Everyone nowadays seems to be going crazy for medium length haircuts.  It’s not too short and not too long. Sometimes, we may regret cutting our hair shorter than what we anticipated but trust us when we say, you won’t be regretting it with this length.  If you are thinking of having the chop, but are used to having the security of longer hair, have no fear. This is the perfect length that you will be able to style in many different ways and tie it back. If you do want to change your hair and are keen on a medium-length style, it is always a good idea to have a photo of the hairstyle you would like.  Then once you got to your hair appointment, show your hairdressers the photo. This is the perfect way to get the hairstyle you want.

Medium Length Haircuts

If you want to change your hair but are yet to decide a hairstyle that you like, take a look at these.  We have come up with 28 of the coolest medium length haircuts that look amazing and we are definite that you will love them too!  We have Sombre, Ombre, different colors and different techniques for you to see.


Add a little color to your trending medium cut, without dyeing more than you are wanting to.

Medium Length Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

You don’t have to dye your whole head of hair to add a touch of colour.  This medium length hairstyle looks amazing with a little touch of honey blonde highlights.  To ensure you notice the difference, ask your hairdresser to add the highlights to the front sections of your hair.  This will frame your face and you will notice the colour when you look in the mirror. This is very popular and is low maintenance.


Sombre is the new Ombre!  Instead of Ombre styled highlights, many people are opting for Sombre.

Medium Length Sombre Hair

As the name suggests, all Sombre is, is a subtle version of the Ombre hairstyle.  That is what the S stands for. It is a lot softer and you can achieve this look by growing your highlights gradually out. It tends to be softer colors which are slightly lighter on the ends.  The appearance of the darker roots is less obvious.


Girls, roots are trending! What a relief!

Rooty Blonde Lob Hairstyle

We have been waiting so long for this to happen.  A lot of people can now start to save their money!  No need to make that urgent call to your hairdresser, wait a while and spend the money on something else!  Roots are back in fashion and are trending big time. Of course, we love that fresh dyed hair feeling and when your roots are showing, you don’t need to worry.  Many celebrities are rocking this style too so rock yours! We are all sometimes confused to the new hair terminology’s that come out and lob is quite new. In case you are wondering what a lob is, it is a long bob.


A few years ago, if you said grey hair was fashionable, people would probably laugh in your face.

Smokey Grey Ombre Medium HairSmokey Grey Ombre Medium Hair

Nowadays, grey hair isn’t something people try to hide, they are now embracing it.  Grey hair is beautiful and is huge right now. Grey hair has been on-trend for many seasons now and it looks like it’s staying around for a few more.  People are now opting to go grey and it looks great. Grey Ombre hair is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to dye their whole head. If you are feeling the grey colour, but aren’t sure on dyeing it entirely, go for this and see what you think.  It will suit any hair type and any skin tone.


Going from long hair to shorter hair is quite a daunting process for many people.

Messy Layered Medium Length Hairstyle

If you are feeling brave and do want to change your hair but are still wary, go for a messy, layered mid length hairstyle.  You will still have the length and texture you are used to but it will feel fresh and it will be a new style for you. If you are used to have neat hair, have a change and mess it up a little.


Gold, caramel tones are warming and compliment you skin tone.

Gold Caramel Medium Length Hair Cut

Having gold, caramel shades will give off a warmer vibe and will look classy.  It’s a low maintenance colour and looks great with any outfit. Team with soft neutral makeup so your hair does all the talking. Make the main focal point be your fabulous hair.


Beige blonde look striking but in a soft way.

Curly Medium Beige Blonde Hair

Mixing curls to this hairstyle will make you look amazing and catwalk ready!  Soft curls with soft tones are ideal if you don’t want to dye your hair a bright obvious colour.  Adding the curls will add the bounce and your hair will look fuller and thicker.


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