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24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

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A lot of people talk about braided hairstyles but what exactly is that? A braided haircut is when you tie three or more hair strands of hair to create a unique style. The hairstyles gained popularity because of the unique style that gives your hair a unique appear and can be trendy enough to be a celeb hairstyle. Joan Smalls looked spectacular at the American Crime Story screening with her perfect cornrows and symmetrical hairstyle. Demi Lovato had a braided ponytail on her film Simply Complicated in Los Angeles and looked gorgeous.

Naturally, I have only listed a handful of celebrities who made use of braids to enhance their style this year. With more and more celebrities sporting braids, the style is becoming more fashionable than it was previously. What kind of braided hairstyle is popular in the current fashion scene? There are various braid hairstyles suitable that are suitable for long hair like braids like the Dutch braid and braids with waterfalls, fishtail, crown braid and many more. The majority of braids require a particular style to be followed to achieve the perfect style. Here are 50 fantastic hair ideas for those who love twisting and twisting their hair.

1.) Hair with a flowing and high bun this summer, to help keep you neck warm

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Let the breeze gently sway your locks and keep your style secured with a half-up hairstyle. A simple twist will put the top of your hair into loose buns, leaving the remainder loose to create an easy-going look. Make sure to add some cute braids or two that are positioned underneath the messy topknot to create the most effortless look.

2.) A shoulder-length fishtail to enjoy spring and summer amusement

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

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When you give your fishtail braid a messy and messy over-the-shoulder beginning, you’ll be able to be able to avoid making several mistakes. This is helpful when you’re just beginning how to master braids with fishtails However, it’s an excellent look once you’ve got the hang of it. Consider varying the width of the strands as the braid approaches an end to get a more dynamic appearance.

3) The fluffiest braids on streaming hair in summer

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Half-size braids can give hairstyles tons of volume by tugging and teasing the hair strands after they’re tied off. By adding smaller and narrower braids that blend with all the loose and tousled style adds a simple and adorable look.

4.) Flowers tied in loose braids to create the look of a flower child

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Incorporating flowers into your hair while braids instantly adds a beautiful natural accent to any outfit for any event. It can be as easy as a quick festival look or as extravagant as a bridal tiara. If you’re worried about dying and falling petals, try artificial or dried flowers that can make the look perfect for you.

5) Make four braids to make a full braid.

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

This braiding technique is woven try it slowly or with a small section of hair that you are able to clearly see when you look in the mirror. Once you’ve mastered the technique you can make this look in full four-strands effortlessly, which is elegant and sophisticated. Attach the hair piece to the tie at the bottom to create a natural appearance.

6) Make two buns for a fresh style

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Two French-style braids ending with twin buns can add the fun to any stylish or adorable outfit. The braids should be tightly around the head and appear neat but the buns can also be teasing for more volume. A messy style which blends with waves and volume for loose hair can be worn at any time of the year.

7) loose braids can create a wispy appearance to your hair.

Loose braids will create a wispy look in your hair

Combining sections of simple twists and chains of pony-tails that are interlocked over loose waves can be a bit complicated, however it’s incredibly simple to recreate. It doesn’t require the most sleek style to create a beautiful finish however, your twists as well as waves needn’t be messy either. The tiny rubber bands that help keep the braid in place must be similar to the natural hair color to make it appear more natural.

8.) Wrap your hair around your head as if it’s an eucalyptus

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you split your hair at the top the forehead you are able to create two distinct pieces that are wrapped around your head, creating a look like a crown of leaves. Fishtail braid styles are ideal to create this effect. The braids must be thick enough to form braids that are at minimum 1 inch in width but not too much so that the ends don’t poke out in a way that isn’t pleasing to the back pin.

9) Reverse your braids for fun and a different style

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

For a hairstyle that appears like it’s rising rather than falling down, try the pull-through technique reversed. Rubber bands that are clear disappear in blonde hair that is light or brightly dyed However, darker shades are possible to be found in brown and black too.

10) The messy braids are easy to put into

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

The loose braids, where each stand is bent and fluffed before being tied together results in a style with plenty of waves and volume. If smaller braids are woven into this twirled-together, soft look, they contribute to the beautiful and gorgeous finish.

