If you’ve got short hair Bobby pins are essential for achieving bun hairstyles. Most likely, you have layers that will not make it all the way into a tie therefore, you should join them at the midpoint by using Bobby pins. If you’ve got medium hair, be sure to use texture sprays, especially for half-up styles. The medium hair (cuts with layers, in particular) may appear a bit thin when paired with bun hairstyles. texture sprays can increase the volume. If you’ve got long hair, you’re lucky. You’re the most flexible in bun hairstyles and hair updos and you’re also long enough that half-up hairstyles don’t appear thin. Try different styles!

Bun donuts can be a great way to get medium length hair in bun hairstyles. It’s also great for hair with long lengths, too. These accessories make a stunning bun shape that stays on the hair quite well. Start by braiding your hair into ponytail and then weave your hair through the donut. Then, take the donut until the ends, then wrap the ends around the donut , and then towards the middle, being mindful to create even amounts of hair on all sides so that it does not peek out. Continue to roll it down towards the middle of your ponytail, and secure by pins. Start with straight straight hair, straight, and leave the hair in an elegant bun. You can start by putting on “day two” hair and pull it back on pieces of hair to create a messy style, or begin with curly hair and create perfect, unfinished buns. If you’re in love with your bun hairstyles, ensure you check the mirror to ensure that your hair is covering the entirety of the donut. Look through some of the top hairstyles we like for 2018.

1) The Ultimate Messy

The Ultimate Messy

This messy and big hairdo is the hairstyle to wear for any event. A step-by-step guide is also included in this tutorial to ensure that you will be able to easily learn how to do this braid.

2) The Elegant

The classy, elegant party-style bun from Tonya stylist is the hairstyle you need for any occasion. A glitzy hair accessory that is tied to one side of the bun will improve your overall appearance.

3) Style for Short Hair

Style for Short Hair

This messy bun that features Janna Yaromich is ideal for ladies with shorter hair. You can curl your hair prior to putting them into a bun as illustrated in the video.

4) The Knotty Bun

The Knotty Bun

This hairstyle can be ideal for those with long hair since it requires curling and twisting of long hair strands. If you’ve got a few waves within your hair then you could apply this hairstyle.

5) The Perfect Bun for Beach

The Perfect Bun for Beach

If you’re planning to spend time with your family at a beach, this idea for a bun is perfect for your beach vacation. All you need to do is pull your hair up to the front and twist them around, then place them around your head and then tie them into an bun.

6) The Mickey Look

The bun concept featuring two cute heads on top is an ideal choice for playful girls. You can wear it in a fun, sexy style to a gathering or going out with your girlfriends.

7) The Braid Wrapped Bun

This bun with braids wrapped around it is simple to create and enjoyable to wear to any occasion you want to display your sophisticated and elegant appearance.

8) The Sexy Loose Bun

Get your day going by putting this loose bun in which you wash your hair, then create loose curls, and then put them into the shape of a bun using pins.

9) Top Knot

If you’re looking for a restful day to yourself, consider this look which allows you to be ready in a matter of minutes using this concept.

10) Holiday Hairstyle

There is a holiday coming up and you’re inviting your guests to come over. We know you have plenty of work complete and a short amount of time to dress, this hairstyle can be put together quickly and will give you an ideal home style.

11) The Two Minute Bun

If you’re not having enough time to create a stunning hairstyle every day for work Try this easy bun that you can make in only two minutes.

12) The High Top Bun

The top bun could be created with the help of a hair styler and hair is wrapped around it to create a the appearance of a hump on the head. It is ideal for women who are a fan of the latest trends in fashion.

13) Braided Mohawk

Although it looks complicated to create but with a bit of practice, you can achieve this trendy and unique hairstyle that is perfect for events and celebrations.

14) Plaited Up do Braided Bun

The braided updo plaited braided bun is a simple hairstyle you can create yourself. Bobby pins are needed to hold the hair in place. Combining the two braids will give you this look.

15) Moon Inspired

The moon-inspired bun is an essential for your hairdo collection. It’s a distinctive hairstyle you can wear with family and friends.

16) Perfect for Weddings

The wedding buns shown in the photo above is ideal for elegant brides. They can be created for winter or summer brides.

17) The Bow Tie

This stylish bun that is shaped like bow ties can be your top choice for your best friend’s or sister’s wedding. This is the style of bun that every bridesmaid would be awed by.

18) The Sophisticated Twisting Bun

This is the type of look you’ll be wearing to your formal events and other commitments. It’s elegant, chic and sophisticated. It is a reflection of your stunning personality.

19) The Cluttered

If you’re looking for an messy, messy, or messy look then you can try this hairstyle which can be worn on any occasion, in any weather. It can be easily made using long hair.

20) The Floral Braid

This hairstyle shows a elegant and charming character. It is a great choice at events like weddings, birthdays and parties. together.

21) Dutch Braid

This Dutch braid is designed for those who enjoy doing experimentation with their hair. You can create this hairstyle by first creating an adutch braid before making a ponytail by pulling it up into the ponytail.

22) Bun with Bangs

This style of hair is casual. A casual knot with an imposing one-sided bang that is stunning. It’s easy to create and looks super chic and stylish.

23) The Amber Fillerup Bun

Are you admiring Amber Fillerup’s style in the picture? You can try this hairstyle without difficulty and in comfort. It’s super casual and elegant for any event.

24) Back to School Hair

The back-to-school style is perfect for medium to long hair. You can achieve it through twisting hair on the two side of the head before twisting them into two shorter buns.


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