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27 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircuts for Busy Women

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Popular medium-length, low-maintenance haircuts are simple to style and require little maintenance. These haircuts are great for ladies who want a sleek and polished appearance to wear on a daily basis. The master hairdresser Danielle Deamelio of Swampscott, MA is sharing her opinions on this style. “Make sure that your hair is between your shoulders or above them. If it’s not, your hair will fall upwards and out and make it an awkward size to put on,” she notes. If you have curly or thick hair, these cuts could make your hair appear more dense and curlier than. Deamelio says lifting the weight off of the hair could cause hair strands to rise. Request your stylist to trim your hair in order in order to achieve the look you want Deamelio says. She suggests women know what they have to take care of daily to maintain their hair. Consider getting a haircut if it’s difficult to keep up with its regular maintenance and styling requirements. Hair that is medium length can be styled easily. Hairstyles that put your hair in ponytail or bun is a fast and simple way to prevent you from having bad hair days. Change your hairstyles using blow-dryer, flat iron or curling wand. Explore images of fashionable medium-length hairstyles that require little maintenance. They’ll give you ideas to make your next appointment at the salon.

Effortless Mid-Length and Low-Maintenance Shag

#1: Effortless Mid-Length Shag

The simple mid-length shag the perfect hairstyle is a must if you want to stay current with fashions, but with less effort. You should consider having a natural balayage style with a minimum of 2 shades lighter to add definition and texture.

Extra Long Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

#2: Extra Long Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

This extra-long, low-maintenance pixie cut is a dream if you have smaller features and would like something more fun and exciting. It also provides some volume over the top, which helps balance the smaller, slimmer face. This haircut will require slightly more of a commitment it is necessary to visit your hairstylist at least every four weeks to check on maintenance. Apply some She-bang-a Bang by Evo for a messy , hairstyle that is textured.

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Low-Maintenance Blunt Cut for Women Over 50

#3: Low-Maintenance Blunt Cut for Women Over 50

A simple, low-maintenance cut for women who are over 50 is the perfect choice for hair with a medium texture. The addition of a long fringe to a medium-length hairstyle gives it some intrigue and is easy to keep as the style develops beautiful. Prior to blow drying, apply moisture and Shine Cream by Amika for a stunning and vibrant blow-dry.

Flowing Long Layers for Collarbone-Length Hair

#4: Flowing Long Layers for Collarbone-Length Hair

The long, flowing layers that are ideal for collarbone length hair is ideal for medium-to-thick hair textures . It is extremely easy to maintain for active lifestyles. You don’t need hot equipment if you’re an easy-going woman. Simply blow-dry with Amika’s Moisture and Shine cream with a small amount of Hair Resort Spray by Kevin Murphy and you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous beachy waves that will make you want to envy others.

Long Angled Bob for Older Women with Glasses

#5 A Long-Angled Bob for older Glass-wearing women

A long-angled hairstyle for women who are older and wearing glasses is the best option if would like to add some drama your daily life. If you’re wearing glasses, you’ll want an elegant face-framing style to give your face a more appealing look and that’s why this haircut is perfect for women who are older and have fine hair. The soft layers on the face don’t get blocking frames, and provide just enough volume that fine hair gets more volume.

Mid-Length Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

#6: Mid-Length Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

A mid-length bang that you wear for oval-shaped faces will get you noticed and make your eyes sparkle. Curtain bangs go well with a stunning textured hairstyle because it’s the perfect beachy, unstyled look. They’re not easy to maintain however, since they tend to grow out fast. However, if you go to your stylist every now and then to get a trim in a snap then you’ll be good to go. For this style that is beachy just apply some I Would Body Texture Spray by ELEVEN Australia to your hair that is dry and then scrunch it up.

Low-Maintenance Cut with a Deep Side Part

7: Low-Maintenance The cut is made with the Deep Side Part

A low-maintenance cut that has an extended side section is particularly flattering for those with a round-face. The thick, soft layers give a more defined look to an oval face, and highlight the cheekbones perfectly. This cut that is low maintenance is perfect for those who are always on the move since you’ll be required to visit your stylist once every eight weeks to keep your ends in a beautiful shape.

Very Long Inverted Bob Cut

#8: Very Long Inverted Bob Cut

An extremely long cut that is inverted strikes all the right notes when you’re trying to kick your fashion. The inverted bob gives an illusion of volume and volume to fine-textured hair. It’s also easy to maintain as it grows beautiful and is able to be worn straight or curly. Add a few shine drops from Evo prior to going out to add some shine and sparkle.

Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women

#9: Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women

Asymmetrical long bobs for women who are older isn’t boring if your willing to break out of your own box. Medium-length hairstyles are generally flattering and demonstrate your some style and attitude. To add some glamour, add some locks with curls and finish the look by adding hair accessories like Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy.

Shoulder-Length Chop for Curly Hair

#10: Shoulder-Length Chop for Curly Hair

A shoulder-length cut for hair that is curly is a striking, look-at-me fashion. If you’re tired of limp and long locks, try medium length hairstyles to showcase the gorgeous curls. A square-shaped, boxy cut such as this one has a stunning fringe that makes your eyes stand out. To get this look put on some of the Total Recoil from Evo and wrap the damp hair around your finger to form. Dry your hair by blow-drying it with an air diffuser and you’ll be certain to keep your frizzies in check.

Collarbone-Length Tousled Waves

#11: Collarbone-Length Tousled Waves

The perfect bob-length curls are those that have a collarbone. when you’re trying to create the effortless, beachy look. Think about this haircut for medium length for finer hair and would like to create some volume. This cut is easy to maintain. Because it grows out effortlessly it is recommended to visit your stylist once every 8 weeks is enough in order to maintain it healthy and gorgeous. After you’ve curled your hair using 1-1/4″ bar curling iron apply some Un.Done by Amika to give your hair that smooth and beachy style.

Mid-Length Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

#12: Mid-Length Shag Long Curtain Bangs

A shag that is mid-length with long bangs on the curtain is a simple haircut that is suitable for all face forms. The haircut can be made by cutting with scissors to get a cleaner look or with a razor, providing extra body and texture in the hair. Based on the type of hair it is possible to spray sugar or sea salt and then scrunch, or use straighteners for a slight create a wave, or spray a texturing spray and then mess it up by using your hands to create an aged-in look.

Layered Low-Maintenance Shaggy Haircut

#13: Layered Low-Maintenance Shaggy Haircut

The shaggy shaggy cut with layers is among the most sought-after and trendy cuts among the many hairstyles that require little maintenance. The cut is highly sought-after due to the low or no requirement for styling, and the gorgeous hairstyle that grows out. The shaggy layered haircut is ideal for women who have medium, fine, or high hair density.

Edgy Lob with Bangs

14: Edgy Lob with Bangs

A slick style with bangs can be the perfect medium length hairstyle that is elegant and needs minimal upkeep. The hair’s soft fringe is flexible and can be styled full and towards the side or parted at center, and tied back. Smooth the lob with some of an inward flick , and add some drops of Olaplex’s bonding oil no7 to add a little shine.

Razored Medium-Length Cut for Thick Hair

#15: Razored Medium-Length Cut for Thick Hair

The medium-length cut that is razored for hair with thick layers is a wonderful time-saving hairstyle. It’s great for ladies who have thick hair and like low-maintenance hairstyles. The length drags and weighs the hair down . It also creates thin razored layers remove a significant amount of weight and make thick hair easier to manage. Your stylist should suggest using feather-like razors to create layers that have more lightweight.

Tousled Beach Waves for Medium Length Hair

#16: Tousled Beach Waves

All-inclusive beach waves can be a simple method to enhance low-maintenance cuts. They can be styled using straighteners, thongs or wands. Make use of the brand GHD which comes with various styling tools. Make sure to turn towards the front from both sides, but not necessarily maintaining the same direction from the back. Before you apply the hot tool, you should apply some heat-protectant. Then let the curl cool and apply some hair spray. Then, brush it out using a wide brush or shake, and then make a messy, lived-in end by using your hands.

Low-Maintenance Long Bob for Women Over 60

#17: Low-Maintenance Long Bob for Women Over 60

The easy-care long bob for women who are over 60 is a hairstyle that will never go out of style. The front part of the hair extends to the collarbone, while the back rests across the neck. The back layers can be stacked, which can add volume, especially if your hair is not thick or fine, or reduce the weight in the case of thick hair. Make your hair smooth using an oval brush and then turn the ends towards the back. Be sure to spray it with a gentle hair spray.

Shoulder-Length Shag for Women Over 40

#18: Shoulder-Length Shag for Women Over 40

The shoulder-length shag of women older than 40 is a popular medium-length cut. It is suitable for all face forms, hair density and hair textures with the exception of the hair texture of type 4. Request your hairstylist to trim the shag using a blade for those who prefer more body and texture. If your hair is more soft side, apply Nioxin’s Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo, even if your hair is just washed and Savage Panache powder spray by L’Oreal to get a stunning texture.

