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40 Classy Hairstyles for Round Faces to Choose in 2024

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Faces with round faces have a wideness that is nearly equal to the height . There are very little or no angles that define the jawline and forehead. The face appears slightly flattened or fat, particularly when women have cheeks that are chubby. To prevent this from happening look, pick one of the fashionable hairstyles that flatter round faces from our selection according to the current fashions and hair experts’ advice.

Choosing Hot ‘Dos by Hair Length

Some women with round faces believe they need to hide behind their hair, placing a large portion of it around their faces when they wear shoulder-length ‘dos. Others believe that they can reduce and lengthen their round faces by wearing long hairstyles. Sure, there are Ginnifer Goodwin’s fans who believe in hairstyles with pixie cuts. They all have their own point and we’re going demonstrate that round-faced ladies are able to rock any length. What we’re saying is that the most attractive hairstyles for round faces are those which work with your hair’s texture, giving your face an oval look.

Chic Short Hair for Round Face

It’s true, Ginnifer Goodwin is a popular pixie for women with round faces However, she’s not the only one to follow. Miranda Kerr wears bobs now every now and then as well as Adele frames her round chubby face with long, choppy locks. “If you’re looking for a bob, then it’s your preference take a few inches more than the traditional hairstyle to balance the roundness of your face. Through layering, you eventually alter the appearance of your face. round faces should choose the square-shaped layers” advises Sam Burnett, KMS Global Style Council member to MarieClaire. When picking a pixie to wear ensure that there is plenty of texture to lessen the roundness. It’s best to be seen once rather than listen to it a thousand times isn’t it? If you’re considering shorter hair to round your face, take a peek at these pictures.

Pixie For A Round Face With Double Chin

Even ladies with double chins can get a stylish pixie, as long as it’s piecey enough to add angle to round faces.

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Over Layered Bob With Wispy Bangs

For women over 50, it’s possible to try something more youthful like these long and wavy bangs, which complement the layers of bangs. It is an excellent choice for ladies who have round faces.

Side-Parted Wavy Bob For Thin Hair

Thin hair as well as the round face require only one thing : the texture. You can create perfect hair texture using the slicing of a wavy bob and paired with a flattering and deep side parted.

Curly Bob For Round Faces

If you are a fan of ringlets, but you are concerned that they will make your face larger Here’s a suggestion. Make a break in the roundness by using curly strands that are arranged diagonally across the face.

Black Curly Pixie Hairstyle

A voluminous hairstyle may sound excessive for a face that is round However, it’s smart to apply volume on top of the head, thereby creating the desired length.

Hot Medium Cuts for Round-Faced Girls

The best method to achieve the mid-length hairstyles suitable for oval faces is to keep them in layers to ensure that the cascade of layers can sweep across the cheeks. Waves and texture are a must however, avoid hairstyles that are too tame as this could make you appear doll-like. In order to minimize the wider effect on the face with fat hair It is best to curl your hair closer to the end instead of from the roots. Don’t forget to consider the parting! “The ideal line for your part is in the middle or in a deep side part. Both of them create appearance of longer and will create an illusion of symmetry in your facial features,” celebrity hairstylist Mika Fowler shared with Byrdie. Let’s look at some gorgeous mid-length hair styles that will complement your face’s round shape.

Choppy Blonde Lob With Bangs

The brunette lob comes with everything you require to disguise excessive roundness, including the choppy layers, the perfect hair texture, and the horizontal lines of fringe.

Shoulder-Length Curly Side-Swept Lob

The curly shoulder lob looks stunning with side-swept styling that gives a higher top that balances the length of the round face.

Asian Shaggy Lob With A Fringe

Asian girls with a round face will love the shaggy lob. It’s decorated with a flirty multi-layered fringe, and glammed up by a stunning color change.

Medium Dark Brown Hairstyle For Thick Hair

This model sports dark, thick hair that is layered with gorgeous highlights that appear so natural. She also keeps her face round with bangs and a behind-the-ear style.

Medium Layered Haircut For Full Faces

When you’ve got the proper length to pull your face in a round way then go one step further by having your hair layered to create an energizing feel.

