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26 Eye-Catching Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas to Show Your Stylist

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Edgy Pixie for Blondes

#11: Edgy Pixie for Blondes

A sexy pixie cut for blondes is a contemporary and trendy look. A blonde short pixie cut is versatile. The color of blonde and cut can be changed to match your skin tone and facial appearance. If you’re brave enough to go for it, you can have a part or a section shaved off to reveal jaw-dropping results.

Short Pixie for Platinum Hair

#12: Short Pixie for Platinum Hair

A pixie cut short for platinum hair is a classic and stylish piece to put on your locks. Platinum tone is among of the most desirable blonde hair color options to consider. Purple shampoo is crucial in keeping the brightness of this shade. Keep in mind that 4-5 week toning sessions are necessary to prevent it from appearing dull.

Blonde Short Pixie Cut

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#13: Blonde Short Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A short blonde cut pixie for delicate hair will give it more volume and creates the appearance as thicker hair. Short pixie cuts that are blonde are appropriate for all hair textures and types, However, it is important to discuss the look you want to create with your stylist to be sure that it’s appropriate on your own hair. The way to style pixie hair is an unruly and messy fashion gives volume, definition and texture.

Blonde Pixie for Straight Hair

#14: Blonde Pixie for Straight Hair

A blonde pixie that is suitable for straight hair can add motion and texture to straight hair. A pixie that is short and blonde is smooth and helps keep the shape of flat hair. A cut that is undercut as well as an extended side bang on the front creates an appearance of more textured and thicker tresses.

Short Blonde Pixie for Natural Hair

#15: Short Blonde Pixie for Natural Hair

Make a change to your black hair, and opt for a pixie cut that is short and blonde. Hair dyed in the African-American style is beautiful and a great way to show those natural curls. Blonde short pixie cuts are perfect because you can cut them very short, making your hairstyle flawless. Hairstyle your natural curls using styling cream and oil to maintain their form.

Wavy Long Pixie With Blonde Highlights #shorthaircuts #shorthairstyles #shorthair #haircuts

#16: Wavy Blonde Pixie for Short Hair

A wavy blonde ponytail for short hair can be a good way to enhance natural curls, or even add curly iron curls. If you’re thinking of a blonde shorter hairstyle, think of the ways you want to style your hair and decide on the length you’d like to keep it on top. The fun pompadours are perfect for longer-haired cuts.

Choppy Blonde Pixie Haircut

#17: Choppy Blonde Pixie Haircut

A pixie-style haircut that is soft and choppy is ideal for ladies with thick hair. The hair is styled forward using the use of a round brush gives it fullness and adds density. Layers of short, choppy hair on the back are wonderful characteristics that short pixie hairstyles are able to display.

Very Short Pixie for Blonde Women

#18: Very Short Pixie for Blonde Women

A pixie that is very short for blonde women is incredibly stylish and low-maintenance. To achieve a vibrant blonde color, women might require multiple sessions to achieve their desired hair shade. If you have blonde short pixies be sure to make appointments every 4 to 5 weeks to ensure that the length and the color are maintained.

Blonde Short Pixie for Women Over 60

#19: Blonde Short Pixie for Women Over 60

A short blonde pixie for women who are over 60 is a fantastic way to appear 10 years older than you actual age. Soft, feathery layers with a icy blonde shade create a flirty youthful hairstyle for women who are older. The styling is simple with the super-short haircut. A rough dry using the help of a blow-dryer, or let the hair air-dry are viable choices to explore.

Dark Blonde Pixie for Short Hair

#20: Dark Blonde Pixie

Dark blonde hair that has sharp angles adds a stylish style to women of all ages. Pixie haircuts that are short blonde are great for ladies who require little or any effort in styling their hair. Dark blonde hairstyles create an edgier finish and jagged shorter layers bring an edge and a boldness to the cut.

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