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24 Best Short Choppy Haircuts For Women

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Short Choppy Shag for Curly Hair

Short choppy shag for curly hair

A short, choppy shag that is ideal designed for hair with curly curls. Short curly shags are free of the triangle that is created by rounding the layers and maintaining a more softer length at the ends. This cut is stunning with square and round faces. Apply the Afterworld Organics “Moisture Lock” to hold your curls in their place. You can also diffuse a Low temperature setting to reduce frizz. Apply GM Reverie’s Ever oil following curling the hair in order to soften curls. It will also remove any casts that could be created by curl-holding products.

Choppy Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with straight hair

Choppy Hairstyle for Women Over 60

A beautiful choppy short haircut for women with thin hair over 60 is a most-loved straight cut hairstyle called a bob. Dark brown roots and blonde highlights to create a natural grey hairstyle, as well as long layers create illusions of volume and depth.

Cute Choppy Short Bob for Women Over 50

choppy short bob for women over 50

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The choppy, short bob that is ideal for women who are older than 50 gives an extremely chic and youthful look. The razor cut allows hair to move more and reduces the sharpness. It’s natural and cute with long bangs , and hairstyled with the texture. The short, choppy hairstyle with bangs gives a gorgeous dimension when paired with highlights. This hairstyle that is choppy for women who are over 50 is an sexy, short cut. It was designed with the help of hair stylist Elisha Rene Bosch of Scottsdale, AZ. “This messy bob features an undercut which was graduated in the nape. Soft pieces are hung over the cut, and the round-point cutting process was performed on the top of the crown. Then, the free-hand slide cutting was performed on the face.” says Bosch. This bob cut is great for women who are looking for a clean and easy look. The texture lends it an sexy look. Simply apply some mousse or root booster prior to blowdryingand then apply a use a texture spray to complete.

Short Chopped Haircuts for Fine Hair with Dark and Silver Roots

Short Chopped Haircut For Fine Hair

This cut for fine hair doesn’t be better than this. The wavy and choppy look makes the short, thin hair to appear more thick than it actually is. For the most elegant look, dress it by putting on a black-rooted silver blonde shade.

Short Chopped Layers for Thick Wavy Hair

Short Chopped Layers for Thick Wavy Hair

It’s a smooth hairstyle with chopped layers to create thick waves. The hairstylist behind it was Cindy Earl Covic of Royal Oak, MI. “This hairstyle is cut using 6.5 Tara shears and 6.5 millennium shears from kasho. (All scissorwork is free of thin shears or razors). Hairstyled using 1-1/2 marcel iron, and alternating curly hair away from face, and then towards the face. (All curls on the front hairline are not in contact with faces),” explains Covic. The layered bob that is chopped can be used for all faces and hair kinds. To keep this length, it is recommended to visit your stylist every eight weeks. Covic recommends trying Bumble as well as Bumble Thinning Full Form Mousse. Oribe Grandiose hair plumping mousse can also be good. “This hairstyle isn’t suitable for a ponytail-wearing girl,” she adds. “You’ll not be able do a half up or half up top knot. If you like ponytails then you can try longer versions (Lob or long hairstyle, also known as a bob) for a pony that is low. No matter what your preferences hairstyle, choppy bobs can have as little or as high maintenance as you like.”

Short Choppy Bob for Women Over 40

Short Choppy Bob for Women Over 40

The choppy, short cut is ideal for women who are over 40. The hairstyle was developed and cut by hair stylist Alyssa DiVenere, who hails from McHenry County, IL. Similar to a choppy bob it’s all about the texture! “Make sure to talk with your hairstylist about the products that you can use at home for achieving the salon-style look by yourself,” she adds.

Choppy Short Cut for Round Faces

Choppy Short Cut for Round Faces

Hairstylist Dori George from Los Angeles, CA created this gorgeous cut-off and choppy hairstyle that is perfect for women who have round faces. “It provides the traditional beachy blonde style a modern edge. The sharpness of the cut offers the look you want with minimal efforts,” says George. Short , choppy hairstyles are great for women who need flexibility! The shorter length can give the hair with fine texture a more full appearance. “You can make it straight for an elegant appearance, or make use of a flat iron for messy curls. A spray that is texturizing like Kevin Murphy’s “doo-over” is necessary to enhance the messy look,” she says. Hairstyles that are short and messy can be elegant and stylish!

Short A-Line Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Short A-Line Choppy Bob

This short bob cut that is fun, exciting and trendy! It was designed by hairstylist Hannah Goble of Franklin, TN. “It’s actually a style that is short which is very simple to style and maintain,” says Goble. “Throw into a texture mist, and some flat iron curls and you’re well on your way! The process can take 10 minutes from beginning to end.” It’s perfect for a face with an oval shape and an easy-going appearance!

The Short Choppy Pixie cut, with Choppy Layers

Short choppy pixie cut with choppy layers

The pixie is made with choppy layers is layers of strands which are held close to the chin line or just a bit below. In the back of this short pixie with a choppy cut the hair is streaked, thereby ensuring motion to the cut which is cut near your neck’s nape. To add some luster to your short long layered hair, opt for balayage or an ombre.

Short Choppy Crop on Top

Short choppy crop haircut

A short, choppy cut over the top will provide plenty in volume as well as texture. Choppy hair is made by different methods that soften the sharpness of a shorter haircut, however, it also gives a soft movement. A short , choppy crop is a fan of the soft texture of a cream, like Aveda’s iconic whip.

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