Modern Long Hairdos to Hide the Roundness

You’re probably not amazed to discover that layering is your preferred choice when it comes to longer hairstyles. Although the length can give your face the ability to appear slimmer however, it is not always a great way to add the lift and movement that is possible to achieve by layering. A long fringe is another feature to take into consideration as it creates an extra visual height to the top of the face, and also helps to keep a round face balanced. If you are considering full-length bangs choose ones with longer fringes along the sides. fringes that are side-length work best when they’re layerable. If you’re looking curly your hair opt with loose curly curls which begin just below the chin, to avoid excess volume around the cheeks.

Long Black Weave Hairstyle

The hairstyle is extravagant and elegant, yet it’s balanced because of the high and side-swept hairstyles

Long Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle With A Fringe

The long shaggy style gains the famous Bardot-like look when worn by a fringe that is tapered. It helps to maintain the correct proportions, making it the ideal hairstyle for a round, chubby face.

Wavy Hairstyle With A Fringe For Long Hair

A long, layered fringe is a guaranteed method to add length to your round face. Get this amazing wavy style with fringe and gorgeous highlights.

Over Long Flipped Out Hairstyle

Women older than 40 shouldn’t be afraid to step away from their long hair! Make sure that your long layers are refreshing with a fun flip-over style and a stunning Balayage.

Long Layered Hairstyle For Round Faces

This hairstyle is layered and features an angled face and a central parting. hairstyles that begin at the collar bone’s level that is ideal for faces with round faces!

Picking Hip Haircuts by Hair Type

Whatever face shape you’re sporting It’s best to consider the hair’s type, as the texture and shape work to create a look. If you have a thick and healthy hair, you may opt for long hairstyles, or choose to wear a blunt style. If your hair is fine, you’ll need an additional pair of shoes because in longer styles they can be flat when not put together. “A round face is really nice with an uneven cut that is, a mix of lengths” adds Chris McMillan, who does hair for Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway, to Allure. But, be careful not to overdo it as excessive layers could create a more sloppy appearance.

Lob With Layers For Thin Hair

Longer layers are ideal for hair with thin layers and give it some oomph as this triangle and the sliced tips are what you require to add an angle to the round.

Long Side-Swept Hairstyle For Thick Hair

The amazing, thick hairstyle has lots of texture above the chin that lengthens the face. But it’s also side-swept for more dramatic effect.

Bouncy Curly Lob For Full Faces

Here’s a great illustration of how you can style your curly hair when you have a round-face – cut just below the chin, then lifted to the top, and naturally bouncier.

Straight Bob With A Middle Part

A middle-length bob is ideal for a face that is round, as this straight hairstyle demonstrates that the rule. Place side tresses behind the other the ear to alter your appearance and add attractive symmetry.

Medium Feathered Hairstyle With Side Bangs

Hair that is fine and has a round face? Choose a subtle layering style with a an ethereal finish which makes it appear more airy. You can pair it with tapered sides bangs for a balanced look.

Cool Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

As mentioned previously that both the chin-length version and its longer variant work very well on round-faced faces provided that they are properly customized. The most important thing to do for a attractive style is to stay clear of the one-length cut which is rounded-brushed to highlight the cheeks. If your hair isn’t susceptible to frizz, request cutting edges that are razor-sharp to create more of a slicked-back style. “If you’re not sure if you’re able to pull off a sharp haircut, but you like it’s length, then this could be the cut. It can also keep the day from getting the’mom’ bob,” stated DJ Quintero, celebrity hairstylist behind Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker in his remarks for Today.

Here are a few photos of bob haircuts that effortlessly balance round faces.

Black Angled Long Bob

Your face is round and requires an elongating effect The long hair is slightly angled to the front to draw more emphasis on the face-framing effect of the elongating hair.

Messy Lob For Round Faces

The messy lob provides the appearance of texture. This is ideal for face shapes that are round, but it can also be improved by a side-parting.

Shaggy Bob With Full Bangs For Thick Hair

If you’re lucky to be the possessor of a long and thick hair and are unhappy with the shape of your face Don’t worry, we have the answer. You can opt for a slimmed-out hairstyle with long bangs that are angled toward the temples.

Chin-Length Bob With Short Bangs

Another option is to get short hair that will give you round-faced shapes. The chin-length bob has bangs that are sure to draw the attention of anyone who sees it. The bangs are razor-sharp, but they are also incredibly short – which makes this style very hot.

Layered Short Bob

Here’s a stunning short bob with layers with tapered curls and curled to include angles and bits all throughout the head. It’s all the features a hairstyle designed for round faces needs.

