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26 Layered Bob Styles: Modern Haircuts with Layers for Any Occasion

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We are curious if any woman or girl has ever tried a bob cut. There are many styles and lengths to choose from, so you can find the one that suits your hair and flatters your face. Layering is a modern trend in bobs. It allows for volume to be increased or decreased and looks trendy and current. Another thing to consider when selecting the right cut is how you will style it. Celebrities and bloggers are increasingly rocking bob hairstyles that look natural and have natural highlights, grading and highlighting. You can follow the example of some of the most influential trend-setters. There’s an entire gallery of chic bob styles with every modern twist you can think of. Feel free to join us!

Layered Bob Hairstyles: They’re Here Today

Many red carpet regulars sport nonchalant looks. Everyone wants to look refreshed, relaxed and luxurious. Layered hairstyles allow you to choose from a variety of styles: sleek flat styles, voluminous curly does and slightly tousled styles are all possible this season. The most fashionable bob styles are shorter, cropped and chin-grazing cuts. These bobs are characterized by cool, choppy edges or fringy edges as well as beautiful textures and fun asymmetry. These “demi-bobs”, which have longer length options, can be worn in loose styles or chic updos. Many of the most popular long bobs today feature stunning highlights or ombre. Texturized bobs are great for thin hair. A bob cut for thick hair, whether curly or straight, can cause the hair to become triangular. We can avoid the triangular by using thick layering and texturizing our ends. Many women love a graduated or stackable bob, with shorter layers at the nape and longer hair in front. Let’s take some pictures.

#1: Pretty Pale Blonde

short tousled blonde bob

You don’t need to dye your hair to give it volume if you have thick hair. A solid color can add a cool look to your layered bob cut. This pastel blonde is charming and whimsical, with a touch of toughness. It is perfect for women who are both sweet and seductive.

#2: Modern Blonde Bob

Blonde Choppy Bob With Highlights

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A layered look with urban appeal is achieved by a side part with long bangs and a deep side. You have many options to style the layers and make them stand out. Sea salt spray and pomades for short hair are two options. You can experiment to find the right product for you.

#3: Stylishly Wispy Bobby

Short Black Layered Bob

Do you want a bob that is both feminine and modern? The bob is mostly one-length, with some soft pieces. The swooping front hair and the volume at the back are what really tie the cut together.

#4: A Finely Chopped Tousled Bob

Honey Blonde Layered Bob

Finely trimmed colored bobs create a sophisticated and sophisticated look that adds depth. This extra care takes the burden off of thick, heavy hair while highlights and tangled styling create a sun-kissed look.

#5: A sophisticated Bob with subtle layers

Brunette Layered Bob Without Bangs

Layered bobs with sharp edges are more striking when paired with dark or bright colors. Layers add texture and shape to your hair while letting your color shine through. Straighten your hair for a polished, neat look.

#6: Half of the Shadow Bob

Purple Bob With White Highlights

This bob is short and has layers. It’s great for those who want to go all-out but still need a bit of dimension. These colors are simply stunning! We are in love with the colors, from a deep purple to orchid fuchsia and white. The colors are more visually appealing when they have dark under layers.

#7: Easy and Touchable Wear Bob

Chin-Length Brown Layered Bob

This look will make you play with your hair all day. The best stylists will give you a cut that is cropped with layers. Check out their photos on Instagram and Facebook to see if they can achieve the layered look you want.

#8: Lavender Feathers

Pastel Purple Layered Bob

It’s so pretty! The layered bob haircut is definitely in fashion. Do you remember when girls tended to have bobs that were longer than their hair? That is not the case anymore. Because it’s so liberating, everyone is trying short hair. You should try these colors: pink, lavender and soft brown.

#9: Cute Straight Bob

Short Angled Bob With Bangs

A classic bob is one that has hair that is slightly longer at the front (near your ears), with side bangs and body in the back. Layers of soft texture are also recommended. This style allows you to create endless styling possibilities. You can also part it more to the side for a modern look. Add texture by adding natural waves or heat-styled curling.

#10: Messy Chopped Bob With Extra Short Back

Disheveled Razored Stacked Bob

This stacked bob is super sassy, youthful-looking and heavily layered. It also has an extra short back which increases volume at your crown. Depending on the occasion, your mood, and how long you want them, you can either curl them or leave them straight.