11) Make the level of a bun on your head

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Make sure you carefully divide you hair into equal parts before braiding the other side. This will help you keep this neat and tidy style. While the braids need to be neat and consistent but you may be messy with the buns to wear casually. You can wear loose or bangs braids that wrap around your face to create the perfect fast style.

12) The tiny braids on your head will be able to find your bun

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hair braiding techniques that are reminiscent of rows are an excellent way to take your hair out of your face and conceal the hair with a look that’s simple and beautiful while still looking attractive. A hair bun that is placed at the high point of your head can cover the ends of your hair when they’re too short to be wrapped around the twist. A little bit of teasing gives an adequate volume to be effective.

13) The braid should split when you’re finished with your style.

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

This is the answer to pigtails, with its informal and trendy look that looks messy and chic bedhead. Simple braids such as these are best paired with a mask for your face and a an herbal tea mug hot. They are able to hold up in a workout as well, if you wear hairbands to shield the hair from your face.

14) The braids can be crossed over for fun when you’re prepared

Cross over braids just for fun when you get ready

To ensure that these braids appear their best, make sure to make sure they are neat and well-separated sections that align to both sides the face. Add bows or flowers where they are pinned to the hair’s back can disguise the effort which makes this appear so elegant and attractive.

15) You can braid your hair into the shape of a bun

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

A thick center braid that adds some pompadour to bangs is a great idea. It can end on high on your head, with the addition of a bun to conceal the ends. If you want to pull your hair back, but you don’t mind an extended look for the lower part of your head, this style is a great and simple mix.

16) You can braid the sides of your head instead shaving.

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’re looking to create a more sophisticated style, tie evenly spaced rows on one side of your hair and let the ends blend into the rest of your loose hair. A gentle tug on the crown while leaving the remainder with messy waves creates the appearance of a faux hawk. It can be just as easy to remove at the time to go home.

17) Hair flowing, small bun and a small braid

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Flirty looks that resemble these blend various elements to produce an effortless result. The simple bun in the back complements the uneven braid to give an edgy look. The loose hair snagged on the shoulders makes for the perfect look for on the beach or in your pool.

18) Make knots in hair and pull it through braids

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

This type of braiding technique is achieved by leaving each top-layer Strand on its own while you weave through the other sections. Once you’ve finished you can alter the way the top strands are braided by fluffing them up at the base. This is an excellent option to create a chic hairstyle that keeps hair from escaping your face.

19) Make braids into pony tails to make like you’re in a fairytale

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’re looking for a look that can be worn on a outdoor concert or mall, go for large braids that bind the hair in a ponytail that falls across your back. Soft tendrils and beachy waves which frame your face keep the relaxed and fun vibe alive.

20) Make sure to fold your pony tail to create an exciting style

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

The half-size pony tail you pull through a loop either once or twice creates an elongated look and creates an unruly strand that you can braid it in several different ways. For a look that is artistic such as this, you can leave it messy for the initial half before using a tightly tied fishtail for a distinctive final look.

21) Let loose braids fall and fall into two

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Separate sections, as well as a centered portion help the braid remain tidy and neat, so you can put them together when you tie them off. Beginning at the bottom of your braid, gently pull every piece until you achieve the size you’re after. Maintaining the same proportions throughout the braid will make the braid look polished.

22) Create mermaid braids for enjoyment when you visit the beach.

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Braids that seem like a magical undersea experience, yet they’re really braids made of pull-throughs which end with the appearance of a fishtail. You can unbind the ends once you’re willing to let the ocean’s breeze and waves let the braids into a swaggering mess for an saltwater treatment.

23) Put a braid under it to finish your hair

Tie under a braid for your updo

Making the long tail braids into a loose off-center bun is a fantastic option to transform your look into a hairstyle that’s perfect for any formal or casual gathering. The braids can be neat or messy, and the bun could hold certain jewels or even flowers to dial to a dress to make it more special.

24) Make one braid on each side to make a fun snazzy

24 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

A side-part and cascading braid create an informal look, but glammed with a glam look for night or daytime wear. It’s an excellent option to test the more intricate braid look such as the fishtail. Since you can observe it from the side as this, it’s easy to practice making the right moves to get it to look perfect.

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