutely gorgeous in that pink outfit which also has a beautiful braids hairstyle to complement it. We are totally loving this look and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a simple, fresh, and fun look without much effort. This is the normal braids style itself worn as a single braid and then left hanging on to one side. If needed, you can pull out some loose layers on the front, which will help frame your face perfectly.

Topknot with Half Updo

Long Hairstyles 2021

A half up half down hairstyle is always beautiful no matter how old a trend it becomes. And when you add some beautiful caramel honey highlights and a few layers to the long hair, then you’ll have for yourself a truly amazing style. So what are you waiting for? If you have long hair, then this one is a must-try hairstyle at all costs. It is simple to do and doesn’t require any effort either.

Long Hair with Braided Beads

Long Hairstyles 2021

We’re sure that this unique hairstyle is the first time you may be seeing it. It is not like the usual hairstyles we see on any kind of hair and therefore looks really mesmerizing. The hair has simply been done in a braid style, but instead of the center strand, golden beads have been carefully placed all across the length of the braid, and this is what makes it look extra special. A perfect hairstyle for festive events and such.


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