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18 Brunette Balayage Natural-Looking Styles

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You might have thought brown hair was boring or dull. The balayage method dyes hair without foil. This gives brunettes a natural, more elegant look that is true to their major hair goals. It’s never been easier to mix colors. Check out these brunette-balayage styles, and make an appointment with your colorist.

#1: Subtle Ashy brown

Ash Brown And Brunette Balayage

This ashy brunette to blonde balanceage looks more natural and unprocessed. For those who want to make small steps in their hair color transformations, a neutral color is ideal.

#2: Light Brown Balayage

Dark Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

You don’t need to make a big color change in order to update your style. Keep it simple and stick to brown colors. Give neutral ashy highlights another chance. Professionals who want to look young and polished will love this combination.

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#3: Brown to Caramel Balayage

Soft Bronde Balayage Hair

A soft brown to caramel shade is the best choice for classic balayage hair colors. This combination is natural and will continue to look great as your hair grows. For the best results with your new color, curl your hair in long, beach waves using a straightener. This will make the lighter parts of your hair appear more vibrant.

#4: Honey Brown Highlights

Golden Blonde Highlights

You can also weave a honey-brown shade through your hair if you don’t like the ombre look. Brunette balayage highlights instantly lighten dark brown hair and add dimension.

#5: Multi-Dimensional lob

Brown Lob With Blonde Balayage

Balayage can be fun if you include more than two colors. To soften the transition from dark brown to light blonde, you can add shades of brown or golden to your balayage. An lob with many layers will show off all the shades you’re playing with.

#6: Long Waves With Light Highlights

Dark Golden Blonde Highlights Balayage

This style is another well-blended choice. It incorporates hints golden blonde throughout. As you move by, the contrast between dark and light shades will catch your attention.

#7: Bright Reddish Blonde Highlights

Tri-Color Balayage Hair

Reddish highlights and blonde will brighten any duller hair. To brighten your dull locks, choose your favorite copper and golden shades. For showing off your new colors, subtle waves are the best way to show them off.

#8: Matte Bronde Balayage

Ash Bronde Balayage Hair

This matte, ashy look is for those ladies who don’t want to be high-shine. Balayage brunette to brunette is the most popular solution. However, you can upgrade the classic look by opting for more subtle, ashy colors instead.

#9: Ash Blonde To Gray Fade

Dark Brown Hair With Ash Blonde Ombre

Instagram is full of images showing gray hair, and this balayage style can help you get in on the trend. The gray color at the ends makes hair easy to grow and looks great when worn loosely.

#10: Light Brunette Balayage

Rose Gold Balayage For Brunettes

You don’t have to make a drastic color change. Add milk chocolate highlights to your ends and face-framing items to lighten dark brown hair. Style your hair loosely and femininely for those with long hair.

#11: Long Bob With Red Tints

Lob With Auburn Balayage

The brunette hair lends itself well to brightening up with balayage. A little bit of red can make a big difference to your hairstyle. Your stylist should blend the colors properly so that your hair looks natural.

#12: Rose Gold Hints

Brown Bob With Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

These subtle pink highlights are perfect for rose gold hair. To diffuse the rosey hues further, mix it with lighter brown shades. Combining rose and brown colors is best for shorter hair. You can only use a few hints pink in the darker shade.

#13: Bronde Balayage With Copper Touches

Brown, Blonde And Copper Balayage

Medium length hair is the ideal canvas for smooth color melting. This subtle mix of blondes and ashy browns with hints copper adds a punk feel to your style.

#14: Burnt Orange Ends

Copper Balayage For Brown Hair

You want something bolder? You can make the brunette balayage more striking by adding fiery orange highlights. Balayage is a great technique because you don’t have to worry about roots once the color fades.

#15: Long Curls and Honey Highlights

Partial Golden Brown Balayage

You don’t need to go all out on the balayage effect if you only want a little bit of color. Light honey highlights won’t take away from your natural color. Long hair can be styled in loose, romantic curls to let the highlights shine through.

#16: Medium-Length Hair and Balayage

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

You can take inspiration from the ombre technique by choosing the traditional brown to blonde transition. To keep your style looking vibrant and alive, choose two shades of blonde.

#17: Curly hair with Auburn Highlights

Chocolate Balayage For Black Hair

You can make your hair more dramatic by blending an auburn color with your dark hair. This combination looks great with straight hair or loose ringlets. If you prefer more contrast, these dark brunette colors are worth a look.

#18: Gilded Bob and Waves

Golden Blonde Balayage For Brown Bob

Your hair’s shape can make a huge difference in how you see your hair. An angled bob makes the golden highlights more visible, making it even more attractive.

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