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25 Must-Try Medium Length Layered Haircuts for 2023

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In general, the medium-length hairstyle covers cuts below the chin and all the way towards the shoulder. They are highly acclaimed by many women due to their versatility and ease of maintenance because they are suitable for wearing hair loose or creating different styles. However, today we want to focus your attention on medium layered hair , because it’s fashionable, flattering for any hair type and perfect for a variety of styles without sacrificing inches. Take a look at our collection of the best medium length layered hairstyles that flatter all hair textures.

Medium Length Layered Haircuts by Hair Type

From face-framing grades , to all-around cascades between blended and disconnected pieces, there’s many layered haircuts for medium hair, which can be adapted to your hair. Hair that is thick benefits by removing some extra weight and is great with a clear separation. Thin locks that are fine require gentle layering through the cut, or simply layering them face-to-face to prevent losing their densitywhile gaining motion. Layered hair appears more youthful and airy particularly when they are styled in a messy manner. Even curly hair is able to benefit from layers despite the widely-known rule of blunt ends that add weight and diminish frizz. “You prefer a straight cut that all the layers blend together so that they flow naturally, not as stacks,” explains celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa to Glamour. Let’s look at some great examples of layering in the previously mentioned and other textures.

Layered Ringlets

Curly Bedhead Bob With Bangs

Curly medium-length hair is beautiful! See how the curls of this curly hair are defined and arranged to highlight their natural bounce. The hair is later, they’re tangled up to give an adorable bedhead style.

Medium Flipped Out Hairstyle For Thick Hair

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Shoulder Length Feathered Layers to Reduce Thickness

Here’s a example of how the thick, mid length hair can be transformed into motion and an airy feeling by fluttering layers and flipping out hairstyles. Highlights will surely enhance the beauty of this medium-layered cut.

Shoulder-Length Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

Medium Length Hair, with messy waves

All-wavy hairstyles are great to give volume, especially when they are complemented by some additional lifting at the roots.

Layered Brunette Hair With Bronze Babylights

Voluminous & Dynamic Layers

It is possible to give medium length layers more movement and volume by coloring. Hair that is straight can be glammed up with subtle slicing , and babylights. This combination is a guaranteed method of giving motion to long shoulder hair.

Medium Bouncy Hairstyle With Heavy Layering

Longer Shoulder Hairstyle with Layered Bottom

The hair that is sun-kissed looks stunning due to the bounce caused by thick layers on the bottom. The back view shows an interesting haphazard hairstyle with flipped-out ends.

–°ute Textured Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Lob

It’s a good idea to bundle waves into a cute smooth or lob. Make sure you don’t put your curling iron’s tips . You want natural waves and not sleek curls.

Straight Layered Rosewood Hairstyle

Straight, Sleek & Layered

Straight hair may have no highlights, yet radiating vitality through expertly crafted layers that don’t look tangled or clumpy.

Bob With Feathered Layers

Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Are you in search of medium layered hairstyles that reduce the thickness of your hair? Try adding some color to add more depth, and make sure you check out this feathered style that adds the appearance and volume of long hair of medium length.

Medium Haircut With Layers Around The Face

Medium Layered Balayage Hairstyle

The same principle applies to fine hair, which may take on a certain dimension and feel by layers, like on the face or on the bottom.

Natural Layered Curly Haircut

Curly Shoulder Length Layers

Even the most tight curls be able to fall in place perfectly and effortlessly after they’ve been put together with masterful touch.

Medium Layered Haircuts with Bangs – an amazing Combo!

The addition of a fringe is an easy method to add an extra twist to any of the types of medium length hairstyles. In addition hairstyles, bangs that are of the correct size, density and shape can complement facial features , making medium layered hairstyles more appealing. Bangs work well when they are layered, and can blend with side tresses for an elongated look. But this isn’t necessary and you are able to opt for different fringe types.

For instance the feathered straight bangs or long fringes with a side sweep are perfect for fine hair, whereas those with thick hair should opt for thick blunt bangs. Try a full shaggy hairstyle when your hair is curly or wavy. “If your bangs are naturally curly, it is possible to air-dry them or use a diffuser to enhance the texture. You can use your fingers to loosen any curls that are tightly tangled,” says John D, the Tresemme Ambassador and stylist for the likes of stars such as Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore and Amy Adams, in his remarks to Glamour. Let’s examine how bangs are a great complement to long layered shoulder length hairstyles.