Fun Black Styles to Flatter Round Faces

Black hairstyles designed for round faces can pose some issues. On the other side, the frizzy hair texture that is typical of African American hair can create excessive volumes around cheeks, especially in the short and mid-length cuts which can only highlight the shape of a round face. However growing long hair can be quite difficult because of its fragile texture. This is the reason why braiding, relaxing or a sew-in style can help with managing the excessive Afro hair while also giving the appearance of elongation to create a perfect balance on an oval face. However, natural hair shines best in Bob chops and pixie cuts particularly when the latter is blended to give more structure and definition. In any case, you should opt for tapered lines as they provide the necessary angles to create more effective framing. Let’s look at some of the best instances of hairstyles with black tones that blend round faces.

Short Natural Hairstyle For Full Faces

This model shows that short hairstyles are great with round faces when the volume and texture are added on top.

Short Asymmetrical Black Weave Hairstyle

If you’re lacking naturally sized volume, do not be afraid to try hairstyles that weave, such as this eye-catching ‘do that is pretty symmetry.

Natural Twist Out Fauxhawk

You can add some dimension to your natural hair texture by trying fake hawk hairstyles with interesting twists out of spirals.

African American Curly Side-Parted Bob

It’s no wonder that this African American gal knows how to take her natural curl in stride and make it work for her round face shape with a glamorous side-parted hairstyle.

Black Box Braids Bob

Opt for braided lobs, for those who prefer a more protective style. This is an excellent illustration of box braids that have the feeling of dragging down.

10 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces to Take on Board Right Now

What you must learn from the previous paragraphs is that girls with round faces can pull off almost every hairstyle from bobs to waist-length hairstyles, if the style is balanced by the correct details. Parting, bangs and texture – all these tiny details make a impact on a round face. Did you think that dark hair can add an extra dimension to your face? while highlights, ombre, and balayage frames round faces with elegance. Here’s a little trick that comes from a professional. “Really crucial – request (beg) your hair stylist to cut off that tiny piece that is between your ear and the chin on the longer side. […] I’ve been cutting hair for sixteen years, and I can tell that as soon as you cut that section the face starts to open your face.” Kristin Ess, celeb hairstylist, shares her experiences on her blog.

Slimming Choppy Bob

As we’ve mentioned previously that a messy hairstyle is your ideal option for those with round faces. Take a look at this messy haircut: it’s a mess of bits and layers. With a middle section it’s awe-inspiring and certainly slims the appearance of a round face.

Very Short Blonde Pixie

A short pixie could be balanced with a spiky top and some contrasting hair at the sides. This is a great hairstyle suitable for round faces.

Indian Lob For Straight Hair

This Indian girl is working straight and silky locks with face framing layers and sharp tips.

White Razor Cut Bob With Bangs

Be inspired by this cut-off hairstyle which falls just a little below the chin , and distracts attention from the cheeks that are round. It is a great way to balance your face’s roundness.

Low Asymmetrical Updo For Round Faces

If you are choosing a hairstyle be sure to follow the same guidelines for any hairstyle that is suitable for round faces. This includes symmetry or side-swept tresses. They can be added length and height, for instance, an angled side.

Long Layered Hairstyle

You could also think about the long-layered hairstyle to match an oval face. But, remember that it’s important to start with the top layer of hair hitting your jaw , and then dropping down. This can help shift the attention away from your cheeks.

Cute Chin-Length Haircut With Side Bangs

The chin length cut is pretty and attractive, since it has defined choppy strands and side bangs, which give the illusion of a larger shape to a face that is round.

Blunt Bob With A Wispy Fringe

A long wispy fringe is your universally-flattering go-to option for a round face.

Korean Bob With Thin Bangs

This Korean woman shows how the round-brushed style can lengthen, too. The sloping top, the long and thin bangs and the vertical streaks of color work to create the desired effect on a face that is round.

Asymmetrical Undercut Bob For Round Faces

Side-shaved and cut hairstyles provide symmetry to round faces. This jaw-dropping haircut is a stunning way to keep your round face in balance. Here’s the widest selection of cute and trendy hairstyles that flatter round-faced women that will satisfy any style. It’s a good starting point to create your own style with a custom color as well as styling and texture with consideration of your personal preferences. We continue to search for new trends and inspiration and are hoping to come upon your gorgeous photos very soon!

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