Shoulder-Length Layered Cut for Round Faces

#19: Shoulder-Length Layered Cut for Round Faces

A shoulder-length layer cut with bangs designed for round faces can be beautiful when cut in a manner that creates extra height rather than volumes on the sides. You can add a long fringe to add more height that can make round face shapes appear more rounded. Make a subtle flick or wave , but don’t overdo it around the edges of the hairstyle as that creates the appearance of a more round shape.

Face-Framing Money Piece on Mid-Length Hair

#20: Face-Framing Money Piece on Mid-Length Hair

The face-framing of the money piece on hair that is mid-length is a huge smash. Consult with your hair colorist on how the money piece should begin and how bold or soft you’d like it to appear. If the base color is dark, which is at levels 5 and lower it is recommended to not start at a distance from the head as this can make the piece appear unbalanced and tangled. The money piece being thrown away from your face can expose the blonde hue even more. Make sure to spray hairspray and let your waves cool before you begin to brush them out.

Shoulder-Length Haircut for Women Over 30

#21: Shoulder-Length Haircut for Women Over 30

A shoulder-length cut for women who are over 30 is thought to be a moderate-maintenance cut that is suitable for all facial shapes and hair density levels and a wide range of hair textures. This cut’s length will depend on the style you prefer. Consult your hairstylist about gentle frames for your face. The cut can be styled with big round brushes to add volume.

Low-Maintenance Ponytail for Shoulder-Length Hair

#22: Low-Maintenance Ponytail for Shoulder-Length Hair

The ponytail that is low-maintenance for shoulder length hair is a simple hairstyle, and is an extremely desirable hairstyles among the styles that are low-maintenance. Talk to your hairdresser about about how you would like to be positioned and in what is the most attractive position for your ponytail, based on your face’s form and your jawline. The most simple and efficient method of creating a ponytail is to use elastics with hooks on both ends. The ponytail is able to be waved using thongs, then sprayed with powder or texturizing spray and then brushed to give it more body and volume.

Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Hairstyle

#23: Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Hairstyle

Medium-length hairstyles with low maintenance are one-length hairstyle that extends to the collarbone, or just below it. It’s a hairstyle that is low-maintenance and is suitable for all facial shapes and can be elegant and versatile. If there isn’t any specific section you can ask your stylist to add the partition at the middle. So, it will always look nice regardless of the side you put your hair to. Try adding caramel pieces in the hair to give it more depth.

Low-Maintenance Shaggy Long Bob

#24: Low-Maintenance Shaggy Long Bob

The shaggy long bob that is low maintenance is perfect for women with medium to thin hair density. If you’d like to add more texture the feather razor could be utilized to trim into the layers by cutting the diagonal sections of front hair, beginning at the fringe and working backwards. You can also consider adding blonde balayage. It will complement the shaggy lob best, especially at the beach and in the scorching summer sun. The style can be completed by spraying it with a gloss similar to Kevin.Murphy’s Shimmer.shine serves as an effective shine repair spray.

Mid-Length Middle Part for Wavy Hair

#25: Mid-Length Middle Part for Wavy Hair

The cute middle-length part for hair with wavy is a well-loved low-maintenance style. The ends are cut point-cut and layers cut into to give texture and reduce weight. The thinner layers define the facial features. Hairstyles for mid-length hair by curling thongs with pulling and twist technique creating an elongated, soft curl. Do not forget to apply the heat-protection spray like GHD’s Bodyguard heat protection spray.

Easy Shoulder-Length Long Bob

#26: Easy Shoulder-Length Long Bob

A simple shoulder-length long hairstyle is an excellent choice for women who don’t want to be occupied with making their hair look neat. It’s among the most sought-after hairstyles for medium-length haircuts due to its simple design. The cut is never out of fashion. Dry it with a hairdryer at low or let it air-dry to preserve the natural texture that hair has.

Mid-Length Chop with an Undercut for Thicker Hair

#27: Mid-Length Hairstyle with an undercut to make it easier for hair with thinner thickness

The mid-length cut with an undercut for hair with more volume is a stylish and trendy hairstyle. As with most styles of medium length, it’s a great choice even though a lot of hair that runs along the side, starting from the temple and an inch or so up to the back of the ear are removed. This is a good option if the hair is extremely heavy and you would like it to be to be a little lighter. What better way to add some bright pieces such as purple?

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