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28 Ways to Get Face-Framing Layers on Long Hair

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The process of face-framing layers for long hair is a method of cutting hair into different pieces to change the appearance of one’s face appearance and give it a more focused. This will create a slightly different look. For instance, a rounded face may appear more elongated, as well as softening the lines of a square face. A senior hairdresser Lily Nguyen of Burnaby, BC supports this concept. She says “This is a great idea for women seeking more volume or of a sculpted look to their hair.” The most important principle is always to inquire for a longer length. The layers are more manageable to manage and style. Face frames aren’t one that can be washed and restyled. Nguyen says it is that “curtain layer bangs look great when dried with a blow-dryer.” The are a variety of methods to cut off framing layers, bangs and layers So a consultation with a professional would be beneficial. Meet with your hairdresser before cutting. “Tell your stylist how you’d prefer to style your hair and they’ll teach you on how to style it,” Nguyen advises. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are some pictures of the most effective ways to achieve face-framing layers for long hair!

Long Layered Hair with Blonde Money Pieces

#1: LONG Layered Hair with Blonde Money Pieces

Long-layered hair layered with money pieces of blonde makes a splash of color and will add dimension in your hair. Long shoulder-length layers enhance the hair’s color while drawing attention towards your face.

Beautiful Long Face-Framing Layers with Frizzy Ends

#2: Gorgeous Long Layers with frizzy ends

The most natural hairstyles are beautiful layers, paired with frizzy ends. This flawlessly imperfect style is enhanced by the sophisticated hair color and the in-salon crop. If you are in love with this look be sure to stay clear of excessively frizzing your hair so that you do not have split ends.

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Face-Framing Caramel Highlights and Long Layers on Long Hair

#3: Caramel Highlights and Long Layers

Long layers and caramel highlights are a perfect mix for females with dark hair that is long. Highlights in caramel are a subtle , yet visible color, and long layers can define the facial features and bring interest to hair that is long without losing length.

Brunette Face-Framing Layered Long Hair

#4: Brunette Face-Framing Layered Hair

Make sure you face frame your brunette hair, and you’ll appear stunning. Face-framing layers are the rage, and adds beauty and bounce. Your stylist should start with the chin, and then add a slender blended to your length. The face frame can be blown forwards, but can also be worn toward the face to create a more versatile look. The shape increases the appearance of volume and width, which is an ideal option for long-faced shapes.

Face-Framing Long Shaggy Layers with Curtain Bangs

#5: Shaggy layers. Curtain Bangs

Long shaggy layers adorned with curtain bangs are a great way to add the fun of your young style. Face-framing layers designed for bangs that are long can help elongate your face and are essential for styling using a soft, feathered texture.

Face-Framing Layered Cut for Older Women

#6: Face-Framing Layered Cut for Older Women

A face-framing layered cut designed for women who are older gives life to the hairstyle. This face-framing layers for long hair with the side parting are guaranteed to give a fun elegant, flirty and chic style.

Blonde Layered Hair with Long Framing Layers

7. Blonde Layered Long Hair with, framing layers

Layering blonde hair with long framing layers that give it dimension can increase the overall appearance of your hair. Face-framing layers for straight hair is crucial to give your hair more dimension and motion.

Long Layered Waves with a Curtain Fringe

#8 Long Layered Waves the Curtain Fringe

With heavy, thick hair, long layers with a fringe curtain help to lighten the look. The soft texture helps layer and creates volume in thin hair. This style can be an ideal combination with the gorgeousness of brown hair.

Subtle Layers with Long Curtain Bangs

9: Subtle Layers and Long Curtain Bangs

Layers of subtle layers that have long curtain bangs make thin hair appear more voluminous while adding motion. Beautiful long layers that frame the face with bangs create the illusion there’s more hair on the hairline and face than there really is.

One-Length Hair with Face-Framing Layers

#10: One-Length Hair Face-Framing Layers

Simple one-length hair that has face-framing layers can do a great job for your appearance. The longer hair on the face may make the face appear smaller in a manner which can accentuate your facial features rather than other ways enhancing your face.

Face-Framing Layers for Long Wavy Hair

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