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27 Stylish Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

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Popular medium-length, low-maintenance haircuts are simple to style and require little upkeep. These haircuts are great for ladies who want a sleek and polished appearance for daily wear. Master hairdresser Danielle Deamelio of Swampscott, MA, shares her opinions on this style. “Make sure that your hair is between your shoulders or above them. If it’s not, your hair will fall upwards and out, making it an awkward length to style,” she notes.

If you have curly or thick hair, these cuts could make your hair appear denser and curlier. Deamelio says lifting the weight off the hair can cause strands to rise. She advises requesting your stylist to trim your hair in order to achieve the desired look. Deamelio also suggests women understand the daily care required to maintain their hair. Consider a haircut if you find it difficult to keep up with regular maintenance and styling requirements.

Medium-length hair can be styled easily. Putting your hair in a ponytail or bun is a quick and simple way to avoid bad hair days. You can also vary your hairstyles using a blow-dryer, flat iron, or curling wand. Explore images of fashionable medium-length hairstyles that require little maintenance. They’ll provide inspiration for your next salon appointment.

Effortless Mid-Length and Low-Maintenance Shag

#1: Effortless Mid-Length Shag

The simple mid-length shag the perfect hairstyle is a must if you want to stay current with fashions, but with less effort. You should consider having a natural balayage style with a minimum of 2 shades lighter to add definition and texture.

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Extra Long Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

#2: Extra Long Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

This extra-long, low-maintenance pixie cut is a dream if you have smaller features and would like something more fun and exciting. It also provides some volume over the top, which helps balance the smaller, slimmer face. This haircut will require slightly more of a commitment it is necessary to visit your hairstylist at least every four weeks to check on maintenance. Apply some She-bang-a Bang by Evo for a messy , hairstyle that is textured.

Low-Maintenance Blunt Cut for Women Over 50

#3: Low-Maintenance Blunt Cut for Women Over 50

A simple, low-maintenance cut for women who are over 50 is the perfect choice for hair with a medium texture. The addition of a long fringe to a medium-length hairstyle gives it some intrigue and is easy to keep as the style develops beautiful. Prior to blow drying, apply moisture and Shine Cream by Amika for a stunning and vibrant blow-dry.

Flowing Long Layers for Collarbone-Length Hair

#4: Flowing Long Layers for Collarbone-Length Hair

The long, flowing layers that are ideal for collarbone length hair is ideal for medium-to-thick hair textures . It is extremely easy to maintain for active lifestyles. You don’t need hot equipment if you’re an easy-going woman. Simply blow-dry with Amika’s Moisture and Shine cream with a small amount of Hair Resort Spray by Kevin Murphy and you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous beachy waves that will make you want to envy others.

Long Angled Bob for Older Women with Glasses

#5 A Long-Angled Bob for older Glass-wearing women

A long-angled hairstyle for women who are older and wearing glasses is the best option if would like to add some drama your daily life. If you’re wearing glasses, you’ll want an elegant face-framing style to give your face a more appealing look and that’s why this haircut is perfect for women who are older and have fine hair. The soft layers on the face don’t get blocking frames, and provide just enough volume that fine hair gets more volume.

Mid-Length Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

#6: Mid-Length Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

A mid-length bang that you wear for oval-shaped faces will get you noticed and make your eyes sparkle. Curtain bangs go well with a stunning textured hairstyle because it’s the perfect beachy, unstyled look. They’re not easy to maintain however, since they tend to grow out fast. However, if you go to your stylist every now and then to get a trim in a snap then you’ll be good to go. For this style that is beachy just apply some I Would Body Texture Spray by ELEVEN Australia to your hair that is dry and then scrunch it up.

Low-Maintenance Cut with a Deep Side Part

7: Low-Maintenance The cut is made with the Deep Side Part

A low-maintenance cut that has an extended side section is particularly flattering for those with a round-face. The thick, soft layers give a more defined look to an oval face, and highlight the cheekbones perfectly. This cut that is low maintenance is perfect for those who are always on the move since you’ll be required to visit your stylist once every eight weeks to keep your ends in a beautiful shape.

Very Long Inverted Bob Cut

#8: Very Long Inverted Bob Cut

An extremely long cut that is inverted strikes all the right notes when you’re trying to kick your fashion. The inverted bob gives an illusion of volume and volume to fine-textured hair. It’s also easy to maintain as it grows beautiful and is able to be worn straight or curly. Add a few shine drops from Evo prior to going out to add some shine and sparkle.

Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women

#9: Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women

Asymmetrical long bobs for women who are older isn’t boring if your willing to break out of your own box. Medium-length hairstyles are generally flattering and demonstrate your some style and attitude. To add some glamour, add some locks with curls and finish the look by adding hair accessories like Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy.

Shoulder-Length Chop for Curly Hair

#10: Shoulder-Length Chop for Curly Hair

A shoulder-length cut for hair that is curly is a striking, look-at-me fashion. If you’re tired of limp and long locks, try medium length hairstyles to showcase the gorgeous curls. A square-shaped, boxy cut such as this one has a stunning fringe that makes your eyes stand out. To get this look put on some of the Total Recoil from Evo and wrap the damp hair around your finger to form. Dry your hair by blow-drying it with an air diffuser and you’ll be certain to keep your frizzies in check.

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