Medium Casual Shag With Bangs

Piece-y Bangs & Long Layers

This casually styled hairstyle that is tousled and has bangs has a lovely color change, some added volume, and a chic casual hairstyle.

Shag With Textured Layers And Fringe

Messy Layers to Hide Growing-Out Bangs

Textured layers are also great to create a shaggy appearance to hide your dreadful fringe.

Cute Choppy Cut With A Long Fringe

Medium Length, Long Hair with Tapered Bangs

The bangs do however line up with sleeker, medium length hairstyles too, such as this long, graduated hairstyle with cute tapered edges.

Feathered Copper Red Shag

Feathered Layers

Feathered hairstyles provide a totally different look that makes your hair appear fresh and lively. Yes, hairstyles with layers take on a new meaning when you add bright shades.

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Wispy Bangs

Long Bangs Rock

Long, wispy bangs remain trendy and can be tucked away place them behind your ears to let the face open. for a fresh look for medium-layered hair.


Best Layered Haircuts for Medium Hair to Nail in 2022

What medium-layered hairstyles are in? Layers can be both short and long, chunky and piecey or heavy and subtle. how do you determine which ones to go for in the event that you are looking for something trending and hot? The good thing is that you’re not restricted to a single hairstyle and can have the option of tailoring layers to suit your preferences. If, for instance, you like to experiment with your hairstyle, and changing it up as the mood strikes you pick a style that has a shorter distance between the layers.” Flipping or dividing your hair in one direction and switching sides could result in one side looking quite heavy. The subtle soft layers can eliminate some of this,” writes stylist and founder Kristin Ess, who collaborates alongside Lucy Hale, Lauren Conrad as well as other stars, on her blog. Below, you’ll see a selection of stylish layers for medium hair, to be inspired, no matter if you are interested in experimentation or not.

Messy Twisted Half Updo For Thick Hair

Tame Your Thick Waves

Make thick tresses of both sides and weave them into messy knots in a half-updo with lots of texture. It also has a modern style.

African American Natural Hairstyle With Layers

Bouncy Layers

Who says that medium length layers don’t work with natural curly black hair? Look at what the African American woman achieves a lively, bouncy look thanks to perfectly defined spirals and exquisitely cut layers.

Medium Bronde Sun-Kissed Hairstyle

Long Layer to Highlights

Incorporate gray tones and tips that have been tamed to lighten your blonde hair that is medium-layered to shine in an edgy hairstyle that is perfect to be perfect for summer.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With Two Buns

A Playful Half Updo for Layered Waves

The best part is that layered hairstyles let you to style your medium-length hair into gorgeous half-updos. Buns on the one hand and buns on the other side, and in between beachy waves is an awesome haircut for medium length hair.

Over Medium Gray Hair With Layers

Gray Layered Hairstyle

Women over 50 are able to age gracefully with the help of mixing natural colors with rich gray shades and mixing it into contemporary layers.

Shoulder-Length Messy Hairstyle With A Braid

Add a Braid

Ring in the change with your shoulder length hair by braiding loose waves in an oversized braid. Our favorite of mid length layered hairstyles is definitely.

Medium Straight Hair Cut With Long Layers

Medium Long Hair with Balayage

Choose long layers with a balayage that is customized to give your straight hair a look lively.

Mid-Length Hairstyle With Face-Framing Layers

Framing Layers

Choose to use face framing layers for when you’re trying to make your facial features more balanced or add a pop to your hairstyle without losing length.

Layered A-Line Bob For Dark Hair

Textured Layers

Take a look at this dark hair cut into an A-line-like lob made of soft waves and gussied up with a splash that are light brown.

Choppy Blonde Bob With Shadow Roots

A Layered Bob that has Choppy Layers

Medium-layered hairstyles are stunning, just take a take a look at this choppy hairstyle! If you’re blonde and have delicate locks, you can add additional dimension by adding shadow roots into your elegant Balayage. Hairstyles that are layered will not leave the red carpet and streets and boast a powerful capacity to enhance each hair texture and facial type. With messy and polished styles, medium-layered hair is able to radiate volume motion and texture, but still retains a variety of styling and the feminine feel longer hair is adored for its feminine touch. Try medium-layered hairstyles and get a trendy style!

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