#11: Teased Layered Bobby

Blonde Stacked Bob

Layered bobs are our favorite hairstyles that make women feel rich. What’s the point of layered bob hairstyles? This style is very flattering and the reason is quite simple. Volume! Because the hair is shorter, it’s easier to achieve body. You can rock your hair by teasing it high.

#12: Curly Bob and Highlights

Curly Layered Brown Blonde Bob

Layers that show highlights and lowlights will create a beautiful, dimension bob. These curls look more like swirls because of the gorgeous colors. For a beautiful, feminine look, curl the bottom layer underneath and the top and middle layers in opposite directions.

#13: Steeply Angled Bob With Layers

Stacked Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

It’s not for the weak-hearted because of its dynamic lines and steeply-angled bob. This cut is best if it has a slant. Style your hair by fusing your locks at the roots, and then applying a mousse or styling paste to your lengths to enhance your natural volume.

#14: Blonde Layered Collarbone Bobby

Blonde Tapered Bob

The balayage color is very popular in layered bob hairstyles. If you like the sleekness of a bob but don’t want your hair to fall out, a tapered collarbone cut is the best choice.

#15: Medium Shag With Subtle Highlights

Shaggy Brunette Bob

A medium shag cut is meant to be worn messy. It’s layered to different lengths and feathered throughout. This style gives off a carefree and cool impression. Your tresses will appear fuller but thinner at the ends.

#16: Short Layered Bob With Accurate Edges

Mushroom Bob With Layers

When it comes to achieving a layered, short haircut with precise edges, precision is key. This cut is retro-inspired, and was inspired by Mary Quant’s hair in the sixties. It has been updated with highlights and choppy layers.

#17: Neat Round Blonde Bob

Ash Blonde Balayage Bob With Layers

The ends of this layered hairstyle have been graduated to create the circular effect. Wear the long, face-framing layers straight if you have a round or oval face. Warning: Curled bobs can make your face appear rounder.

#18: Steeply Angled Brunette Bobby

Warm Brown Layered Angled Bob

The image shows how this unusually angled bob is intended to look unnatural and disconnected. The stylist chose to create a smooth, slanted line rather than elongated front pieces. These are somewhat distinct from the rest. This striking effect is enhanced by subtle warm brown highlights.

#19: Curly Bob and Cool Toned Highlights

Black Wavy Bob With Subtle Highlights

This stunning bob features chunky layers and blunt-cut ends. It is modern and cool. This ashy blonde balayage highlight is unmistakably perfect. It’s best to match cool-toned hair with your makeup. The combination of the color of the curls and the berry lip with gray shadow is a beautiful one.

#20: Inverted-Shaped Bob for Straight Hair

Stacked Bob With Wispy Layers

An inverted bob looks great on straight hair because the nape is elevated. You can create a rough texture by adding shattered layers to your hair. This will enhance the beauty of your facial features.

#21: Wavy Layered Bob

Short Chestnut Brown Curly Hair

This cute look has short, sweet waves and a warm cinnamon-honey colour that will make a big difference for those with brown hair. A haircut for women with naturally wavy hair is best.

#22: Ash Blonde Voluminous Shaggy Bob

Teased Long Layered Blonde Bob

Backcombing gives this layered bob haircut its shaggy look. Its fashion-forward appeal is enhanced by its ash blonde color. You’ll be noticed, no matter if you have a shaggy bob that is straight and smooth or messy, and you will surely turn heads.

#23: Stacked Bob for Poker Straight Hair

Inverted Choppy Bob

Straightening your stacked bob poker gives it a sharp and unbalanced look. The layers are very short at the crown, compared to the length of the collarbone in the front. This creates a dramatic juxtaposition that is both beautiful and striking.

#24: Classy Bob in Angled Midshaft Layers

Brunette Layered Inverted Bob

You can give dimension to layered bobs by adding angled midshaft layers. For added interest, ask your hairdresser to lighten your ends. For a subtle, elegant look, let your hair fall naturally.

#25: Disconnected Bob and Dynamic Waves

Edgy Wavy Caramel Blonde Bob

A long bob with layers makes an impact regardless of whether it is disconnected or cohesive. You can inject energy and life into a long bob with dynamic waves. Style your hair by removing a few top sections and curling loosely with a curling iron.

#26: Curly Jaw-Length Bob With Choppy Layers

Bronde Wavy Bob

If you have short or thin hair, a jaw-length bob with layers of choppy texture will give you the thickness and shine that you need. For a glamorous and glossy look, curl your top hair out of the face to blend layers that are chin-length into your rest of the cut.

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